Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hello 2015

And good bye you bad bad 2014. Too many bad things and good things have happened. Here's to a better year and soon ti be coming meeeehhhhhhhh year, goat.

Happy new year everyone!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bad horse!!

Malaysia is really having the worst year. Let me reiterate ...


Now another plan albeit Air Asia Indonesia but partly owned by Malaysia Air Asia. As mysterious aa MH370 but I think this is one we can speculate. All as tragic.

Then there's major flooding at the east coast. So major rescue boat capsizes, people are hungry and many are rendered hopeless and cut off from help. Our authorities was slow to declare and emergency. Even our PM didn't see the urgency and times like these you must thank the oppositions for putting his priority straight. We need leadership at times as onerous as these.

what else?

Many incidents. Horse is bad so hopefully goat is good.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Last Goodbye

I dont care what everyone says, i enjoyed The Battle Of The Five Armies even if I wish it did end with some scene from the funeral and that visit at the end of book. So  this movie won't win awards but one should, the song sung by billy boyd called the last goodbye. The lyrics is so beautiful and beautifully sung. If this is not nominated for oscar or even won, people are deaf. This song can be sung at funerals or even graduation ceremonies. Just beautiful.

Watch it here.

Monday, December 15, 2014

[O] TVB Awards 2014 : Let the transformation begin!

Wow. Shocking, seriously shocking.

The results at a glance;

Best Actor : Roger Kwok (Black Heart White Soul)
Best Actress ; Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker)
Best Supporting Actress ; Josie Ho (Tomorrow Is Another Day)
Best Supporting Actor : Ram Chiang (Come On, Cousin)
Best Themesong : Line Walker
Best Series : Line Walker
Most Favourite Character (Actor) : Bezn Hui (Line Walker)
Most Favourite Character (Actress) : Charmaine Sheh (Line Walker)
Most Improved (Actor) : Louis Cheung
Most Improved (Actress) : Priscilla Wong
Lifetime Achievement Award : Tam Bing Man (60 years in the business!!)
5 Special Recognition Awards : 1 newscaster, 4 actors, amongst them Law Lok Lam

I hope I got the list right.

You know what? I am just so happy Sharon Chan didn't win as rumoured. I am not sure what is the voting system for supporting but thank god Josie Ho won. She may dressed so weird, like she was in some bad comedy and rushed to the set but that girl can act and she did very well in what is a mediocre and uninspiring series called Tomorrow Is Another Day.

I thought Benz was winning supporting but Ram won. Frankly between the 2, for acting, I feel Benz deserved it. Ram didn't had much to do in Come On, Cousin and he probably won for his body of work and not singular work. I hope Power Chan gets that recognition one day because he was sublime in Overachievers.

I am also surprised Priscilla who reportedly is frozen won Most Improved. Well then, she's not frozen I suppose.

The Best Series is Line Walker, which to me is one of the worst of the year. If you see, and if I heard correctly, public voted less than 25% out of 20%. Staggering number but not overwhelming majority. Maybe if public vote alone it would have won or maybe another series might have more than half the votes. Peers voting was overwhelming more than 40%. Truth it, it is a sucky movie wrapped in some nice packaging with mediocre acting at most for most. Overachievers had better acting, better storyline but unfortunately wrong timing. Or maybe not much rigging.

Yes I believe some rigging is still involved.

But Roger deserved his win and I love his fashion statement. Very meaningful and he spoke more with his fashion than with his mouth. He is not an eloquent man like Wayne but he is up there with Wayne as TVB's pillars in acting.

Biggest winner that night is Ram Chiang who to me was never dead but just now on the forefront and deservingly so and the candidate for Laughing Gor Award has to be Benz Hui, still very hot from his success as Foon Hei gor. Sammy would have gotten Most Improved if Louis was in Best Supporting but Louis wouldn't have won in Best Supporting. Again as you can see the pattern, some rigging, some manipulation and some dividing the pork, but less obvious this year. Just like how Come On Cousin depicted it, only less funny and more dead serious. Another big winner is Wong Cho Lam who is on  his way to be the next Eric Tsang, the stalwart of TVB.

Ok let;s more away from awards., Fashion!

Not sure what's up but why most girls either dress like they're the bride, or the bridesmaid or the grumpy aunt. White, off white, black. Why? Is that the dress code? Charmaine looked like she is suffering on her high heels and the dress whilst daring is very restrictive. Linda looks like she walked out from a Disney cartoon. More boobs this year but luckily more reserved. Some however were oddballs, like Josie Ho, Maggie Siu and Myolie Wu and her bubble dress and also her awkward banter with Jonathan Li. 

As for men, some clearly did not get the memo that this is a serious respectable award show.

Bosco is expected to fail in his choices and this year, yes fail but not epic fail.

(if you're thinking why is Ruco paired with Tavia, remember, Eye In The Sky?)

For me the fail goes to Ruco Chan. I love than man but my god, why is he wearing like he is attending some hipster party? Come on man, this is the time to look good, time to sell yourself and show your worth. Look at Kenneth Ma, silly prints aside, he always look impeccable, look at Wayne Lai, always impeccable, Louis Cheung looking delicious and even Roger dresses like a winner. Tony Hung may have his pornstarch because of acting but still, Ruco has ZERO excuse. Another bad one is Oscar Leung, forever in competition with Bosco for Worst Dressed. BUT Sammy Shum, why is he killing his own hotness? He looks like a hobo! Even Benz Hui and Ram Chiang were making effort to look good. You know who looked good? The veterans. Nancy Sit looks great, just glamorous enough. Ruco was a disappointment and he doesn't look like a winner anyway.

Now before Ruco fans go he was robbed, puh-lease! Even I will admit, in the lineup, he is way down the line. But I am just happy he got recognition for Ruse Of Engagement who is the richer version of the shambolic Line Walker but lesser cast and delayed broadcast. Life's unfair.

I did notice the tone of the award this year is different. See how Emmy Awards it has become which is good because more seriousness, more effort to look less rigging and also more deserving winners. More respectable. Even the presentation is different and I was particularly impressed with the edited presentation of all the series at the end and also the fact the voiceless nameless producers, directors, etc are now permitted to stand on stage and accept awards and say their thanks. Believe me, come  next year or year after, they too will dress in suits and tuxedo and thus the transformation and legitimisation of TVB awards to Emmy Awards become complete. However some things will never ever change and I hope it will change; do away with the stupid banter, do away with the stupid self promo, do away with the stupid putting stars on the spot  by asking who they voted and then saying they know who they voted. Do away with the silly off stage banter and write better on stage banter for the presenters. Get the nominees off the stage, go to a bigger studio and let them seat at the audiences' seats instead of on the stage. Give warning for all to come dressed formally, especially the production crew, surely with such a big wardrobe dept they can get them some suits? Add some other awards like script writing, best costume, etc and believe me, come the next time or after a few years, it will be a relevant and at least with some respectability of I hope a real award show. And get someone else to host for god sake. At least there's no jostling for attention and shouting but seriously the hosts should behave as if this IS a serious award show and not behave as if this is some variety show. There is a difference.

Until they correct the bad habits which inhabit TVB since forever, the award show will always be a a variety show where no one will ever take it seriously and remain just a debated wasteful exercise.

And like some winners say (and they're Christians like Ram and Roger), thank god Sharon Chan didn't win! If not, believe me, this award will be a laughing stock. It still is in some part but can't you see? Josie Ho winning give it a surprise edge AND some respectability so that will shut you up about fixed results when we know better.

A good effort,  a good show but not yet the award show that is a show by itself, like Oscars or Golden Globes. But believe me, one day, it will be. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Back into the abyss of wilderness

Out of abyss and back to civilisation but barely. I am now on telco data service, which is amongst the expensive is considered affordable that is UMobile. At least here got coverage and connection is ok. I am never quite those Unifi person. This will have to do until hopefully someday I got fibre thing. The plan is this; 8am to 2am is 7GB (per month!! Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!) which I will use for blogging and writing and surfing and watching youtube clips sparingly. 2am to 8am is 14GB (per month!! WHAT?!) which I will use to download stuff, like 3 or 4 movies per month plus some updates to software and go to my Second Life. I don't even think I can last past 2.15am which means mostly weekends. I thought what a silly soul crushing data plan until I checked out the others and all are like that. I think I can survive, no data wastage. I have decided not to pay my Streamyx anymore since I am not using it until my relocation is successful which I doubt it. At least I am back with my BFF. Seriously, why is data plan with telco so darn expensive?!

I got a choice between Mifi and the USB. Unfortunately Mifi is sold out so I chose USB. Sounds silly that I chose USB but I thought I won't simply access except through my BFF. Control data usage you see.

Sigh. Barely out of the abyss but I am surviving. I am on lower dosage of my "drug" for now.

Not even abyss of wilderness but back to the stoneage. Apparently my area absolutely no signal... as in no telephone signal! Can you believe it? Let's not talk about fibre line, broadband, whatever, NO TELEPHONE SIGNAL means no telephone. AT. ALL!!!!!!!!!! Horror, shock!!! Do I know need to depend on my mobile date which is like me counting every MB like how the movie Interstellar is counting the minutes? Can I ever download my favourite epub files ever again? I feel like Malaysia, Multimedia Super Corridor, and yet here I am, at some I suppose wormhole? No no wormhole is to another galaxy, better civilisation. Let's not even talk about 5th dimension. I am now stuck in 1st dimension. 

No tel, no internet, nothing. Life is back to churning butter all on my own. No youtube videos, no watching my favourite videos online, no uploading, downloading, updating, deleting, searching.... no more freedom in data and now counting every data I am using. And my decade long Streamyx account? The end. No more price guarantee. Maybe I should enquire, like do I have to pay for a line I can't use? Or will it be "executed" along with my old phone number and so when my place enters steel age (as opposed to stoneage), I will need to pay double the price? I will gladly pay double the price if I can have broadband fibre whatever you call it.

Insane! INSANE!!! Help! HELP!!!! 

Even more insanity! After installing (again) ASTRO, suddenly missing many many many HD channels. Well not Chinese HD channels. God forbid ASTRO ON DEMAND HD is not available, oh the riot! So I still have my Overachievers, which is ironic because our telephone providers all underachievers.

Also, guess what? Tripple whammy for me! Postal service... na-da. I sent myself a letter 2 weeks ago, never ever arrive, ever. Stuck perhaps in the black hole or something. Isn't all these ready and good to go? No? 

Want a quadruple whammy? I don't think I can take it but I suspect, even rubbish collectors are not fully covering my area. BUT THANK GOD for electricity and LOW water pressure. But at least got water.

Worst though, no Jusco. It must be decreed every housing area must have Econsave, Tesco, Giant AND Jusco all next to one another. Never shopped at Econsave, am neautral towards Giant, feels like my soul is ripped apart everytime I enter Tesco (love and hate!) but Jusco is my kinda place and it is nowhere near my now present place.

Why? My new place is between 2 very old place (Cheras, densely populated, Kajang, also densely populated) and yet... stoneage.

People, if I am absent online or posting in my blog, I am still alive and well but waiting, waiting for that fibre optic whatever and Mr Postman to arrive, waiting till the end of time and am will still wait.

You know what I miss most? The ability to not count data, like how you don't need to count calorie when eating. Now everyday the data ticking away is like a bit of my inner soul being sliced away. Life in the face of internet is quite simply non existent, for me. I did mention I may (well I am) be Internet Dependency Addict to which my only cure is ... well ... to get out of one dimension.

To those working in ASTRO, where's the HD?

To those working in TM, where's the signal?

To those working in Jusco, where's the nearby Jusco?

To those living in the same area as I, are you suffering too?

Life is fair, give and take. Nice house, and not much else for me. My best friend, that is my computer lays switched off. I feel bad for my BFF in coma. Sigh...

P/S My mom is suffering too. She depends heavily on telephone to contact her pals as much as I depend on blogging to talk. Now she is totally cut off. Insanity I tell ya!

I haven't been blogging much because I am moving home. And the new place it's cave man like. No internet connection so I will need to find a suitable Telco alternative. Until then I am blogging from my phone. My Lumia Phone. No more torrents and video watching. Hard to believe eh? We are modern world and yet no tel line at all. Insane.