Monday, November 3, 2014

What I've been up to lately

Ahhhh I haven't been updating much because of personal stuff. So many things going on so frankly no time to blog. I am still watching shows such as the silly but witty Come On Cousin which I am enjoying very much. I got myself a new phone called Lumia 1520 against the advice of everyone who did go for Iphone (too bendy for me if you know what I mean) or Samsung (never liked boring overbloated Samsung phones). Being a Nokian I decided to get either 1520 or 930 which are similar except for size and a few aesthetic stuff. I decided I want big and I want extra storage and 930 feels too hot for my touch. But I gotta admit 930 was beautiful,the screen grabs your attention. Either phone is great. Nokia still makes great phones that are minimalist and not bloated with unnecessary apps. I found the apps I want so basically I am good to go. And windows 8.1 is amazing and useful except I wish I have Cortana which will take some time to reach Malaysia. I don't regret my ourchae and I feel as always Nokia got a bad rep and now with Microsoft on board, well everyone likes to hate big brother don't they?

Anyway what's frustrating though is lack of accessories, always sold out.

I will blog more layer. Oh I blog this post using my Lumia. Love it!!


  1. the Nokia is no more, it is Microsoft phone now, it is really a big phone

    enjoy your new phone, you can grab accessory from online, they usually ship fast to Malaysia

    I still keep a Nokia for rainy day

  2. Hey Funn, seems that Astro 307 is airing Borderline. I haven't check on the go for replay, seem they are airing daily