Wednesday, August 13, 2014

[O] Surprisingly "wow!" beautiful pictures of celebrities

The following are various pictures of celebrities that I found on the internet that are rather beautiful. Yes, they may be heavily photoshopped or edited or airbrushed but somehow, they're just rather beautiful. More so for those you never expected to be beautiful, whether the angle, the smile, the pose, the aura or whatever it is that makes you go "Wow". Have you encountered any surprisingly beautiful picture of celebrities? Do share, post the links in Post A Comment. If I agree, I will certainly repost.

Lionel Andres Messi.A name fit for the world's best footballer, if ever. He looked like a kid 4 years back but in this World Cup in 2014, he found his inner hotness. Anyway I saw the following picture and I went, well he grew up, that's for sure.

Then I saw the following;

Flex it man! Flex it!!

Awwwwww... he may not be the most traditionally handsome man but you gotta admit, he looks good. Wow!

Wow! Wow!

But his best?

When he is with his son. Thiago, who looks exactly like his dad, probably taller in future but maybe not since mom is so short, dad is not much taller.

Michael Fassbender.Not quite "Fassy" with his looks? NOT! Oh look at this fine specimen of a man, complete with Photoshop because he has more lines on his face than in pictures. Let's do a checklist;

- Tall
- Blue eyes
- Fair
- Sculpted body
- Foreign accent (Irish)
- Can act

Can you hear all the ding ding ding sound? It makes sense he is Magneto because he is a magnet and can magnetise you. Hah! And he has the acting talent of the older Magneto, Sir Ian McKellan. Some may say his real hair colour is an impediment (red/ginger which explains why he is so fair) but since my favourite English actor is Damian Lewis who is very very fiery red in hair and in intellect, I will say I don't mind it at all. Moreover he is almost always other hair colour, truth be told brown looks good on him. If you really want to see ALL of him, watch Shame (google the movie title and beware, all of the links are NSFW link).

Anyway I saw these pictures and I went WOW! One of which is now my wallpaper and the other my Ipad's lock screen wallpaper.

Ahhhh no chance! His choice of women is usually (actually always) of the exotic kind and by exotic I mean dark skinned women. Very specific choice actually. Also read some unsavoury news about him but I think I'd rather believe maybe that's not the whole story. Yeah, ones on him being violent to one of his ex girlfriends. Sounds terrible, but the evidence is sketchy at best.

Fukuyama Masaharu. Gorgeous man who takes gorgeous pictures and I will be posting a lot of him later on. However the following was WOW to me because so atmospheric. Can you believe he is already 45? And having seen him in person a few years ago, I can tell you he is tall as reported, slim, youthful and seriously drop dead gorgeous. The pictures for once did not lie. I may have stopped updating my All About Masha blog, but I am still following his career keenly. He is now even more active than he was and still unmarried. Maybe he will marry one day but I believe he won't announce it until he signed the papers. He is Andy Lau except less paranoid and anal about privacy but still strict with the issue of privacy. Beautiful man. No opposition. Not even Ruco and Ruco sorry to say will never be his level in terms of popularity and career wise. It doesn't even pain me to say that. Ruco or Masha? Masha for me. I even chased Masha all the way to Japan right after the Fukushima incident! I won't even chase Ruco to OneShamelin in KL.

Ruco Chan. I may post about his pictures, news, whatever but I must confess I never quite like any of his official magazine shoots. None of it. I don't find him photogenic or maybe you can say so far no photographer has ever given him a decent shoot so to speak. He needs GQ style. However I like what I see in the following pictures where I thought "wow! he looks smart!". So I do think I must add him in this list even if I may have stated the same thing in his other posts. But you know, just for the record!

Angie Cheung. A Malaysian with a huge big beautiful heart. Saw a clip of her with her cute playful son Hanson and you can see he is the apple of her eyes, her everything. Anyway at 40, she still looks good and in Never Dance Alone, she is mostly with light make up. Saw these pictures and I thought she still got it! Ok, maybe the feel is a bit old style but she looks great. I am however not sure how recent are these photos.

Natalie Tong. And I was like, Natalie Tong?! Almost couldn't recognise her, looking lovely and angelic but still too skinny in white.

Fala Chen. Maybe it's the pose or the dress or the pretty smile. Rather happy, classy and not that aloof. The main reason why I created this post. I saw the following picture and I went "wow". She has always been pretty in a lesser sort of way, like fuss free way with make up and such but never seen her rather ... warm and approachable. This picture achieves all that.

Tavia Yeung. I always thought she never takes good picture. It is heavily airbrushed but for the first time it spells glamour and star quality. Usually when I see Tavia I see nose, boring, girl next door trying hard to be sexy and glamorous and someone who sold her soul to the devil ( know who!) to have faked star quality. But the following picture made me go "wow" because it just is. Maybe because the hair is doing a great job at complimenting her as well as hiding her face partially.


  1. Photoshop. Photoshop everywhere.

  2. He looks tired in that photo.