Sunday, November 23, 2014

Malaysia's new TV(B) King & Queen

Congrats to Charmaine Sheh who is the new TV(B) Queen and surprise surprise, Roger Kwok, the most deserving TV(B) King in Malaysia! 

Yes I was hoping Ruco will win but when I saw it was for Outbound Love, frankly, only one man deserved it and that is Roger Kwok and his sensational EVIL performance in Black Heart White Soul

Whilst I would like to say Malaysia has great taste, unfortunately Sharon Chan won Best Supporting and that of course proves sometimes we just don't get it all 100% right. 

However did I hear the fan votes count for 70%??? Who decides the 30%?? Seriously? 

 Overall a better and more varied but proper award ceremony than last year but still plenty of hiccups. I do like May Chan and Bob and the funny gang going all out to showcase their dance moves and more, I swear May Chan is TVB's new sexy vixen. Sammy Shum looks scrumptious on screen and almost everyone dressed so much better than in the TVB B-day Gala show but one standout was of course Tavia Yeung who probably invested in a better fashion consultant. However I wished she hired also a speech consultant because that girl doesn't know how to give a speech, not when 90% of your thank you speech is how tight your dress was. Best moment had to be gracious Andy Lau (yes, THE Andy Lau) actually turning up to honour 2 veterans, Law Lan and Lau Kong. Surprise guest and everyone was shocked. He also gave a huge indication he is willing to return to TVB for some series, and hopefully true. 

This is the night where veterans stand tall and proud and are honoured. I am however curious why Linda Chung has that perpetual pained look? Why? And Kate Tsui looks different, again. Sharon Chan looks old and Samantha Ko looks cute. It is a night of not much surprise award wise except for perhaps the biggest award of the night. The best drama of course goes to you know which series which to me is the worst series. 

 For the proper TVB awards, I do believe it will be a fight between Roger Kwok and Wayne Lai if and only if Overachievers end well. Unfortunately Overachievers just killed its own momentum by switching gears to other characters rather than the main characters. Like I said, either Roger wins it or give it to Benz Hui. Elliot Yue deserves TV King too because to me TV King is less about lead actors and more about most impact of a performance in a specific character. You know, Roger's gonna win it. Roger, get ready with that tux and speech!

P/S Sammy Shum must look sinfully handsome in person.

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