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[O] Young Sherlock / 少年神探狄仁杰 [2014][Mainland China][TV]

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Released In

Chinese title

Translated title
The Great Young Detective Di Ren Jie

Other titles
As with any China series, they are often undecided on what titles they want to use. So we have officially Young Sherlock, unofficially Young Detective Dee. I think thanks to Andy Lau, they can just use Young Detective Dee since we know who is Di Renjie but internationally it is Young Sherlock for god knows what reason. 

No. of Episodes

Bosco Wong as Di Ren Jie
Ma Tian Yu as Wang Yuan Fang
Stephy Qi Wei as Li Wan Qing
Cindy Sun Xiao Xiao as Tong Meng Yao
Qiu Shuang as Er Bao
Ruby Lin as Wu Mei Niang
Yuan Hong ‎as Li Zhi

And a whole lotta people which you can find here at Wiki D-Addicts.

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Where to Watch
- Now on ASTRO Ch (KIV) everyday at (KIV)
- In Youtube (no subtitles)
- In Youtube (English subtitles)

All I know is I am at the episode where the Mystery at Ganye Temple is solved and seriously, I don't get the whole story and point. You know China productions, they can spend half an episode in one room talking. But all I know is Bosco should give his voice actor a huge bonus because the voice suits him perfectly.

Bosco, it took me China to finally "get" you. You rock!

Except for Ruby, the women in this series are either sulky or noisy. Noisy is worse. Can't stand Cindy Sun.

Took me a long time to recognise that pretty boy is Ma Tianyu. He has grown up, still pretty but his hairstyle and wardrobe not helping much in making him handsome rather than effiminate. The voice is manly though.

You gotta admit, Bosco as Detective Dee? Does it even work? YOU BET IT DOES!! When cast right, Mainland China series always bring out the best in HK actors, like Kevin Cheng in BBJX, Ada Choi in Empresses In The Palace, Kara Hui in Qing Shi Huang Fei (where she is absolutely glorious). Now we can add Bosco to that list. First of, love his look. He actually look bigger, sturdier whilst in TVB he always look fragile. That is because in this series he is in at least 5 layers of clothing. Looks very cold too! He may not look as young as he should as against the cruelty of HDTV, but he manages well in other departments. He looks tall because his lady co stars are petite. He displays fine acting skills that balances being cute, funny, serious and with a sense of wisdom and some gravitas. He looks like the young Di Renjie and I was mighty impressed. He is helped by his voice actor who does a fine job in balancing the cockiness and the seriousness. I really like his Di Renjie and I love the voice. It enhances Bosco's performance although I wish his real voice is used. He seems to be speaking in Mandarin too.

Another two I so look forward to is Yuan Hong as the weak emperor (he seems to have packed on some pounds) and of course Ruby Lin as Wu Meiniang, the future Empress Wuzetian. Yuan Hong we all know can act, so no doubt about that. But Ruby, is Ruby ok as Wuzetian? I will say no but as Wu Meiniang, the young Wuzetian who is beautiful, graceful, wise and absolutely in love with the emperor? Yes! Ok Ruby is a curious case for me. Her acting is the same for me in every series but yet I love watching her. She is late 30s but she looks great. A bit wear and tear here and there is inevitable but overall she looks great in ancient costume which are simplistic. I like the way she cries silently, her big eyes used to great advantage and she radiates a sense of calm and wisdom in the characters she play, whether you like her or not. I have decided a long time ago that I like her but I never always like her acting or her characters. I am glad she is Wu Meiniang in here which is guest starring but in effect the lead because I don't see how the other 2 actresses, one super glum and the other super noisy can ever lead this series. I find them forgettable but Ruby? Ahhh she can lead even if she acts the same everywhere. But she can play lovesick very well.

So far I am enjoying this series which is packed with good actors. The casting is good even if one or two is debatable. The costume is great. The story is ok which means it will depend a lot on its leads especially leading actor and right now, Bosco is doing a fantastic job. 

But the main selling point is.. no no not the god awful computer graphics or the voice actors' tendency to even voice over certain sounds like slurping sounds (so funny), but the location. Wow, real temple, real mountain and the best of all? DO NOT MISS EPISODE 4 where Ma Tianyu sees Cindy Sun at some amazing rock waterfall thingy. I was so shocked and impressed and all things nice and warm and tingly looking at the location. And the fact it is all in full HD, oh glorious full HD. One reason to love China series.

TVB, you suck!

Do watch this series. So far rather entertaining but the location is what makes it so enjoyable. Oh and Bosco too.


  1. I just finished the drama! Quite disappointed in the ending, but I'm glad I saw it. Always knew Bosco is a versatile actor, but he really shines in this drama. Perhaps his best role to date. Also liked his chemistry with Stephy.

    Continue writing, Funn. Interested to read your reviews. :)

  2. Sue, funny isn't it that it takes a China series to maximise his potential? But really the voice actor deserves half the credit as well. The voice really really helped.

    1. Haha! Perhaps TVB's scripts.

      Seems like HK artists improved their acting in Mainland dramas. Maybe they learned from their costars and such.

  3. Because TVB/HK productions suck, that's why HK actor will look better and have enhanced performances elsewhere. Dare to compare mainland China's costumes and locations with TVB's cheap costumes and studio settings? Nope, nope. I look forward to HKTV to bring changes to HK TV screens.

    I think Bosco's best role to date is the latest HK movie I just watched, titled Golden Brother.

  4. Funn, did you finish the drama yet?

    I'm arguing with my sis over a scene in Young Sherlock and was wondering what are your thoughts.

  5. I'm up to ep 25 then I have to stop because I can't understand anymore. I really enjoyed tge drama up to the case when they got lost lost in the forest with the bunch of fortune seekers. The case is dragged on and on and the same scene keeps repeating about the two capable guys go somewhere to investigate, and the incapable females and servant keep on saying I need to go look for them, come on, is it commonsense to just sit still and wait when you have no skill to wander around in a dangerous forest? They try to squeeze in so many mysteries, people just keep getting killed or disappearing that make me utterly confused and unable to see the point. Bosco Wong is a joy to watch, Ma Tian Yu looks really gay, Stephy Qi only has grumpy expression all the time like she is constipated, Cindy Sun is annoying loud, rude and stupid

  6. Where is the English subtitle version of this series, please give me the link if available.

  7. Will there be part 2 to this? I really like bosco in this movie and with the girl as well. Hope they come out part 2