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[O] LINE WALKER/ 使徒行者[TVB][2014]

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One cop sent out 5 cops as undercover at various section of society and one day he supposedly jumped to his death. Before he died he confided in his good friend, a fellow cop about the 5 undercover cops but before he could reveal their identities, he died. So now this friend of his has to find these 5 undercover cops to work with them to bring down the biggest triad in HK whilst protecting their identities and evading investigations and allegations that he is a corrupt cop by ICAC as well as threading the line with another sworn enemy, the O-kei.

Michael's character was supposed to have been played by Tony Leung (Ka Fai) but he injured himself. Pity.

Sammy Leung was supposed to play the character of Kobe, now occupied by Sammy Shum who was supposed to play the annoying O-Kei cop now occupied by Patrick Tang! But is Sammy Leung suitable for the role of Kobe if Kobe is as he is as played by Sammy Shum? I doubt it. I think the casting now is just right. Sammy Leung would have been a better fit as Raymond's character or Oscar's but Jazz Lam was born for Oscar's character. Talk about a huge miscast!

I suppose this series marks the return of Charmaine Sheh to TVB, but not permanently of course.

UC - Undercover Cop planted by the cops in the police force
Mole - spy by the triads (in this case) planted into the police force
Informer -  Not a UC nor a mole but under the payroll of the police to provide information for a fee
OTT - over the top acting (think Gigi Lai and Cecilia Yip in their worst moment)

Until Episode 31 (END)
Apparently dry humping in TVB's dictionary is sex.

Hated the last 2 very predictable episodes. What a rubbish series. The series died when Chum Foon Hei died. If there is anything positive, Benz Hui for TV King. He deserves it. Raymond Lam? He has much to learn. His performance in the last few episodes were quite simply atrocious. Charmaine didn't fare better mainly because the series just went absolutely insane. Line Walker should be UC Mole, ICU.

Just stupid. And guess what? Most hated woman, Yan is quite simply useless. I hated how it was "I can't save my sister, Iiiiiiiii can't save Deng, Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii can't save the 1000 UCs". I, Iiiii, Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. What a vain woman.

But by that time it just didn't matter. The series refuses to end in the end so it went on after the credits. That last, LASSSSST scene was not weird, it was vulgar. Vulgar not for the suggestion of what they were doing, but it simply slap the entire series in the face with that stupid cute music and the whole condom-sex thing. After so many deaths, so many serious moments, so many conspiracy, in the end it had to end so tastelessly. Cheuk Sir and Hong Sir's sacrifice meant little to the entire story. In the end these two just had to have sex in an ambulance. How they actually did it with the condition they were in is up to your imagination because seriously even if they could show it, by this time the series has lost all imagination, it won't be anything remotely interesting or sexy or coherent.

By the way I had to laugh when the ultimate bad guy was revealed. Drug dealers, whatever invest in land business the way they're doing? Puh-lease! Be brave! Show some Chinese politicians and rich estate magnates and what nots. More realistic. And the way it goes, give it 2 more episodes and we will have an ultimate-ULTIMATE bad guy from the big bad brother, China. Another 5 more episodes, I am sure Obama is the ultimate of all ULTIMATE's ULTIMATE bad guy. Seriously, just stupid.

Kobe died, sadly and predictably but still unpredictably from assisted suicide/euthanasia I bet. No one cared about Miss Lam and Mr Pong. In fact who murdered them? Impliedly it was Cheuk Sir. The real deal? I think the series forgot about them. Oops! Flea died you all know but how did Deng manage to get Flea to a morgue without alerting the police? I mean gunshot wound ya know?

Good things are Michael and Elena. I love this couple. I still want Benz as TV King and if anyone from this series deserves to win TV Queen, make it Elena Kong who gave probably her best performance in here first as an abused wife and then as a very confused wife and finally a loving happy wife. Great chemistry with Michael but it was those tense moments that really made her stand out. Charmaine? Not even on the same breath. Give it to Elena for her A plus performance and A Plus Plus for at least having messy hair when she is confused or angry unlike the 2 younger counterparts where their hair is FOREVER perfectly in place. That in itself is just bad acting.

Sharon Chan should retire, once and for all. She has been poor in several series but this one she is simply atrocious. I really hated her Yan.I could write on and on and on how insanely useless and pointless this character is. I fast forwarded her scenes because they're just not relevant to the core story.

Raymond Lam started well but come emotional dramatic moment, the camera being so close to his face, I can see everything and everything was absolutely terrible. I felt like he was acting.

Sammy Shum's winning performance is not in here. Here he is wimpy. It is All That Is Bitter Is Sweet as Ngai Chun where he impresses and improved.

Luckily for Patrick Tang he died early in this series where things were still coherent.

Will add more as I collect my thoughts.

But save to say, I HATE Line Walker, one of this year's most ridiculous series.

Until Episode 29
Tonight I finished this episode 15 minutes earlier because I fastforwarded the nonsense scenes. A lot of them, including Flea's death and mind you, in retrospect, Flea has no purpose in this series.

As for towards the end about Cheuk Sir and his 720 degrees turn, all I can say is...


Funniest bit I have ever seen. Had a great laugh. This series just shot itself in the face. It would work very well in ancient settings, wulin world and all that. In modern setting it is just stupid. But the worst is the ending and seeing Kobe that way and I went ...


again! And then Cheuk Sir had to be nice again and confuses me until of course, he is the biggest lie in this series and the UCs lives. At this point, this series makes zero sense and please, someone somewhere MUST SPOOF this series please! It is begging you to spoof it and believe me, you need not change a single storyline but just have Raymond Lam reprising his Bao Seed role but up the intensity level from bulging eyes to exploding eyes (re the scene where Flea died, that was one overly OTT acting from operatic chock Raymond, one of his WORST acting ever and the next scene had no relevance at all and Charmaine suffered from the disconnection and again is scene per scene, probably because the director himself did not know which scene came first) and there you will have the best spoof of all. Call it "Kai Si Hang Jeh" aka Market Walker or whatever.

This series deserves the spoof for being so darn ridiculously dumb.

Until Episode 28
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! What an episode! So funny! So Sung Dynasty! Seriously so old fashioned!

1. Yan doesn't die! Urghhhh!
2. Kobe will die because of a brain tumour. Oh K drama!
3. Flea will die of gunshot wounds that I have been predicting since day 1 but before that he got to confess his love for Deng. How tele-mundo for me.
4. Bao Seed goes crazy as serial captor and suddenly does not believe in justice.
5. Deng sits next to Miss Lam and no fight? Got! But not for ordering for the murder of her 3 moms. That is why Charmaine is a scene per scene actress. Nothing connects. You will never guess her moms died because of Miss Lam. Never.
6. Big revelation! Cheuk Sir is the double crosser of the double crosser who triple crosses absolutely everyone.

At this stage this series has gone absolutely mad with the desire to show us all types of moles, UCs, informants, betrayers, traitors, double crossers and what nots. I know you all love this series to death but episode 28 confirms it for me. This series is officially absolute messy rubbish for me. Salvage it by killing Yan please but I doubt it. Probably will be T-drama with a cure for Kobe or something.

And Ray's acting in here is chok and atrocious which means choktrocious for me. Charmaine is probably clueless where her character has been and will be. Oscar finally serves his purpose of a no purpose character. All villains fighting over something I don't even want to begin to explain because you can't explain it; it is just nonsensical rubbish.

And to think this heap of rubbish might win TV Series of the year for doing such a poor job. Cue the cool music, cue the cute music, cue Yan and Kobe rubbing noses or whatever. Why doesn't she die already? DIE! DIE! DIE!

End it please! If not this series is in the danger of being labeled a classic. Urghhh.

Until Episode 27
I was watching episode 26, got terribly confused thinking maybe I missed one episode, stopped half way, went back to episode 25 thinking I got the episodes wrong and then realise that was the one the veterans died and it was correct and so went back to episode 26 and thinking what the hell just happened?

1. Deng is suddenly the assistant to a politician;
2. Cheuk Sir is married;
3. Yan is still there annoying as hell and now a bank worker;
4. Kobe's arm in a sling (I think must be real injury);
5. Miss Lam nowhere in sight and in episode 27 comes back on and is now officially UC turned mole.

Surely I must have missed 1 episode but I did not. This series just jumped. And imagine... in the 1st episode we see the present time in 2015 I believe and they rewind  back 10 months earlier? Less than 1 year and in less than 1 year SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED?

Fine, jump in timeline is fine. I can deal with that. What I can't deal with is this;

1. Remember Yan dressed sexily at some bar or pub or whatever waiting to seduce someone for some information who never really turned up? Just an excuse to show Kobe getting jealous and anything to get Sharon in a miniskirt.

2. Now we have Yan learning to dance to get into the favours of her dance mad corrupted banker boss and yes she did and guess what? Less than 5 minutes later, the whole dancing thing is darn pointless. Anything to get her in a miniskirt to show Kobe getting seriously seduced by her beguiling ways.

I get it! Yan is supposed to be drop dead sexy sex on legs gorgeous. I get it! I get it with her shiny perfect hair, I get it with the constant reminders of her long legs all on display. I get it! I get it Kobe is madly in love and in lust with his goddess. I get it. So can we move on? Can the story move beyond Kobe and Yan and more importantly, Yan? What is her relevance to this story? Ahhhhh good news, she might actually die in Episode 27 but I don't suppose she will die, just pure drama. I have never seen such pointless character. Kobe's character can flourish with or without her. The plot will move along with or without her. When she appeared, I had to fast forward. Like the club scene, the dance scene and later the washing Kobe's hair scene. Why not save us time and just show them naked in bed and be done with it? Sexy? Sensual? Ha! Waste of time I tell ya! This series should have ended by now or at least reached the climax and yet those cute music is still there, pointless throw off the pace scenes still there, no one younger than 45 is dead, yet. The best character Foon Hei is dead and now we are moving to corrupt people in high places. This series is undecided what on earth it wants to tell. Oh and did I mention Bao Seed is now very angry that whatever they do, justice evades them? Yeah, now only he realise? The man who was so sure of his role as a cop is now unsure whilst the woman whose 3 mothers plus 1 godfather died in pitiful circumstances now proclaims to believe in justice. And still, Deng has yet to meet Miss Lam who directly was involved in those 4 deaths. Deng should be taking a gun and pointing to Miss Lam's head to demand for an explanation, none. The problem with this series is it still wants to work within a moral background whilst portraying situation that is morally dubious and it all comes out as very  very amateurish. But that's not the problem; it's damn Yan, damn Kobe, damn cute music and damn jump in the timeline if there is one.

I know this series gets a lot of praises and fans but frankly it is getting worse and worse and worse and worse. Just a few more episodes it is ending and I know many of you disagree with me but rewatch it and maybe you will see it from my perspective. All the stupid unrelated scenes, all the stupid slow mos, all the stupid UC who are moles who were UCs who are cops who are corrupted who are,., I am sure by this stage the writers just want to throw everything into the story simply to shock without any sense of consistency.

Performances? Some good ones but I get many will scream Charmaine for TV Queen! Yeap, because there it is, repeat of that screeching scene. Some may say they love the Kobe-Yan connection. Yeap, there it is, another kissing scene. I am not one to complain about kissing scenes but they are shown when it is not needed. The tension, the pacing, everything ruined. Now we have Deng foolishly sending Flea to his eventual much predicted death. I suppose now Bao Seed can slap Deng and screech "WHY DID YOU SEND HIM TO BECOME YOUR INFORMANT? WHY DIDN'T YOU SAVE HIM? WHY? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?" and there goes Bao Seed looking up to no one in particular and scream "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Best series of this year? Not a chance, not in my book. One of the most ridiculously portrayed story ever and it is now a joke to me. I know some of you do not like me keep comparing this with Ruse Of Engagement but the stories are quite simply similar in many ways and yes, I do think Ruse Of Engagement is classier, shorter, tightly edited with many plausible twists and turns. In short, Ruse Of Engagement can run circles around Line Walker with a lesser cast.

Now with Yan dead or not dead or whatever, everyone predicts Cheuk Sir will become a UC himself since ...

1. Bao Seed did scream what will he understand about UCs since he isn't one himself! Bingo! He will be one I bet.

2. In these 2 episodes our handsome villain James Pong (hopefully not named Ping) has said they have lost the connection with the police so they need a mole in there, high enough to know the secrets and all. Bingo!! Who else eh?

And I guess his wife will misunderstand him, everyone will misunderstand him until he dies or not die or whatever, until he can give a speech about how he understands the life of a UC since he was one. Yeap, Cheuk Sir will have bragging rights.

If not, then thank you TVB for not being so predictable. Cue the cute music.

And I seriously believe Line Walker was first conceptualised for Sung Dynasty period. It feels that way, some stories are just so old fashioned. I will explain more later.

Until Episode 25
Wow. In one episode all the old veterans are killed off (except Michael but since Cheuk Sir is in his 40s, he doesn't count as old). Let's count the dead bodies;

1. 3 moms of Deng. YES, ALL 3, all shot by that Miss Lam's men watched by screaming Bao Seed

2. Bad cop who killed himself dramatically in front of Michael

3. Foon Hei who killed himself to save Bao Seed

So good bye veterans, what is left are the young ones and I am very scared.

Also Chai Fing was not a mole. However he was just plain stupid and incredibly lucky. How did he escape the hacking? HOW?

Also 5th UC is out. I was right in my mid way speculation which is Miss Lam. I know you're like WHAT? Yeap. She just say she knows Bao Seed is a UC because she saw him tapping morse code to Foon Hei and so she says she is UC too and guess what? NO VERIFICATION. They just believe her! Do remember this woman did all the dirty work for the mysterious cruel Mr Sung and they just believed her. So Flea is not mole or UC but I am sure he will represent the young ones and die first. I can't imagine Deng ever sitting at the same table as Miss Lam and pretend "Oh you had no choice" sort of rubbish. I am shocked Bao Seed just nod when she said she has no choice. Bao Seed should have slapped her hard on the face and then calm down to work together to catch the bigger fish, Mr Sung unless Mr Sung is also a UC. I mean the way this series is heading, nothing surprises me. So from small time gangster to big time gang to organised crime. Quite an ascend huh? I hope Deng slaps that Miss Lam. No choice? Oh she has a choice and she chose not to stop her men from shooting 3 innocent women. Foon Hei deserves death, no doubt, he did his bad things but those 3 women? How low!

But the worst was to ensure what will probably  be the scene TVB will use for Charmaine as TV Queen, where she was at the hospital having the shock of seeing her 3 dead mother's bodies. So she screamed and cried and then repeat and then repeat some more. Anyone would have gone mental at that. For viewers, I was annoyed. Just too much, too long, too overdrawn and so screaming "GIVE HER THAT TV QUEEN NOW!!!". Not a bad acting moment but great? Nahhhhh, her voice as too screechy and her hair all perfect. Later being very depressed and understandably so since 3 mothers plus 1 mother all shot, you would go insane too. But notice the beautiful lovely hair, perfect make up... sorry.. just too unrealistic, too scene per scene acting. But wow, Charmaine broke the "screeching scream" metre. And then later a repeat of that same scene. But also not to be outdone by previous scream to the air when someone died moment, we have TWO in this episode. Bao Seed, understandably so since he was looking at 3 women being slaughtered and of course Deng for being angry and in mourning and felt betrayed by Bao Seed. The scream. Ray did it a few times, Sammy did it, and now Charmaine's turn. Up next, probably Michael and it won't be a happy scene. I thought with 3 mothers' death, Deng will get angry. But at first she  begged Bao Seed to leave with her, she doesn't want to lose a loved one anymore which is understandable but not very satisfying watch. Bao Seed's reluctance to leave with her stems from his sense of duty as a cop to catch bad guys, again not very satisfying watch. I was hoping he grabs Deng, kisses her passionately and explain;

I saw your 3 mothers slaughtered and I swear to you on my life and my heart and my soul and every fibre in my being, I will get the son of a bitch that caused this and I will kill him

You know, not the PC BS about cops and duties and justice but rather, revenge and anger and huge issues with forgiveness. None of those.

And then Miss Lam had to be UC and Bao Seed had to sit with her on the same table. Bao Seed, you should have refused and argue with her that for duty, you caused the deaths of 3 innocent lives. I do remember Cheuk Sir said to Deng and Bao Seed they can't be like gangster because they're cops, they must remember their moral threshold. But when it comes to Miss Lam, no such speech. And I tell ya, this is the most successful UC penetration program EVER. Bao Seed as UC is now head of probably the biggest triad in HK, Miss Lam is the trusted and only right hand man of the mysterious Mr Sung she has never seen before. Both in powerful position. For UCs, their lives are just peachy. And since the woman everyone fears is now UC, suddenly they're not scared of her anymore, they do not question her, they just go "Oh you UC too? Ok, we are friends!".

It has to happen that way with the most interesting character dead (Foon Hei), the others are just illogical. Mr Sung better be extra violent and very scary because right now all this mystery building up on him kinda gives me the fear that he will end up insipid. But I get the storyline; no one is to be believed, no where is safe because Mr Sung has penetrated into the "heroes" section; the police, the judiciary, the politics, everywhere. Imagine Godfather but global and everywhere. I get it. But I feel like it is child's play sort of way of telling the story.

Now all these will be irrelevant only if Deng slaps and punches Miss Lam. Now THAT will be realistic and so much more enjoyable and not the PC crap.

The more I watch this series, the more I feel it is getting worse and worse and more and more juvenile.

But you bet! Charmaine for TV Queen and the intro clip will be the screaming and crying. Ray for TV King and it will be the scene he was pinned on the ground and screaming and crying. Roger for TV King and it will be him in the hospital bed crying. Kristal Tin for TV Queen and it will be the screaming and crying. Linda for TV Queen and it will be... ok you get the point.

Sad episode but at some point so silly it was just funny. And when Deng screamed at Bao Seed demanding to know whose fault was it that her 3 mothers died and I was replying;

You Deng because you should have sent them away much much earlier.

By the way another Michael-Elena kiss. NOW there must be some bonus clause for Michael in the contract! 4th kiss issit? Wow!

Until Episode 24
If there is any reason why Charmaine Sheh is a contender (and a valid contender not based on popularity contest or TVB favouritism contest) it is this episode and that particular scene where Foon Hei tells her he knows she is an UC and her reaction was excellent. She cries beautiful and I always thought TVB has never used Charmaine well. Acting cute is cute but her best moment is always those quiet still moments where she is paired with a better actor and the way she handled that moment is often full of grace and elegance, like in that scene I love. She should be challenged to play a serious straight powerful woman role. If TVB intends to make a series about Empress and those scheming powerful ones or elegant powerful ones, Charmaine is the right person to take the challenge. I always thought her performance in Crimson Sabre was ok, she could really do those moments where she talks little, cries a little and reacted to the carnage or betrayal around her. It is a pity she is never cast fully in such a role.

Benz Hui is to me the top contender for TV King with Roger Kwok. I personally feel Roger Kwok should win but Benz was awesome in the role of Foon Hei which the writers are undecided to make him villain, good guy, etc and so his Foon Hei embodies all that. A pity the unnecessary storyline involving Kobe and Yan and those awful cutesy moments or those overlong focus on the 3 moms took away what would have been a full bodied portrayal of a very very complex character like Chum Foon Hei which I consider to be one of the best character in TVB. A huge pity other characters just pulled him down when if the story has been tighter, the focus would have made Foon Hei an instant classic character veterans will die to portray. Benz Hui is a strange choice but he was phenomenal as the evil grinning Foon Hei and then the subdued morose happy smiling changed Foon Hei. It is believable even if I do not agree with how it leads to this. Benz Hui should win TV King for that reason if not for Roger's phenomenal work in the last episode of Black Heart White Soul.

Michael Miu deserves a mention, so do Raymond Lam but all these are besides the point; Benz is to me the leading actor in this series.

As for UCs and moles, I think the following is pretty much confirmed;

UCs & Moles
Still 1 undiscovered UC. Some says Chai Fing is UC but I think the next episode will show Chai Fing is the mole sent by Mr Sung. I still think Toby is the last UC. Michael I feel is not the mole, if he is nothing makes sense anymore and this series is pure trash. So let's keep it classy.

Ultimate Villain
Not that harajuku girl Miss Lam. I am not in the slightest threatened by Miss Paris Hilton. So when Bao Seed said he is also scared of her, I was like Bao Seed must be scared of the dark and needs mummy to tuck him into bed. Should have been Hong Wah or similar in that role. The ultimate villain is Mr Sung which we all know is who. Everyone seems to be so scared of him, even that big police dude played by Lau Kong who rather turns himself in than be police witness. I love the veiled threat the lawyer said to him that Mr Sung will take very good care of his wife and daughter in Australia in return for his silence. Now that is a threat. Not that pretty girl looking pissed off all the time. Samantha Ko is a lovely actress but she is no evil meanie. And I doubt she is an UC. If she is, that is just again pure trash.

The only reason why this episode rock is because several questions are answered and some people are missing;

1. why not upload to internet? Cheuk Sir tried, but the villains uploaded red herring documents into the internet, confusing the readers. Well, try the paps then. Or send it to the police chief. But that wouldn't be as dramatic as confronting the bad guy in a press conference.

2. does Foon Hei know they all are UC? Yes, to Bao Seed and Deng but no mention if he knows about Kobe.

3. This episode keeps Kobe and Yan to the very minimum and that is why it is more fluid, more tense and more touching.

4. Michael Miu officially did THREE kissing scenes with Elena at last count. TVB must have paid him well for this series.

5. No, Elena is not UC or mole.

Great episode, but I suspect deaths will be coming and it won't be pretty or logical but hopefully there is will be 1 death that I look forward to.

Until Episode "IT'S STILL ON??" AKA Episode 23
I am at this point laughing hard at Line Walker at what many is calling it the best this year. I wonder what century are we living in when 2 cops want to expose a bad cop by confronting the bad cop at a press conference as that would be the only way to confront him. Why bother? Why not just upload all evidence into internet? Or send to HK press who will make mincemeat out of them? And why are they so afraid over a young pretty girl who issued threats that is like "Really? You wanna hurt my three moms? You touch them and I will get you back, I swear!!"

Or to use the great speech by Liam Neeson in Taken;

I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

Or a shorter version for Deng;

If you touch my moms, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

Nahhhh.. Deng only stood there looking shock. I like Samantha Ko but she is more like a crazy harajuku girl than big time gangster woman. Bring in Hong Wah!!

Michael Miu kisses Elena, even if just a kiss, very romantic. But the bigger question is on what basis does bad cop pin any crime of aiding and abetting against Elena? What basis at all?! Why can't for once we have a strong woman who walks up to the bad guys and say "Try to pin it on me and I will unleash hell on you, you have no proof!". Instead we have "God, why bad people can escape and good people punished?" What year is this series? I swear I thought I was watching some Sung Dynasty series.

Then there's Yan and Kobe, perpetually in their own world. She seems rather happy and carefree until we are reminded, oh yeah she misses her sister when Kobe arranged for a call between 2 sisters. Too convenient. And let's not forget Deng's mom being threatened and it was a scary threat, I mean if Foon Hei feels scared, well Deng should too and what did she do IMMEDIATELY? Cue funny cute music and it was Foon Hei who thought of buying them tickets to leave the country for a little while. Talk about long term vision eh? You're fighting crazy people now, shouldn't someone like Deng so burdened by relationships make sure her loved ones are safe and sound before going all out to fight the bad guys?

The whole Foon Hei knows Deng's mom plot is just like Sung Dynasty tragedy sort of era.

The only consistent character is Bao Seed who emphatatically said "Foon Hei wants to retire? How easy for him to wash his hands off the blood he is responsible for". Finally, a human speaks human words as Chinese says.

Line Walker the best series of 2014? Hardly. It is getting more and more ridiculous but wrapped nicely in some wrapper to present as something smart when right now, it is incredibly dumb. I know it is showing bad cops, danger, dilemma, etc but given it is now... what? Episode 23? I was like ONLY episode 23? When will it ever end? The story is getting into tele-novela territorry and I am sick of Yan and Kobe kissing. One of them must die. Line Walker is to me one of the worst series of 2014 unless it ends well and it doesn't seem like it. In contrast even if you hate Aimee Chan, Ron Ng or the ending, Ruse Of Engagement was tighter in storytelling from 7th episode onwards, the story is smarter, more believable and illustrates the struggles between moles and UCs and cops and whatever elegantly even if the performances weren't great. The fact it was made 3 years ago show how far the vision was that it was better than the recent Line Walker. Ruse Of Engagement has so many tense moments that are just cliff hangers; each episode is a cliff hanger. Yes first 7 episodes had cute music but after that, it was precise, it was serious and in retrospect however much I hated the ending, it made perfect sense.

Line Walker and the ridiculous "Expose the bad cop during some event" script moment shows how out of touch Line Walker is. It is a series that is everywhere, a total mess and with some absolute boring characters that just waste time and prolong the storyline which should be trimmer and tighter. The fact that there are potentially 4 but confirmed 3 UCs in the same organisation made up of former cops, former UCs or moles just shows how narrow the vision is and how supremely crazy it is. It is a series that sounds smart but look deeply, it is just an empty shell.

Until Episode "I DON'T CARE!!!!!!"
I so want Yan to dieeeeeeeeee. She is the most selfish woman ever. Anyone did anything wrong and she goes "Why do you disappoint MEEEEEEEEEEEE so?" and Ada died and I suppose she will be like "why do you die on MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?". I want her to die. I want Yip Shiu Leung to die but I want her to die first or together with Yip Shiu Leung. But I am afraid that won't be the case. It seems she will live to see another day and I bet Kobe will die before she will ever die and that is NE-VER. In a way I pity Yip Shiu Leung, but like for 5 seconds because frankly I know zero about him so I can't pity him longer than 5 seconds for having fallen for that vain woman called Yan.

And so we have 5  UCs. Let me recap;

1. Sister Deng

2. Kobe

3. Bao Seed

4. Ada

5. Unknown.

What is confirmed is this;

1. The least well known one died first and died a painful shocking death and that is Ada. She and Hong Sir fell in love but alas, he died first.

2. Yip Shiu Leung is the mole in the police force and we only know that much. Was he planted in or did he turn rogue for money? Does the series care? No.... let Yan wallow in her self righteousness.

3. Chum Foon Hei after the death of his son wants to retire but alas, he can't.

4. Chum Foon Hei and Yip Shiu Leung works for a higher mysterious big boss called Mr Sung I think who has a hot shot lawyer who ... wait!! Wait!! Defends a bad landlord! WHAT?! Shouldn't he work for big MNC? By the way the bad landlord? Can't he just give 2 months notice of termination or repay her 2 months of rental? Problem solved.

5. Mr Sung is obviously Stefan Wong/Stephen Hyunh, so fans of his might want to watch the series now. As to big boss so young, well why not! Drug dealers and drug lord these days can be very young.

Speculations as to who is 5th UC or even the extra in triad mole ok?

1. Foon Hei as the 5th mole. If this is true, it is insanely stupid. Isn't he like the oldest UC ever? Moreover we know Hong Sir planted 5 UCs. Foon Hei can't be one of those 5 since he is before Hong Sir's time. If he is an UC gone rogue, he must have been an UC planted by Hong Sir's predecessor. So Foon Hei as 5th UC is not a good theory.

2. Toby Leung is the 5th UC. Probably. I kept thinking she is the mole. But if she is UC then Hong Sir is scary isn't he? To plant one within the CIB itself because he trusted NO ONE. Not even his BFF Cheuk Sir. Toby has to be there for a bloody reason. Likelihood she is UC is higher than a mole.

3. 2nd police mole is the chief police guy, played by Lau Kong. He did promote Yip to CIB so I will say yeah, he is suspicious. And before we all go crazy about he's an UC too, please think about it logically unless TVB gone UC haywire.

4. Yan is the 5th UC. Yeah right! Ha ha ha! And nope, she's not the mole. She is just an annoying pretty cop who happens to fall for and attracts either moles or UCs.

5. Oscar as in Flea is the 5th UC. WHAT?! Nope. I don't think so. If he is, TVB is insane. BUT he will die, that I bet and he will die because he works for Mr Sung. Do remember if you say his mission as UC is to approach Mr Sung, at this point no one knows Mr Sung exists as the big boss of Chum Foon Hei. Unless TVB just gone crazy with plots and subplots and "komplots".

6. Apparently Samantha Ko is in this series and she could be the 5th UC. If she is I bet she is next to Mr Sung in some huge financial deal. I tell ya, Foon Hei is one triad boss who isn't too picky as to what he does. Bettings lar, drugs lar, sushi bar lar,  now land repossession lar... insanely wide field of work which means police could have had him arrested in any of these plus tax evasion.

7. *ADDITIONAL* Cheuk Sir is a mole. It will make sense since he needs to find all 5UCs and kill them all for Mr Sung, Yan finally justified for her behaviour against him in the beginning, like poetic tragic drama nonsense.

My speculation as to who will die?

1. Flea. To make it emotionally charge for Bao Seed. If not I don't see the point of Flea.

2. Kobe. To make it emotionally charge for everyone plus Yan. Because he has been having this death wish since day 1 after he saw Yan again.

3. Yan because that is my wishful thinking but looks like she won't die.

4. Bao Seed for a tragic ending but not before we are treated to another repeat of the song and they stare each other to death and remember the past where they ran around like crazy people with Charmaine's hyper happy face and Ray's "Try not to be chok" face.

5. Foon Hei for the whole poetic death thing, and he will die giving a speech like he had no choice, he was coerced or whatever BS there is. Whilst all of us will pity Foon Hei because of his son, let's not forget he had 2 rival members executed, 1 gang member eaten by dogs and what nots. Foon Hei is not a man to pity, even if his son died son.

6. Cheuk Sir maybe? Sacrificing himself?

Who won't die?

1. Sister Deng. Hey it is Charmaine Sheh! She has to live another day to take care of her 3 mothers who are here for comic relief and funny people won't die because this ain't a tragedy!

2. Elena's character because she has to live to prosecute bad people as the point of this series that cops catch bad people and they should face justice.

3. Foon Hei maybe won't die because he will have to pay for his crimes. Like a jail thing and he will go to jail giving a speech like he had no choice, he was coerced or whatever BS there is.

4. The 5th UC because well, one not so popular actress dying as the UC is enough. She can't have the same emotional punch or impact.

5. Yan because annoying self centred people won't die.

Who I want to die?

1. YAN! YAN! YANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Then FLEA! FLEA! FLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I am sick of Oscar's performance when he is shaking his body all over. What on earth is he doing?

I know fans highly rate this series. I am enjoying it without thinking too much. This series is too smart until it is just getting dumb and dumber each episode. And I fast forwarded the slow mos, the on cue music whenever Ray and Char do something like stare at one another.

We shall see! But it is a long way to go until we reach the end.

Until Episode 16
The following is in response to comment no. 3 below in the comments section which I am reposting in here. I know whatever I am going to say will piss off many many fans since not many will agree on whatever I say about Line Walker (LW) or Ruse Of Engagement (ROE - my guilty pleasure) but here it is;

I don't think Benz is the 5th UC. He can't be unless he became one decades ago and that would be before (is it) Hong Sir's time which is plain ridiculous. Moreover whilst I like the whole UC gone rogue storyline, to make Benz into one is overpopulating this series with too many UCs in one organisation that in the end one wonders is there NOT a UC in the whole darn place. But then this series can try to outsmart itself but that would mean the death of the series for me. It is already threading the line between good and stupid. I get why it is popular since it is action packed. But I feel ROE has a more intimate storyline and better in capturing the difficulties and the complexities of a UC or mole even if many may not like the actress or the ending. Sharon is a character I find absolutely pointless. At least Patrick has something to do. Elena is doing fine but to make her a prosecutor is like trying to tie up the loose end into this perfect little knot. I'd rather she is this simple housewife that Michael falls for. That itself makes things complicated, it does not need the fact that she is a prosecutor to be more complicated. This series is outsmarting and outpacing its own premise. The more I see it, the more I feel something is way off with it. The flaws to me aren't minor; it eats into the story and it is just one revelation after the other. The structure is same as ROE except I feel at least ROE takes its time to map out the characters because it has less people and yet still as shocking and violent. LW is twice the cast but so much lesser in impact. After the 5th UC is exposed, and then what? What more can it say?

There! I said it!

Episode 16
Benz Hui gave the best performance in this episode with his semi evil semi maybe good guy, with me guessing is he good or evil. The rest of the story makes no sense with waste of time scenes like Elena Kong's story which is nice to watch but what is the relevance to the story of Line Walker? The cutesy music again at the most inappropriate time. And I really don't care about Yan and Kobe and I hope Yan dies horribly but I suspect Kobe will die before Yan will ever die. The story is exciting but is completely wacko in the end. So many plot holes, so many unnecessary drama. The police can't stop Foon Hei from attending his own son's funeral and what they're doing is called harassment and Foon Hei can sue them. I have seen big triad god fathers dying and having funerals held at Chinatown with thousands in attendance without police interruption. Police even gave escort and such so this series makes a drama out of a molehill. The whole 4 UCs on the same case is just plain weird. Foon Hei is no Escobar, he just took Escobar's drugs to make a killing for himself and he is not the boss of the biggest triad in HK that deals with firearms and what nots. So to have a min of 3 UCs on the same case next to the same man is quite simply overkill. But the main overkill is really the out of focus story, wasting time on people either we don't care about (like Yan and her high moral ground which is becoming stale and irritating) or we do care about but have you wondering what's the point (Elena Kong) or some dubious characters as red herring (Toby who isn't likable in the first place) or some amazing stupid scene like Kobe wanting to off himself and Cheuk Sir seemingly so uncaring of the fact that Kobe is emotionally vulnerable and will jeapordise the entire operation because he is intent 100% on just Yan and nothing else and so that makes him a liability and yet encouraged Kobe who is a surplus to stay and so will eventually put his 2 other more competent UCs in trouble. Maybe even get them killed. And why would Foon Hei have his financial adviser who earns millions for him to go to killings with him? He would have want to keep Kobe out of all these and just concentrate on his money laundering operation. And then there's Elena who retired as a fearsome prosecutor and becoming a victim of domestic abuse in THREE YEARS. It should be TEN YEARS to make it believable; that she was so ingrained in the idea her husband loves her, he beats her because he is sad, etc etc and that takes more than 3 years to turn an independent fearsome prosecutor into some clingy desperate housewife. And I hate how Yan is so uncaring about the fact her brother in law nearly killed them all and was so preoccupied with playing poor Kobe and driving him half mad.

If you look carefully, Line Walker is just getting ridiculous. The only good thing is guessing who is the 5th UC. The rest is getting bonkers.

Episode 15
Poor poor On Lam. Poor poor little boy. I don't know why I pity Foon Hei. Perhaps he had a good reason to be the way he is now.

But this is like the 3rd time an actor scream in tears and I was expecting Raymond to look to the ceiling and scream.

A commenter asks me for my comments on Elena Kong's performance. Whilst I dislike how delusional her character was, I have to admit I enjoyed watching her and Michael more than I do with Sharon "waste of space" Chan and Sammy's love story. Elena really looked like a battered wife and her performance was top notch. Until I discover she was a public prosecutor. Well, even the ones in most pressurised jobs have issues at home. The husband is a total creep.

Episode 6
Ahhhh the curse of tvb and inconsistency. This episode lacks many things but it benefits from some awesome moments by the scary creepy Benz Hui. Seriously, his smile is scary. He will be the ultimate villain I hope unless tvb decides to be funny and make Michael Mui the ultimate villain which makes zero sense except for drama. Before I begin please permit me to announce a very happy nes; finally I found the pretty boy answer to Wallace Huo and he is in TVB. He is none other than Sammy Shum and my god, he is deliciously awesome. Skin flawless, make up flawless, looks awesome in suits and he is best dressed with nicest car. So what if his character makes no sense. I mean he knows how to earn so much so why on earth be is a cop? Retire lar!!!! It doesn't matter to me because he looks so beautiful or rather pretty i don't care. He is my Wallace Huo in TVB. Acting also improved a lot although still lackingin some areas. Why would TVB bother with the talentless but really nice Jason Chan when they have what will ultimately become the new powerhouse in TVB such as Sammy, Ruco and the likes?

Anyway good episode except for one huge question that is answered by an assumption and many moments killing the momentum. This is a serious drama so I don't get the cute music for some very serious moments or too much emohasis in Charmaine and Ray when it is totally unnecessary. Also that scene charmaine moaned as if he life depended on it and may I say a very sexual sort of moan when taking out shards of glass from Ray's back which is embarassing to watch because it is so irrelevant. I almost enjoyed this eoisode but this scene baffled me except it is cute and such. The fact that Ding compromised the entire operation due to her greed and yet she is not corrupt is also baffling. She is efficient but in the end a rather bad cop. But the one that had me scratching was ine scene two big names in Hung Ying vying for the leader spot threatened each other and suddenly the next they called a truce. There was a missing scene in between and that killed the story's momentum becaus I for one am interested how they reached that truce where moments earlier Benz threatened scarily and it was recipocrated with more threats and then....nothing. 

As for Sharon, I don't know what to say. Can't TVB find another actress? I am bored seeing her in yet another cop role.

Anyway still entertaining, still interesting. But a bit too put on. The likelihood of a cop falling for an UC or an UC falling for UC or a corrupt ex cop turned triad boss being tailed by at least 2 UCs or more is just wayyyyyy too many UCs, you see?




Poster? Not so. Wayyyy to many guns pointing at one another, overkill. Casting? Not perfect and some were not known to me. Performances? Some cringe worthy but most were good. But the pacing and storyline? Apart from the LOL moments in super serious first 5 minutes, and some nitty gritty details that were convenient to the plot, Sharon Chan as a cop (again! and in an insanely stupid plot designed just to create some tension for Michael Miu's character, like some doubts which really spoiled the pacing and storyline), the rest zoomed by at such amazing speed and so far...

My new crush of the day; Sammy Shum looking so beautiful at close ups. See? No pores. See? Perfect flawless skin. Maybe some eyeliner, I don't know but he is a beautiful man in here.

Anyway. what's the story?

Well... imagine one building with the highest population of undercover cops (UC) and that building is not a police station. One murdered cop, his friend now has to look for 5 UCs that this dead cop planted in various places which seems to converged into 1 single triad gang (really... kinda too many employees supposedly doing different jobs but ended up all doing different things at the same place and in the end same goal). Why he has to look for them? Because someone was hacking into dead cop's PC and dead cop deleted all the info.

So now the race is to find 5 UCs who know that their handler is dead but is not sure who is taking over and probably is anxious to be contacted because if not they would be stuck in the same position forever and ever and can't be reinstated as a cop!! And the mole who tried to hack in and caused our dead cop's death.

1. Charmaine - confirmed
But will she be in any danger? She is after all a foot massage businesswoman.. even if her cover is forever not blown, she will do fine. Anyway gutsy woman, very smart, very money minded which is strange she should be UC when she could de-UC and betray the police for money. Ahhh she has a conscience and she is a good person who wants more money but not the illegal way.

2. Sammy Shum - suspected and then confirmed
Now this storyline is just silly. If I am so damn smart and I know how to predict stock market, well read, etc why on earth do I ever wanna be a cop and be UC and go to jail? Why? Why don't I just quit and  become a stockbroker? It makes zero sense. I would have wished he was not an UC but works for the main bad guy and be the bad guy. But it seems the trend of this series is ugly people plus older people plus men are all bad guys. Young people plus attractive people plus mixed gender are all cops.

3. Raymond - suspected
Yeap I suspect he is one.

4. Oscar - not suspected and I doubt he is unless twist of all twists. 

5. Unidentified

Could be more since I suspect and confirm 3 so the last 2 will be a massive huge guess.

1. Michael - suspected by ICAC (aka Sharon) but ha ha ha ha ha. Like seriously? Because why don't Sharon look at Patrick and Chan Kong who both could call in the 2 feuding triad members and told them to play by the rules? That looks like fixing to me!
2. Patrick - maybe not. Usually the most annoying ones aren't one.
3. Toby Leung - looks like a traitor. I hope she is and discovered in another 2 more episodes so I don't have to see her face.
4. Lau Kong - doubt it. He is the big gun of the police force.

Could be more since more characters may be introduced.

Benz Hui as the villain is sorta scary. He dresses like a priest, in one scene I do think he was shown as one in an eerie sense. So far quite benign but I suppose he will unleash hell soon.

And I need your help. 

1. Who is the actor playing Raymond's boss? Who looks more like a rapper than triad boss of a triad gang that the police planted FIVE UCs in and it means it is big time?

2. What is the name of the dead cop (the original handler)? Shouldn't have died in episode 1, wayyyy too soon and now wayyyyy too many flashbacks on him. I would have preferred 3 more episodes on this guy so that our emotions will be tied to his fate. Right now I hardly know him.

Charmaine at times is very funny (the massage scene where she was trying to steal a locker key) and is convincing as a street smart tough cop despite her voice. Her acting has improved a lot since leaving TVB. However still inconsistent, sometimes she seems to be unsure or rather waiting for the actors to return their lines so she can move to page 2 of the script. She is not a naturally gifted actress, her success now is hard won and I admire her tenacity but sorry to say, she is replacable in this role. That being said, I enjoyed watching her.

Raymond needs a hair cut, pronto. So far he is doing great, less the chok thing for once and he finally knows how to act again. But to the observant, may I say the return of the bulge.

Sammy Shum is not the greatest actor but this man has a great future ahead. He looks great, he fits any part and man ... he is so darn stylish! I hope his acting skills will one day match his chameleonlike looks. If he can, he is perfect.

Michael Miu is finally acting. I mean he is a decent actor at best but in here, he is good. And this man is scary! In his 50s right? Right?? He looks great. His character is 42, Ray's is 30. Whilst it is LOL for me, Michael looks great for his age but his character should be older.

Sharon Chan too little time for me to comment but sigh... a mention on her long legs. Please surprise me; butt shot soon?

Oscar Leung is however the worst. He seems like acting, and he seems like he is copying from Jazz Lam. In fact Jazz Lam should be in this role. Oscar was a pain to watch with his OTT moments. Jazz, TVB memos you to quickly takeover this role. What? What did you say? It is already finished filming? DAMN YOU CASTING DIRECTORS!!

Benz Hui however has been promoted to 1st class villain. Yeah! He was good... creepy.. scary... eerie... looks like he will kill someone soon and bloodily I hope. I want him to be the super duper villain who kills kills kills with ferocity. He must be a man who never forgets a deed against him!

The rest.... even unknown ones to me were rather ok. I wish I know the actor playing the dead handler. I really do like him.

So far the only 3 faults I can think of the 1st 5 episodes;

1. 1st 5 minutes were funny. I am supposed to be feel urgency but how to feel urgency with all those people with knives and all just circling the car with Ray and Charmaine trapped in it? They weren't doing anything.

2. The timeline should be longer. It says about 9 months to the first scene we shall see and I find it too short to establish characters. Should be years. 

3. The pack of ice Ray carried isn't a pack of ice. It should be real pack of ice.

4. Sammy Shum's character a genius in business and shares and yet he is an UC. Huh?

5. Why did Benz go to the police about his missing son and then ended up in police lockup? Some scenes just jump to the next plot without fully establishing the previous one. Makes no sense and all for drama. I think this series can be tighter, more intimate instead of involving so many people. 

The rest were great. I highly recommend this, at least the first 5 episodes. Very very enjoyable.


  1. SPOILER ALERT. I dont know the name of the dead cop, he has a significant role in come home love. I also have a hunch on the last UC. But, its a spoiler -ish. So anyway, I think its Benz Hui. But he turned against the cops so Sammy has to find out if he's actually still a cop. Remember he told Michael miu that he used to be a cop and he knows Michael.

  2. I actually enjoyed reading your review. I have yet to find anyone to review Line walker so i'm glad i found this post. I have to say Line Walker gave me back some hope for TVB. & jumps 1000 times for CharRay pairing.

    The director for LW said that although this drama is a serious action cop show, it is also at times light hearted and comedic. Which is why it is not totally police-melodrama like the usuals. Which I thought was balanced well in this show. Oscar Leung isn't thaaat bad :( i actually like him as louse(?). Though the way he walks though, nono :/ But he can really pull off emotional scenes very naturally better than a certian she-one. Yes, Sharon. I think i'm going on a full rage soon. Sammy... SO DOES NOT DESERVE HER. ok done. oh and Patrick. Uhm. I dunno i love him other shows but this one..? No. His acting is way over the top and no chemistry at all.

    idk if i'm writing too much but I Line Walker is my absolute addiction right now. I love the characters and they way the UCs bond. touching and funny. I really hope louse is the final UC. Though rare. I think Benz might be one. I'm curious to how you find Elena Kong? I really hope the director and writer doesn't lose their magical touch ones the UCs are exposed. I currently like it the way it is other than minor flaws here and there.

    1. I wrote a long reply and stupid blogger acting crazy again. Anyway to repeat;

      I don;t think Benz is the 5th UC. He can't be unless he became one decades ago and that would be before (is it) Hong Sir's time which is plain ridiculous. Moreover whilst I like the whole UC gone rogue storyline, to make Benz into one is overpopulating this series with too many UCs in one organisation that in the end one wonders is there NOT a UC in the whole darn place. But then this series can try to outsmart itself but that would mean the death of the series for me. It is already threading the line between good and stupid. I get why it is popular since it is action packed. But I feel ROE has a more intimate storyline and better in capturing the difficulties and the complexities of a UC or mole even if many may not like the actress or the ending. Sharon is a character I find absolutely pointless. At least Patrick has something to do. Elena is doing fine but to make her a prosecutor is like trying to tie up the loose end into this perfect little knot. I'd rather she is this simple housewife that Michael falls for. That itself makes things complicated, it does not need the fact that she is a prosecutor to be more complicated. This series is outsmarting and outpacing its own premise. The more I see it, the more I feel something is way off with it. The flaws to me aren't minor; it eats into the story and it is just one revelation after the other. The structure is same as ROE except I feel at least ROE takes its time to map out the characters because it has less people and yet still as shocking and violent. LW is twice the cast but so much lesser in impact. After the 5th UC is exposed, and then what? What more can it say?

    2. Benz is a UC.

  3. The recent interview of the cast, says the biggest thing yet to be reveal,

    This series a mix of sudden uber serious and some comedic moments.

    Episode 15 was one of the saddest ...

  4. The ending is near....

    Based on the spoiler, don't read if you are not ready

    Ada is not original 4th UC.

    So 4th and 5th UC is still wide open. Samantha Ko one of them.

  5. It's rather strange that Michael Miu is so clingy around Elena Kong. It's almost like he's stalking her.

  6. Mito here. Funn, it should episode 23 on Wednesday night.

    Agreed, they tried to make Samantha Ko as a scary lady boss, failed big time, although she looks really cool,

    Yup, I still giving Uncle Happy benefits of doubt as an UC, by the way, most of the guys he killed is top criminal anyway. Agreed, Uncle Happy magically want to send the three moms and Sister Deng to holiday to avoid immediate retaliation for the ever feared Samantha Ko, lmao

    Don't agree on Bao Seed saying he want to catch Uncle Happy. Wtf he is thinking, he may be UC, but he ain't that God like attribute, he didn't portrait a UC in dilemma, catching bad guys? A lot of bad guys out there. Uncle Happy by far, your typical drug lords and some kind of triad boss invest in investment company,

    By the way, they didn't mention the drug cases, look like close case, didn't he redistributed all the drug to elsewhere?

    Kobe is the only really UC with UC dilemma

    I think Michael is bad cop, why he is point gun to Elena in the theme music? To prove he is kidnapping her?

    1. Thanks. I will change the episode number.

      Michael is a bad cop is sorta my thinking but then I thought this series will go into "This is so stupid for the sake of dramatic climax" sort of series. Maybe Elena IS the UC? Being beaten by husband is an excuse? OMG, another stupid speculation!!

      I still think Toby is the 5th UC.

    2. Mito here. Thanks. Not that the episode number matters anyway, like you said.

      If Toby is the 5th UC, I don't know what to say. Elena is a UC as well? I guess so, I guess she has a bigger role.

      Michael is a cop that has no limit, the first few episodes, when his UC died, he go to the extreme to extract information, that he is

  7. Episode 25 spoilers.

    More than 1 death.

    Stupidity Bao Seed trusting Chai Fing. What happened to trust no one principle?

    Commenting on episode 24.
    Fun Hei wanted not to make a deal with devil, in fact, not to find her at all, they don't listen.

    It just a sniper, if they are so professional, they already know what setup like.

    You need to go all the way to make a deal with devil?

    Uncle Happy owns the show. Agreed.

    Yeap, what's up with the excessive romance Michael and Elena?

  8. Actually I believe Mr. Sung is Chung King-Fai

    or there is no Mr Sung, she is the one, Samantha is Mr. Sung

    Still thinking Flea (Mok Sat) is UC.

    1. Samantha is UC, shown already. If she is mole they will all be dead by now.

      Got Chung King Fai also? But who is Stephen then?

    2. King Sir is the big boss behind it all. Stephen is his son?

    3. Samantha is a mole.

  9. I kid you not. Funn your latest episode 27 thought was spot on.

    I enjoy this series very much, it is pure ridiculous. If they air the show from 25 last scene, it is also make sense, after all the, the tile is the police operation code name. Lmao.

    Flea is the one that sacrifice.

  10. Michael Miu is turning into a Bad Cop.

    1. He's the ultimate UC.

  11. This series is super ridiculous, For a moment, I agreed Boa Seed. The biggest triad, its leader is an UC. Together, we rule the world. Lmao.

    Is King Sir, the mystery man has a tea philosophy, Father of Stephen?

    This is really classic. For a moment, I am cheering about Tan sacrifice, but no, she will leave to see his death boyfriend ultimate sacrifice.

  12. I don't know. If he is the father why is he in competition with Stephen over some company? At this point this series being si incredibly stupidly convulated, it can go anywhere. The moment Deng says she wants to fight for Hung Ying leadership I thought this series has gone loco. Absolutely madly bonkers. And there will be many saying it is the best ever. I may sound like I am superior to others, it is my opinion and everyone thinks they're right, but I just got to say it. This series is just stupidity in disguise as something smart when it is absolutely incoherent. It tries to be so mystrious and tense and whatever that it just threw everything it has to form the story which now makes absolutely no sense. It is fantasy world. It would have worked better if this was a wuxia series in some wulin world in some ancient dynasty. It would have worked very very well. Sorry but Ruse Of Engagement which is similar was wayyyyyy better and had much lesser love simply because it had Aimee and Ron and that ridiculous jumping scene. But ROE ws tighter, more tense and in the end managed to pull itself back when things could have gone haywire and OTT and gave what to me TVB's best action tense drama ever. Take away Aimee, take away Ron and the story is just hardcore. Line Walker is pretending to be hardcore when in fact it is just bonkers.

  13. Why are so many scenes dubbed? Did those actors screw up their lines?

  14. Finn, you should honerable mention blood vomit Kobe, even at dying he still became the ultimate stock market genius.

    So, this series rickrolled us, we don't even see any reference to the first scene until episode 29. Glad it ended.

    I think we could have it spoofed during TVB anniversary gala or something. Problem is too many scene just too funny

    Sad that Raymond wanted to win this, he is a great actor, felt he was robbed during Golden Faith

  15. It's futile to make sense of a senseless plot.

    The plot twists are surprising because they defy all manner of logic... not a cool move at all.

    Putting this show next to the other drama being aired - "All that is bitter is sweet" - makes the latter appear much better.

  16. One word about the ending. WHAT?

  17. TVb said they shot two endings. Will we see the other ending? Please post the link.

  18. Did Michael Miu kill Samantha Ko and frame Bao Seed? That was never revealed.

    1. They were killed by King Sir. But Michael Miu at that time was "working" for King Sir (as a UC). King Sir wanted to frame Bao Seed with the murders. So, Michael Miu followed the order.

  19. If Chum Foon Hei was indeed an undercover cop (as suggested by the credits), let's get this straight:

    1. The stand-off between Foon Hei, Bao Seed and Miss Lam (along with the three aunties) was essentially a scuffle between three undercover agents.

    Miss Lam (who later revealed that she knew Bao Seed's identity as an undercover cop) forced Bao Seed to kill Chum Foon Hei. Mutual killings between three undercover cops.

    2. The tension between Miss Lam and Chum Foon Hei <-- was no big deal after all, as it was essentially between two undercover cops?

    Surely someone must have known all the identities of the undercover cops. Where was Michael Miu's Cheuk Sir in all of this?

    3. Chum Foon Hei killed Hong Sir. Another mutual killing between undercover cops.

    Not only worst TVB series of the year, it is the worst TVB show I've watched EVER (that's close to 30 years of watching history).

    1. Chan Foon Hei I properly not death. Hint: not head shots.

      And Chan Foon Hei I didn't order the killing. He still at jail when Hong Sir died.

  20. ^


    4. Chum Foon Hei as undercover copy... totally nullifies Kobe's sacrifices. Kobe's undercover role and jailtime was meaningless.

    And of Chum Foon Hei was an undercover cop, why was there need to infiltrate his triad organization?

    1. Can't explain. Properly Chan Foon Hei handler is not Hong Sir. He don't know he is UC as well. I demand a prequel and continuation where Kobe isn't death.

  21. This link has been circulating - a list of remaining plot questions for the drama, as well as contrived ways to resolve them: (in Chinese)

  22. Here's the alternate ending.

  23. The Line Walker page has been added to IMDB! Continue your discussion there.