Monday, September 8, 2014

[Updates] New review & Upcoming Episodic Thoughts

Review on the series Rear Mirror by yours truly. A short one.

Also I will be doing (and hopefully finishing) episodic thoughts for All That Is Bitter Is Sweet (what a mouthful! but the original title is even more mouthful!) starting tonight. As usual do check the blog next day for the episode the night before. Spoilers alert.

I am considering whether to repost at Jaynestars. You know there, hate to get bashed but that's where the readers are. Let me think about it.

[UPDATES] Just added recap of episode 1. Check back daily as no further updates will be posted here. By the way, full recap means full summary as there might be a possibility I may miss a few episodes, give half summary or abandon this half way. Depends on time and how good/bad this series is. Do participate in the discussion but do avoid future spoilers.

[UPDATES 2] I am reposting the recaps at Jaynestars as well. There will be more feedback there and you can join the discussions there.


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