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About the titles
I love the English title which kinda explain it all. You might as well call this series "Ngo Boon Sin Leung" aka Deric Wan's classic which means "I was born good". The Chinese title is a great pun. "Chung Kan Yan" but not Middle Person, but rather the Chung is good person, Kan is bad person, Yan is person so you have a pun of a good/evil person which is in effect black/white person who is in the end a shade of grey. I think this will explain Roger's character and I can't see any more awesome title than this title. Awesome! But will the series live up to the awesomeness of the title?

No. of Episodes

Roger Kwok as Matt Ko Chit Hang
Ron Ng as Funny Cheung Lap Fun
Kristal Tin as May Tam Mei Ching
Kiki Sheung as Sin Wai Ying 
Waise Lee as To Yi Hang
Louis Cheung as Marco Ma Kai Yuen
Leanne Li as Scarlett Sze Ka Lei
Jason Chan Chi-san as Alvis Yung Chi Chung
Lisa Lau as To Cheuk Chi / Gillian
Vivien Yeo as Icy Yeung Man Bing
May Chan as Lau Miu
Matt Yeung as Lau Yim/ Ah Fo
Claire Yiu as Yip Ying Sum
Becky Lee as Denise Chiu Man Fai
Parkman Wong
Derek Wong as Benjamin Ko Chit Ming
Jennifer Shum
Koo Koon Chung
Joe Tay
Lau Kong
Gregory Lee
Momo Wu
Man Yeung Ching Wah
Unknown as Ng Sing Yee/Sap Chai
Unknown as Kwong King Cheung

Tam Mei Ching (Kristal Tin) who has low moral consciousness takes the rap for her boyfriend who has committed a crime. After serving her sentence, Ko Zit Hang (Roger Kwok), a lawyer helps her start afresh by giving her a job at his law firm. Ko initially had a bright future ahead but was crashed when rookie police Cheung Lap Guen (Ron Ng) accidentadly hurt him when he was on a mission, causing Ko to be wheelchair bounded for the rest of his life. At the same time, this creates an opportunity for the two to break the law. As Ko's hidden conspiracies is exposed, Cheung harbors him out of guilt. Eventually, will Tam be able to make the right choice between love and moral?

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Wow, what an ending. I love the fact that the men NEVER change but I am just surprised why Funny declared Matt to be worse than To Yee Hang. Maybe because Matt was more pretentious and tries to justify every action by pretentiousness? To Yee Hang is the worst!

Anyway I will write a  review but here is just to recap the ending and who died.

Senior Inspector Sinn died from the gunshot wound.
Scarlett died being executed one shot to the head by her husband.
To Yee hang died, quite dramatically and amazingly memorably being knocked by a car and then crushed between the said car AND a lorry. Best death for me.

Matt because of his kidneys. At best he has a few years.

Marco, forever crazy
Gillian, forever in coma (persistent vegetative state)

May but she will live forever under the guilt for having betrayed a later (pretend to) reformed Matt and will probably spend the next few years until his death tied to him. Matt calculated all these when he made his full confession to Funny.

Funny, unjustly so. And joke is? To Yee Hang died without a Will. His wife died, His only daughter will probably never wake up or will die. So To Yee Hang's fortune passes to daughter who then will pass to... guess it!! FUNNY!! I wish he died. Funny was so darn annoying.

At the end no one changed. Everybody was who they were especially Matt. He is to me not the truest form of a villain, that's To Yee Hang but he remains the petty calculative man who would sacrifice his own self for the sake of a gain for himself. He says he loves May, he probably does but in a twisted sort of way, he is in the end a selfish calculative emotionally abusive lover. Everyone is miserable with baggage but Matt? He is the happiest even if he is in jail because in the end he got what he wanted.

By the way, Roger's final moments, especially when he found out May betrayed him was exquisite acting.

More in my review.

Wow, quite a cliffhanger. So Funny claims yet another victim, possibly his mother. Before that Gillian had a nasty fall trying to stop the fight between daddy and hubby. I actually thought she broke her neck but TVB cheated; said she's vegetative, in coma when I saw her neck cracked!!

I don't know what's wrong with Funny. Yip Sir is right; Funny is all out on a vendetta because he is butt hurt Matt lied and used him and yet Matt was right when he said the same things to Funny except more of a smirk and sneer rather than butt hurt. To Yee Hang hired people to gun them down because he wants to be in control when evidently he is out of control. So 1 gun battles which is very exciting and Godfather-ish; one was Funny and mom in a lift and mom looks like she died. Next is Matt and some police got shot and May who claims she no longer loves him risked her life to rescue him only to have Matt looking dazed and head slumped because of 2 bullets on his chest. Will he survive?!

I don't even know if I care because the men in this series is hard to like.  All of them is flawed and the only thing that separate them all is how ruthless or devious they are.

To Yee Hang is the worst of the lot, he takes everything personally. Funny is just butt hurt and doesn't know the gravity of his actions. Matt is devious and petty in his own way but Funny was wrong when he said Matt did a lot of bad thing to people because Matt in his petty ways actually helped Ming and even May turn a new leaf. Remember? Marco is foolish in love and did do terrible things for money. Sap Chai was a coward and went on the wrong path. Everyone's favourite person to quote to illustrate how Matt descend to Darth Vader road of badness is Ah Fo aka Lau Yim and yet has everyone forgotten how Lau Yim threw (yes threw) and unconscious and perhaps the most innocent of them all that is Sap Chai aka Ng Sing Yee DOWN A BUILDING?! Ah Fo to me has my vote as the pure villain. He takes nothing personally, he is just the way he is.

Even the women are stubborn as hell. May for good reasons, Miu Miu for annoying reasons and Gillian for all the wrong reasons. I never quite warm to Gillian though. I find her head filled with unicorns and rainbows, the sort that you need to protect and can't handle the truth.  But, you can't blame them though. The men made them go on a merry go round.

And so tonight will be episode 30, the last episode. What will happen? I don't know. Episode 29 does not indicate anything, so far thankfully no spoilers and so it is like Ruse Of Engagement all over again. I am not sure I want Matt to live or Funny to have a happy ending. Both are despicable. But maybe I want Matt to have a chance at being a new person because his character is the most realistic of the lot. He loves May, that's for sure but I am not sure he knows how to love. He wants her safety but yet he made sure he did everything that is calculated towards his own gain as well. For me this is one realistic character and I would have done what he did.

So let's see if episode 30 will end this series on a high note or OTT note or an ending worth discussing and remembering.

You know what? I really wish Matt stab that evil manipulative houlier than thou Funny. So Matt was despicable but Funny was the same. He used Gillian's love, he used May's life to threaten Matt. In the end they're the same breed. I wasn't shocked with the revelation with Funny but Yip Sir was a complete surprise. As for May, sorry to say she kept going on and on and on about Lau Yim but Lau Yim was evil, he was sadistic and he was cruel. Not a good choice to show Matt's ruthlessness. Matt was right to hunt and kill Lau Yim. I am tired of May's singlemindedness in trying to convince herself the Matt she loved has gone. The Matt she loved never was there in the first place. All she got was a flawed person and if she can't accept him that way, then it is best she leaves him. I find Kristal's performance in this episode OTT, too much shaking hand, etc mostly because I do not find Matt that despicable, that scary. Yes what he did to his brother Ming was quite scary but Ming actually became better. I find Funny scarier. This series has lost its way the moment Funny and Matt confronted each other openly at Acril 17 about the lost CD of Marco. After that episode, everything went downhill and it is borderline ridiculous now. Maybe it is Ron Ng; he manages to make even the noblest character so annoying, so "hindering the Earth from spinning".

The problem is the series wants to make Matt look good in the end which is half baked. It wants to perhaps make Funny look like someone on a vendetta and it doesn't fit. The only villain that made sense was Ah Fo because he was cruel, cold and ruthless, his evilness was singlemindedness of coolness and awesomeness. He made sense. The rest including To Yi Hang is becoming caricatures.

Wow, so many things have happened with this series which is really about mind games.

Probably one of this series' most ruthless and coolest villain ever, Ah Fo whilst on his run still manages to stroll to May's place to inform her Matt played a big part in sending her to prison. She made a visit to the prosecutor's office (this is like 2 years after her release I suppose) and basically confirmed he knew of the fingerprints thanks to Matt reminding him. May isn't stupid. Anyway Matt at the same time tries hard to track Ah Fo, long story short, he did and manages to kill Ah Fo who also tried to strangle him. I don't get the criticism that Matt unnecessarily killed Ah Fo with a stab onto his neck with his swiss knife since Funny was there to shoot him on the shoulders. Ahhhhh but has everyone forgotten? Matt was busy being strangled, Ah Fo wasn't Mr Nice Guy anyway (except for his nice gesture of telling May the truth) so I do not understand why what Matt did will arouse suspicion. And when Matt heard Ah Fo died earlier which Ah Fo did not die, miraculously, he smiled and Miu Miu took offense. Woman, girl, child, whatever that is frying your brain, have you forgotten Ah Fo is a violent criminal without conscience except for his brotherhood with Marco? Anyone would have been glad that villain died.

Anyway Ah Fo died but May knew and May left Matt who was so distraught, he threw himself off the stairs in public when chasing May. He was recorded doing so. He went ahead to arrange the wedding, she did not show up, everyone left and then she showed up because she saw on youtube Matt throwing himself down the stairs crying for her. They patched things up and then.. drumroll!!! Funny received a call by Icy that told him Matt lied about accidentally meeting Ah Fo at the pier where he was doing some shopping at some organic shop and that a camera actually filmed him at Marco's place and then he drove off following Ah Fo who took Marco's car.

Meanwhile Marco was so cool, earlier. Funny went up to Marco's place to see Marco bleeding from his lips (punched by Ah Fo, deliberately) and tied up (he requested Ah Fo to tie him up so that he can explain to To Yee Hang he was threatened and that was why he sent a false email to To to meet him at the pier where Ah Fo intended to kidnap To to use his super yacht to escape - cool huh?) and Funny asked what happened which he knew what happened and Marco lied there was a burglary and Funny said sarcastically "Remember your own story so you won't screw up when you repeat it later on" and Marco smiled as well. Cool scene.

Back to wedding scene. Whilst Matt has salvaged himself in front of May, now it is Funny's turn to be skeptical. Ahhh you may think what a smart twist eh? I will say stupid. Matt shouldn't have lied. First, everyone knows Matt works for Marco, even Funny, nothing illegal. So Matt could always say he was at the condo to meet with Marco when he saw Ah Fo and since he knew who Ah Fo is, he followed Ah Fo, etc etc etc. You get my meaning? Why a big roundabout when there is a more logical shortcut? That's because how to make Funny weary of Matt eh? Well there are other ways, as later on we shall know.

But Matt decided to gamble and told Funny the truth how he followed Ah Fo and even volunteered to be Funny's spy at Marco's place. At this point no one knows To Yee Hang is the big guy behind Marco. Anyway Funny's weariness is gone. Back to Matt being the biggest deceiver. Matt became spies for both. He feeds info for both, pledging friendship with Funny and loyalty to Marco when he had his sights set on To Yee Hang. Well he got his chance when Marco stupidly began an affair with Scarlet who seduced him and was his ex lover who left him because he was poor. Matt got the evidence and Marco was doomed. But Marco gambled his last chip; he had the recording of To saying he wanted Hung Kwok Tung murdered. Marco was ready to go to jail, he had nothing to lose and he will drag To down if To does not release Scarlet and divorce Scarlet. Marco also left a copy of the CD with Denise. However To had no intention of letting Marco go and in the end, Marco was falsely accused of murdering his accomplice in a case the police was following; laundering money. The idea was Matt, he was ably assisted with Kwong King Cheung who switched loyalty because of money and he hated  Marco. Marco had to go on a run, in fact earlier he planned to leave HK and would have had a comfortable life with Scarlet but Scarlet wanted revenge. Later on Scarlet did not want to leave HK to lose her "tai tai" reputation (despicable woman) and whilst Denise was tasked with giving the CD to police, Denise was betrayed by her young lover, CD stolen but Denise still managed to arrange for some pilot to fly them away. However Marco never reached that plane because Scarlet refused to follow him, confessed she never thought she had to run away with him like a criminal and blamed him for being useless and everything. Marco was so angry he nearly drove off the road and into the sea with Scarlet in it but he stopped at the last minute and Scarlet escaped to return to To, groveling for apology, got slapped and will deserve every minute of his abuse. Because that woman asked for it. Sorry to say, it is true. Denise found Marco in the car and said he could run away, start again, that woman was not worth his life but Marco sighed and said "Ironically, I told Ah Fo not to let a woman drag him down and here I am, dragged down by a woman" and he "gostan" his car and drove off the road and into the sea to the horror and manic tears of Denise.

Wow, what a dramatic moment. I feel for Marco. His only fault is he was never ruthless enough. He wasn't Matt and in that he retained his humanity. Anyway he didn't die (phew!) but was in a coma and could die. Denise called Scarlet who was imprisoned by To and Denise asked Scarlet to come see him one last time but Scarlet haughtily refused and said she doesn't care and that is one majorly good scene where Denise basically shouted at Scarlet for being a selfish bitch. Marco, if only you fell for Denise who would never ever ever ever betray you.  Anyway Marco didn't die in the end but woke up and was sorta insane so whatever he said, no one can give him any credibility.

Matt married May, both happy, even Miu Miu liked him and she started dating the nice charity worker. Matt made sure Funny dated Gillian through his various schemes and the thing about this man is he is almost always speaking the truth but he manipulates people with his truth as much as he deceives people with his lies. So everyone is happy. Even Scarlet who just wants a life of wealth and popularity. She could have had a life of wealth with Marco. I mean Marco wasn't poor at that time. What a stupid woman.

However... Matt wanted to  take back the wallet from Funny where he installed a tracker device. That was his first mistake. Second mistake was he gave Funny a new wallet (claiming he also gave a his and her wallet to Gillian) and third mistake was he insisted on it. Funny felt what a funny gesture and investigated the wallet and well, he found the tracking device and he finally realised everything Matt said to him was a huge big lie. But he didn't let Matt know and he wanted to insert a tracking device into Matt's item and he had that chance when Matt was being examined by some Swiss or whatever doctor about his spine, he took May's bag and took out Matt's handphone and in 1 hour installed not just a tracking device but an audio recorder thingy. So basically he can hear and track Matt. He almost succeeded when Matt was meeting To and To was talking about Marco who woke up but neither knew Marco was insane when Matt suddenly saw the phone screen flickering. Matt was not stupid and he already wondered about Funny and his disappearance for 1 hour with his phone and suddenly Matt and To were speaking about normal things and then about Marco supposed affair with Scarlet and Funny and Gillian and as Matt spoke, he gestured at the phone. Both knew the phone was bugged and Funny later knew Matt knew that he knew.

Funny needed to investigate To and so decided to break things off with Gillian who told him she might be pregnant, she wasn't, he felt relieved and Gillian took offense, they broke off, Gillian came to see him, he avoided her, poor girl cried her heart out in the rain, Funny hid behind and watched on and in the end Gillian was dumped and she didn't even know why. Poor poor girl.

Meanwhile Matt called to meet with Funny and here they displayed all their cards. Matt waved a new phone and so Funny knew Matt knew about the bug. Funny told Matt he valued their friendship so much he continued to use the wallet given by Matt, with the old bugged one still at the police station and he waved the new wallet in Matt's face. So Matt knew Funny knew about the bug. In the end Matt knew Funny knew about Matt knowing about the phone bug as much as Funny knew Matt knew about Funny knowing about the wallet bug.

And that is the latest from the episodes thus far.

So how will they go on? HOW?!

P/S Doctor confirms that Matt can never ever walk again. Matt cried why god gave him false hope. Well god just replied; "Because Matt you scum, you "deserve" this false hope. Satan sends his regards and said he has a playground  built for you in hell".

I have lost track which episode I am at now but I can tell ya, oh how I hate that hypocritical two faced bastard called Matt. Fantastic portrayal by Roger and everybody, but the story somehow lacks coherent reasonableness if you know what I mean. I think I will just write a review when this series is done.


Wow! A shocking revelation, took me totally by surprise! Brilliant and it explains everything!

Coming soon.

Absolutely brilliant ending scene in episode 8. The last few scenes were May falling and confessing her love for Matt and they kissed, sweetly and then last scene was Denise walking in to see Matt, and said cryptically "You did very well the last time with Tam Mei Ching. Same terms? Here, cash in USD" and then Matt's looks changed. I always knew he was evil inside because several times he looked he was near bursting. So that made me question was he truly friendly with Funny? I don't doubt he liked May but.. ahh brilliant! Confused? Episode 9 may explain more but here is my take on the events. Let's start from the very beginning.

Fo romances May. Perhaps true romance, perhaps he knew she was working with the fiance/wife of the loved MP. That MP was the one who opposed many projects, some related to Louise' Ma who also works for super rich To. Ma believes in using any method to get what he wants. Ruthless, cunning and calculative, someone Matt has been trying to get close to. Denise so happens to be Ma's assistant/henchman.  Anyway shop got robbed which was strange. Is Fo so desperate? Isn't he a drug dealer or something? Why get a few bags? And he chose the day May supposedly was on leave but she wasn't. So I believe Fo never intended to get May into trouble in that way. He dragged May and the other dragged the MP to the backlane. Same time Funny arrived and so was his "brother" who was there to get back his lost gun from his best friend, the veteran cop. But why was the veteran cop there? Ahhhh it was all a setup. He so called accidentally shot the robber AND the MP and then fired a third shot. The "brother" finally figured he was used in episode 8, for once smartened up. MP died supposedly in cross fire but no one knew veteran was there since "brother" admitted to shooting eventhough he did not fired the gun, it was HIS gun. Fo disappeared. May was arrested and I do believe Matt at first genuinely wanted to help her. Mid way we see Denise meeting Matt like so friendly and we never see the significance of it. May's defence was going great until Matt received an evidence, the one where she touched the stolen goods and he lost the case based on that. Later we found out Fo had his picture taken next to Ma and suddenly it became clear. Final scene confirmed it. Denise went to see Matt to set up a deal; get May to be convicted, close the case for a sum of money which he obviously agreed. He knew May touched the stolen goods but did not reveal that, pretended to be shocked and all eventhough he probably knew the prosecution will get hold on that point anyway. From thereon he stopped defending her rigorously eventhough I did pointed out that evidence can be fought. He was so good at the camoflauge that he even managed to convince May it was 100% her own fault. Maybe it was guilt that made him hire her, maybe he did fell for her but obviously he was the one who set her up for prison. He did not set her up in the robbery, that was Fo. He did not set her up for what happened after, in a way it was her own fault. But he did not vigorously defend her and kept evidence and was paid to slack off.

Poor May. Always getting on with men who just set her up for something or the other. 

Matt is really scary and this is why I love this series, this far. How far will he go to lose his soul? Will May lead him back? Will she forgive him or will she avenge her injustice? What will Funny do?

Questions! Questions! Questions! No answer, yet.

Anyway Roger has stopped moving his legs. Yeah. But I disagree on the scene where he thinks he can't perform sexually. Seriously, that part isn't governed by his spine. The muscle is there. I suppose he hasn't tried, so he thought he can't do it. If Stephen Hawking can, why can't he?

On Kristal, I do feel she is a miscast in terms of age and look. I got the impression May is someone not that old, someone impressionable who acts tough and someone very pretty. Kristal hit 1 out of 3 only. Not to say she was terrible, on the contrary she was good but I feel she is too old and not pretty enough. Roger technically is also too old for his role but he looks youthful. Kristal looks too mature for her own age which is .... 36 and she looks far older than 36. That's the unfairness between male and female actresses. If her character is same age as her, then I will say her character is stupid and naive. But I think her character must be younger. Sorry to say, as good as Kristal is, she is not on point. And she confuses me because her looks is the same as in No Good Either Way, I thought she just walked from that show to this show, except older. Very confused. That being said, hey! Ruco can take on the role of Matt too!

Ahhhh more heart wrenching stories between our 2 main characters, that is Kristal and Roger. I found out Kristal is May, Roger is Matt and guess Ron's name!! Guess! FUNNY SIR!! Serious! Also new character introduced, a rookie by the name of Icy who is potentially Funny's love interest since she already likes him by his reputation alone. A note on Vivien Yeo. I am not sure how to feel but I suppose happy is the word to use to see fellow Malaysian such as herself working her way up TVB and is effectively 2nd leading lady in this series. So this is good news.

Anyway we know more of Matt's injury. His spine is the problem (broken) and he faces 90% paralysis I think. He can move his pinky toes a little, but other than that he can't move. This episode has some very awful flashback moments where Matt remembered his family refuse to pay for his treatment but he understands his father. FUNNY (to differentiate with my expression of funny this or funny that) however thinks "I disagree. There should be situations where black is black, white is white" and yeah, I agree man, I agree. Anyway we see how realistic it all was. He was struggling badly and his brother bemoaned the fact he had to take care of his crippled brother, screaming he has to work, he has to earn a living, Matt is such a burden and when Matt fell from the toilet when he wanted to take a piss, his brother insultingly said "Damn cripple can't even take a piss on his own. Why don't you just wear adult diapers?!"

Oh I feel like slapping that stupid brother. But it spurred Matt on and he learns to be independent, strong and in supermarkets he uses a rod to take top shelves stuff and if he can't do that, he will just make do with whatever he can reach as he tells FUNNY; "There's an advantage to this arrangement. I will be able to try new things". FUNNY feels guilty and he genuinely thinks Matt as a nice guy, a decent bloke and he tells Matt if ever he needs any help carrying things, anything, he can depend on FUNNY who will do a brother's duty. I am not sure Matt is genuinely nice to FUNNY or is still pissed off but I sense that Matt feels a sense of thanks for someone who is willing to assist.

Poor May. She is gloomy, unhappy but not tortured. Miu Miu and her best friend who betrayed her (whose name I can't remember but that one who listens only to her prejudiced boyfriend) are worried. May refuses to see anyone, not even Matt. But Miu Miu calls a radio station which helps to broadcast messages to inmates which so happens May is listening but without enthusiasm. Both girls express concern and hope that May will see them and keep apologising for whatever they done wrong. May cries and is really into self pity. But she agrees to see them only to rebuke them by saying "Don't feel guilty. Not your fault. Don't come and see me. My life is over. I have no future, I have nothing to look forward to. Leave me alone" and she leaves. Not rudely but rather very very dejected sort of way. Friends feel helpless.

Meanwhile story shifts to the coroner's court to find the possible liability of the police who shoots dead the MP. Something fishy. May says she heard 3 gun shot sounds, between shot I think 2 and 3 she heard MP cries "NO" but the police does not mention that. I don't know what is the significance. We know shot 1 is misfired. Shot 2 supposedly hit the MP because the robber used him as a shield. Shot 3 hit the robber. Could it be that shot 1 was misfired, shot 2 hit the robber and the guy being a nervous prick that he is shot the  MP in the 3rd shot, thus the significance of the word NO? Could be but we won't know yet. Anyway the death is ruled accidental and the police can go back to active duty. But that guy is a wreck; how to trust him with a gun?! Ahhh this is the dilemma facing FUNNY's mom, the errr superintendant? Supermomcop? Who also happens to be our dear FUNNY's ah-head?

Not much story tonight. 

Acting? Plenty.

Ron Ng will not be the worst actor in this series. He will be bearable, so far he is doing fine with his usual Ron Ng trademarked frown acting for serious roles. Basically same as ever BUT he has chemistry with Roger. Vivian Yeo is ok, her cantonese improved a lot and she looks like she may have chemistry with Ron. Everybody else is ok...except...

Jason Chan is officially TVB's worst actor. What is wrong with him? He has the looks, the body, the face, the smirk, the everything BUT the moment he speaks or moves or combine both speaking and moving, he is the most unconvincing flamboyant lawyer, ever. He acts like a supermodel, his head and shoulders ALWAYS twitchy and he speaks like the world's most unconvincing liar and he expects us to believe he is an actor? If he doesn't speak, just sit there, don't move, PERFECT. And then he had to speak and it ruined everything! He is not even convincing when he was holding a glass of wine. He makes it look like he is holding a glass of ribena which may be the real case but a good actor will convince us that is wine and a great actor will convince us that is a very very expensive and rare wine. Jason couldn't even convince the glass what is in it is wine. Heck, he can't even convince the ribena that it is a wine. He is the Miss HK version of a male actor. Please, please not make his character a recurring one! Please, don't ruin this for me!!


The entire episode is about Kristal's case. She is charged with conspiring and aiding and abetting that useless boyfriend to rob the shop. Not the death of the MP. The MP was killed in action by a cop by the way. None of them can shoot straight. And in this episode, rightly so May (Chan) told Ron he should retire before he falsely accused another and hurt that person. That's the best suggestion I have heard thus far.

First thing first, how was the case? Pretty sad. Roger did a great job questioning every logic and evidence thrown by the prosecutor, to the point even Ron admits he may have been prejudiced. He hopes Roger can help her. What kinda police is this?! He should investigate thoroughly. Unfortuately Roger sees some documents and his face changes colour. He doesn't tell Kristal who is happy and optimistic until the day she takes the stand and well, we then know why;

Her fingerprints is all over the bags and diamond necklace and she omits to state to anyone that she has touched the items before. Her credibility all gone, the judge refuses to believe her. Roger is numbed with shock but in the end it is Kristal herself who cries hard as she blames her own stupidity for falling for the wrong guy and questioning again and again and again why she never told the police or Roger about her touching the items. Roger feels helpless. She gets convicted, 1 year jail in light of the fact she stood between the robber and her friend in the shop, her bravery was noted. Numbly, tearfully she goes into the jail. Probably will be out less than 1 year but I can imagine she will face many hardship. Yes she looks tough but she isn't. Congrats to Ron for successfully ruining another life.

"Jor Ju Dei Kau Juen" Metre
2, Kristal and Roger

It is almost brilliant, but in the end I hate how TVB presents lawyers; faced with a sudden new evidence against them, they clam up, shut up and just give up. Seriously, any good criminal lawyer will continue to cast doubt to the evidence. Let me cast the doubt;

1. she works in the shop so naturally her fingerprints being all over the bags is natural. Unless she isn't allowed to touch the bags which makes no sense since she is the shop assistant. So the evidence SHE TOUCHED THE BAGS is just a howler.

2. the necklace may be a bit more difficult. But doubts can be cast whether she touched the necklace when the MP gave the box to his wife/fiancee, the other shop assistant. A good criminal lawyer will make the witness so confuse that when she just answer, MAYBE and that one word could have cast doubt. 

3. Kristal already explained why her fingerprints are on the items. Roger can simply bring up her clean past records; I assume she never committed any crime, never stolen, never done anything. The question here is credibility. No one questions her boyfriend was the robber. No one doubted she lied or did not tell the truth about her boyfriend. Roger successfully beat every evidence and argument put forward by the prosecution, bigger questions, such as why she did not push the alarm button, why the bag is in her house, why she took her friend to a certain place, etc etc etc. So the fingerprints is really no biggie if you think about it. It can be explained. If you accept she was madly in love with the useless bugger, the useless bugger used her, she panicked, she is normal girl who is also scared, she had little time to act, she did not call the police because she was naive and her involvement in the robbery is at best speculative, then you gotta accept she did not tell the truth about the bags is because she panicked, she was scared and she had no time to act. Already established the police Ron was biased and prejudiced against her type. Already established she has clean record. So the fingerprints can be argued. The standard is BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT. Any jury arguing this case will see that none of the prosecution's submission as to her involvement is of that standard. I feel Roger has more or less cast many doubts and that it is not beyond reasonable doubt she is guilty as charged. Further why wasn't the sister of the bastard called as a witness? She saw how her brother ran off, what he said, etc etc.

That is why I find the final act to her trial just frustrating to watch. It is like it is smart but ended up stupid. The better way to convict her is not the fingerprints. Since we are all talking about character (or character assassination and Roger should have objected since it is highly prejudicial), why not just say the documents show like maybe when she was 20 or 22 she was involved in a similar case, similar circumstances, not convicted or maybe convicted but let off lightly. That will show pattern, cast doubt as to her integrity and credibility. Of course this is also not a good way to convict her but better than the silly fingerprints thing. The problem is Roger's defence was so good, everything else thereafter to convict her was so lame. This could happen in real life and it is called injustice. But the likelihood of Kristal being convicted is too remote because there were so much doubt.

Roger should also ask Ron what did the police do to apprehend the stupid boyfriend. I can tell you, none. They stopped at so called co conspirators. How lazy the police are in this series, I let you judge but let me tell you, they never even approach her to create an entrapment situation for the boyfriend. They simply wanted to close the case, write the report and find the 2nd most guilty looking person who ended up as the scapegoat. I think this series is an insult to cops and to lawyers for just shutting up when faced with adversities. In all TVB legal drama it is always the same; great beginning but when faced with difficult opponent they will sit down heavily on their chair looking shocked, defeated, absolutely spent. And then they go to bar to drink their expensive wines whilst their clients suffer a night of anxious waiting whether they will ever walk free again. No wonder general public thinks badly of lawyers. Contrast that to series about doctors; faced with adversity, they work extra time, never give up, amidst tears and hugs they save the patient to much risk on their own lives and then say a warm goodbye to the patient and life goes on. See the pattern?

Another silliness is showing the regret by the cop who accidentally shot dead the MP and then finally the other robber. He wanted to give I think HKD500,000-00 to the widow of the MP and was rebuked and rightly was scolded "If you can't shoot straight don't shoot!!". Which explains why Ron for 5 years practiced target shooting every day. I find it silly. Is the cop under investigation? Can't the widow sue the police/cop? Is the cop fired? Etc etc. We don't know. Only thing we know? The drama of him presenting a cheque that is of course rebuked.

Anyway don't let these silliness and bad writing or rather badly researched writing pull you away from the acting in this series.

Roger Kwok reminds me of Lionel Messi or comments made about him during the World Cup. He is great but not the greatest. Many fans will disagree but for this series I will say yes it is true. He looks great, short hair and much slimmer but toned, making him look sharp, handsome and alert. His acting is wonderful; how he smiled at Ron and then clenched his fist. He is an angry man but he hides it. Roger Kwok can pick up a phonebook and read the contents and still be a fascinating actor to look at. Problem is his paralysis is not convincing. Many excuses can be made but I saw his legs moving again. Maybe it is the force of his upper body but they don't move like being dragged, rather they move rather lightly, like tapped, like instinct. He is not a cripple, that we know. But remember Forest Gump and Lieutenant Dan who didn't have his legs? His upper legs never move and when move was because the sheer force of his upper body dragged it. It didn't feel light; it felt like dead weight. Roger's performance didn't feel that way. I am not a cripple so I don't know if when you are paralysed whether your legs is like dead weight. For me Roger is a great actor but his inability to stop his legs from moving is what makes him not quite the greatest. But like Messi, not winning the World Cup doesn't negate all his other achievements and he has time to be the greatest. Same with Roger; this series or the inconsistency in his legs does not negate his past performances or even his current one. I love how he smiled but there is danger in his eyes that it is quite scary.

Kristal Tin shows her desperate sight; I feel for her character but none more than the final scene as she didn't blame Roger, she blamed herself, and only herself. That scene was heartbreaking. I understand why Kristal is chosen for this role. She looks tough. Remember Brother's Keeper? Her Ying is tough, very tough. But in here, her face belies the fact that underneath all that bravado are emptiness. She is not tough; she is in fact all alone in this world. However I just wish she stopped shouting her lines. I understand! Panicking etc but can't people panic and talk and not scream?

The rest no comment except for Ron's hair. I feel like shaving that stupid hairstyle.

Are you watching this series? It has the potential to go either way; I am not decided yet but right now, it is the best thing from TVB right now.


I was reading about this series at Wikipedia where it says;

Before the show started filming, the company has already received several complaints over Ron Ng's role over him not being the lead and has been given repetitive roles.
The only repetition here is Ron Ng is our resident cop which is something our Ruco Chan is now being typecast as. However his fans should not complain much because the rest is not the same. His role in here is a cop who carries an immense amount if guilt for having indirectly almost singlehandedly destroyed an innocent man's life and is about to destroy another innocent woman's life. I mean he is just a terribly inadequate cop. Anyway why we often say Ron is forever in the same kinda role is because his acting is forever the same. As someone cute, he will be talkative and more expressive. As someone in a drama, he is dead serious. There is no in between. That being said, I'd rather him over Jason Chan any day and unfortunately Jason Chan is in this series. Hopefully as a scum. Since I already dislike him, whatever his acting may be, he will be THAT successful in my opinion.

Now onto this series with the most awesome title (as explained above). First of all, Roger Kwok looks great. I think he looks so fit in this series, slimmer and more muscle bound rather than flabby. The hairstyle suits him and so does the suit. However I am questioning his ability to portray a wheelchair bound person. My question is how wheelchair bound is he? If he paralysed waist down or he just can't walk? If he can move his legs, does it mean he is NOT paralysied waist down? Meaning his spine is not affected? If his spine not affected, can't he walk with a cane? If he can't walk with a cane or walk at all, does that mean his legs can't move? And if his legs are not supposed to move and they did move in episode 2, does it mean Roger Kwok did not act well?

Ahhhh you see! You see the dilemma? The one roundabout way to the main question; how effective was Roger as a wheelchair bound person? Was he portraying someone paralysed? I don't know. The doctors in this series says he can move one pinky toe I think, which means he can feel something. So some stem cell surgery was supposed to probably help him but his family refused to help. Realistic. So he keeps with his physiotherapy, maybe hoping one day to go for that surgery. Who knows? In TVB world, maybe he will go for that surgery and walk again in the final episode. I hope not. Because not everybody has a truly happy ending in that sense.

I will say Roger was effective. He looks like wheelchair bound except for that one scene where he was persuading Kristal and his legs moved, in a big way. But let me make it clear. Any other actor of lesser pedigree of an actor will have us believe after 10 sommersaults and landing on a wheelchair that he is wheelchair bound. Roger is a fantastic actor and he won't insult us the viewers with such a fallacy. And so I will say his legs perhaps moved because he moved his upper body. But you know I am just in denial. His legs did move; just one bad acting moment. Other than that, he was stellar.

To prove how stellar he was, I shall need to recap this series a little up until episode 2.

Kristal is a shop assistant who dresses tough (leather), drives fast (a motorcycle and not a vespa by the way but those racing type) and looks tough (coloured hair included) and she even has a gansta boyfriend (Matt Yeung in another typecast role of a jerk boyfriend - why his fans NEVER complain about that?!). However deep down she is just an ordinary girl pretending to look tough. Her boyfriend is a small time gangsta who one day decided to rob the luxury bag shop she works at and in the process gets one likable MP killed. She knows it is him but she does not point him out. He hides his stuff at her place and Ron the police investigates her and in the end arrested her. Enters Roger the barrister who she at first refuses to engage his services even if he volunteers his service because of his condition.  No one else wants to take her case which is curious because I don't think the Legal Aid Services can pick and choose. Is HK that way? So heartless? When she's in lockup without anyone to bail her out, she gets sexually harassed and she hires him. He gets her out and even lends her the bail money. And he starts to question her testimony and in the process she realises even her best friend refuses to  believe her and she is all alone. Thinking her case is done, she wants to kill herself but is stopped by Roger who then confided in her about his condition.

5 years ago Roger was driving along, he was a clerk at a law firm with an ambition to be a barrister. Ron was a rookie cop (mom is the head of her dept, Kiki Sheung, a tough and way smarter cop than her stupid son) ...


Why I said he is stupid is because he has a hand to play at Roger's condition (not quite his fault) and again he will have a hand at causing much grief to Kristal (his fault since he can't investigate properly).


... stupid son was chasing a man who killed his wife and Ron shot his back but the man could drive but was dying and slammed into Roger's car. Roger suffered massive injury, I assume to his spine whilst that guy's car exploded into a fireball. I assume Ron never tried to find out what happened to Roger because zoom 5 years later, he sees Roger and is shocked to see him disabled. Well you know how Ron does the shocked look; like hmmmm shock not WAHHHHH REALLY AH?!??!??! shock. And his fans complain he is typecast. He typecast himself lar! 

Anyway the story continues as Ron seeks out Roger's social worker woman who said Roger had it bad. He couldn't deal with the loss of his legs. He lost his income as well since insurance won't pay because he was hurt in the line of duty (WHAT? SUE THE DAMN POLICE DEPT THEN!) and when he found out he could have some experimental surgery in US for USD4 million or was it HKD 4 million, he desperately asked his father to perhaps sell the house. In normal circumstances, any parent would do so. However like Kristal, Roger was effectively abandoned by everyone. The father and brother refused to help and he was stuck in his wheelchair. Feeling that his life was over, he wanted to throw himself off the stairs but luckily the social worker came in time. And from thereon he decided to turn his way around. So what if he was wheelchair bound? He decided he must train himself never to be reliant on anyone. He is his best person to rely on, the most accountable and he gets his degree and license to practice law, to help others who are less fortunate. He also keeps up with the physiotherapy so that his body remains healthy and he doesn't need to depend on anyone. His story is similar to Kristal and she feels comforted by what he said; that he will help her.

Meanwhile Ron out of guilt goes to see Roger at the centre where he was undergoing physiotherapy and at first Ron is greeted with an amused curiosity but when Ron confesses his role in Roger's paralysis, you can see a change in Roger's face. And here, ladies and gentleman is the brilliance of Roger Kwok. When Ron volunteers to push his wheelchair, Roger smiles but there is a flash of anger in his eyes as he looks at Ron and that look tells Ron he doesn't want Ron touching him, at all. That momentary anger shows Roger still is angry at his condition as he tried best to face the world smiling but behind the smile is a deeply angry man. I applaud Roger for the momentary flash of anger and I think Ron's advantage as an actor is the way he is so successful at being the supporting actor. That one single moment Ron too recoiled at that momentary flash of anger, and hesitated. I see the moment of hesitation as Ron's best acting moment and that says a lot because seriously, Ron is a truly inadequate actor. And he makes his cop character an insanely incompetent one since he is on his way to destroy the life of Kristal by his half attempt at investigating her case (that she and her boyfriend together planned the robbery when she had nothing to do with it). Let us start a "body count" shall we? I shall call it the "Jor Ju Dei Kau Juen" Metre. What is Jor Ju Dei Kau Juen? Best illustrated by his character in Ruse Of Engagement. His intervention in the end caused Jessica to kill herself. In other words Ron's intervention as a cop is deadly. He is more successful in his intervention as a pilot I suppose. So let's count;

"Jor Ju Dei Kau Juen" Metre
Effectively, 2 even if Roger's case is not really really really his fault.

 I am not sure where this series is heading. Is it the Deric Wan sort of series where he is evil and he is good and in the end Kristal will have to reign him in except he is in a wheelchair? Will he be ruthless to help the innocent but in his ruthlessness he uses Ron's guilt to close one eye to his questionable means? Really? I HOPE! I WANT! I WANT! 

So excited. Am enjoying the first 2 episodes because of the story. Kristal I feel is a tad too old for her role, a tad too mature, a tad too loud but she is effective as the desperate girl who pretends to be tough. She is well supported by May Chan as the sister of Matt who is also unloved and unwanted who pretends to be dumb but is actually quite smart and is a person who knows her circumstances and proves to be a loyal friend. And my god, she lost quite a lot of weight too. Acting wise I can't complain.

There is one thing I must comment on. The first few minutes of this series which tells the story 5 years ago was probably filmed with a different lense. It has the atmosphere (rain, etc), the realistic grim case (husband murdering wife) and the movements seem slower,more cinematic feel befitting the HD version I was watching. But no TVB series is ever truly HD; no colours jumped out, nothing emphasised but for that few moments it felt expensive. A pity it didn't last for long. It is time TVB truly invest in the HD thing.

Anyway are you watching? Give it a try. So far, really good!


  1. Really like Roger Kwok's hair tbh haha. Short but cool!

    The first two episodes are like BANG.. and the show goes on. I like the style :) One of the best beginnings so far this year.

  2. It seems like Roger moved his legs bc he moved his upper body and it had that "bounce back effect" for the bottom body.

  3. Roger's performance is so amazing and you choose to pick on whether his legs moved. Geez....

    1. Yeah because you know, he is supposed to play a wheelchair bound man? So however amazing he was, if his legs move, it isn't amazing, isn't it?

  4. Yeah I notice his leg move in Ep 2. But he is so good looking here!!. haha,,
    Nice Hair and More muscle and toned up as well. He look great for his age, he is 50 right?. But I think he put on lots of make up because you can see 2 color neck and face.

  5. Ep. 9 will further explain. Wow. My guess is correct, spoiler was in the summary. Roger purposely ....

  6. Wonders who can play May Tam? Eliza Sam? Tracy Chu? Ankie Beilke? Mandy Wong?

  7. Hmmm, I dunno why but I think Kristal Tin manages to convince me as a younger person than she is..

  8. Great TV drama! Anyone know what is the instrumental music at the end of each episode? Not the OST.

  9. can anyone let me know the name of the instrumental music whenever roger show his evil face i really like that cool bgm

  10. What's been happening to this series? Can someone do a quick update? Thanks.

  11. Can't stand May Chan's acting. She is always making that awful child-like voice while pouting. *shivers*

    Stop trying to act "cute". It's not cute at all!

    Anyone else agree?

    1. I disagree. It is her character, she is supposed to be annoying. And she is a far better actress than a lot of Miss HKs out there. If her characters is weird it is because the writing is weird.

  12. Leanne Li seems to have some sort of Shanghai accent when she's speaking Cantonese. Very difficult to understand at times.

  13. Funn, Sap Jai is the same person who portrays the rich kid in Come Home Love.

  14. the series should end at episode 24.

  15. Looks like an exciting finish.

    Any guess as to how this show will end? What will happen to Matt Ko?

  16. I've only watched up to ep 22. I think Funny is going undercover by marrying Gillian.

  17. I kinda understand why May will react like that. She might have felt that she has lost the sense of trust given to Matt, how Matt actually "helped" her to prison, how cruelly he treated his brother. All have a reason why, but to me, as much as you hate your sibling, you won't purposely set up a trap for him/her to step on.

    Funny's character is getting more interesting as well. He's just using the same method to fight with that. Plus, his love to Gillian is real as well.

  18. Episode 29 is TOTALLY STUPID. Dragged on and on until the gun shots in the last few minutes.

  19. you're too critical of things why bother watching then?

  20. Funn, once again I'm really sorry but I disagree with you. I think Matt is the worst just because he is a two-faced you-know-what. To Yee Hang may seem to be so as well, but all you know is that he IS evil, unlike Matt, who can really manipulate things, so to me, that's scary and worse than To Yee Hang.

  21. Seriously, this is the same anon said that the series should ended at episode 24.

    Spoiler: the series best villain is not To Yee Hang or Matt. It is ...

    Funny Sir. Damn, he just can't keep his mouth shut....

    And he properly one of the richest guy now after his wife in coma

    Funny justified his action "because I am a cop", dude, no cop is that stupid after cover blown and fighting stupidly

    Funny justified to keep May in danger, because To Yee Hang is a pure bad guy

    Funny, you are a piece ....

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