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[O] Ruco Chan / 陳展鵬 [Actor] : What I discover about Ruco Chan ...[PART 2]

This is part 2 of my post listing my (sometimes very obvious) discovery about anything Ruco Chan. Part 1 was getting too long but is still an interesting read for new or old fans. That post is still very active in terms of comments. 

Not to be confused with Ruco Chan, in pictures and Ruco Chan, in his own words.

[O] The Journey Of Flower / Hua Qiangu / 花千骨 [2015][TV][China]

This is a collection of various commentaries and opinions about this series under one post. If you see this at the top, this means it is updated. For more under this post, do click Read More link.  I welcome your comments and your thoughts as well so do use Post A Comment and do indicate which episode you're talking about. Since this is a threaded comment system, you can reply directly to any given comments you wish to reply to. SPOILERS ALERT!

All pictures are thumbnails. Please click on chosen picture and the original size picture will pop up and you can scroll and see all pictures in this post this way.

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花千骨 aka Hua Qiangu aka the name of the heroine aka errr... Flowers Of A Thousand Bones? Blossoming Thousand Bones? Like very morbid title?

54 episodes/ OMG.

See here. But seriously, this is a super tragic story of teaching us when to not fall in love. For example, never fall for the girl who is destined to destroy you or rather be your "broomstick". As the girl, never fall for a man in a position of being righteous and will destroy you being the demon incarnate. In short,  this is a tragedy but the writer wrote too many alternate endings. Sometimes, I suppose the author must learn to let go. Look at JK Rowling and how she lets her love go.


Wallace Huo (霍建华) as Bai Zihua (白子画) and Mo Bingxian (墨冰仙) 
Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) as Hua Qiangu (花千骨) 
Jiang Xin (蒋欣) as Xia Zixun (夏紫熏) 
Zhang Danfeng (张丹峰) as Dongfang Yuqing(东方彧卿) 
Ma Ke (马可) as Sha Qianmo (杀阡陌) 
Li Chun (李纯) as Ni Mantian (霓漫天) 
An Yuexi (安悦溪) as Tang Bao (糖宝) 
Dong Chunhui (董春辉) as Luo Shiyi (落十一) 
Bao Tianqi (鲍天琦) as Qingshui (轻水) 
Xu Haiqiao (徐海乔) as Meng Xuanlang (孟玄朗) 
 Jiang Yiming (蒋一铭) as Mo Yan (摩严) 
Miao Chi (苗驰) as Sheng Xiaomo (笙箫默) 
Jiang Yang(江洋) as Shuo Feng (朔风) 
Zhang Zhengyan (张正言) as Huoxi (火夕) 
Kang Lei (康磊) as Meng Xuancong (孟玄聪) 
Lu Jiyi (陆纪依) as Wu Qingluo (舞青萝) 
Gong Zhengnan (宫正楠) as Zhu Ran (竹染) 
Lu Ziyi (陆子艺) as You Ruo (幽若) 
Wang Xiuze (王修泽) as Kuangye Tian (旷野天) 
Ruan Weijing (阮伟旌) as Dan Chunqiu (单春秋) 
Li Xing (李星) asYun Duan (云端) 
Zhang Yunchen (张云晨) as Liu Yun (流云) 
Gao Hai (高海) as Yun Yin (云隐) 
Gao Jiang (高江) as Yun Yi (云翳) 
Zheng Yecheng (郑业成) as Na Moyue (南无月) 
Li Shanyu (李善玉) as Bo Ruohua (波若花)
Du Zheyu (杜哲宇) as Yin Shangpiao (尹上飘) 
Li Cheng (李珵) as Lu Qiao (绿鞘) 
Sun Gelu (孙歌璐) as Yun Ya (云牙) 
Li Qian (李茜) as Liu Xia (琉夏) 
Qian Yongchen (钱泳辰) as Donghua Shangxian (东华上仙) 
Yang Shuo (杨烁) as Tanfan Shangxian (檀梵上仙) 
Ceng Hongchang (曾虹畅) as Wugou Shangxian (无垢上仙)

In English? Join the Wallace Huo Fan Forum and check out the threads on this series. Also at SPCNET. Based on a Chinese book. Ongoing English translation of the book here

Showing 2 episodes per week, if you're in China, switch on the TV. But we are not in China, and so where do you watch this highly anticipated series? Not TVB! TVB is busy with bosoms. 

Plenty. Just google the name and voila!

Video quality is ok. This is a fan community subbing effort and from what I can see, decent effort, not bad for being so fast, usually accorded to K and J-dramas. But weird is ep 4 looks like ep 3 contents so frankly I am confused. (I got confused because in Youtube somehow ep 5 became ep 4!!). Watch here, Click Play Now, click the episode no. Another at youtube with same Eng sub. Better follow this because every week 2 episodes and so this one is consistent. 

Mandarin, dubbed for most actors with dubbing voice and NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES (not official subtitles) but has Chinese subtitles.

Airing every Sunday and Monday
As at : Ep 20 (Uncut) Ep 20 (cut - half hour difference)
Available for download : Eps 1 - 9,11, 10*, 12-19

* Subtitles not 100% completed and I will upload complete subtitle file as separate download. Why I post it first so that you won't miss too many episodes, and the subtitles are usually about 93% or more complete.


The most beautiful... fan art. I can't even begin to describe them so I will just repost and you will immediately recognise who is who. I got this from Facebook so I have no idea who is the artiste but these are just jaw droppingly beautiful.

And now the most heartbreaking.

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Follow "funnlim" at instagram

I am finally embracing instagram with open arms. I find it exceedingly useful posting food pictures and handsome men pictures all hq stuff of course with short comments and then have it reposted in twitter and facebook. If you are following me at twitter you will see such posts with links but why not join me at instagram and see the pictures posted? Search for me using the word "funnlim" and if you see pictures of food and some men, that's mu account. Been religiously taking pictures of food I eat. Not sure why but I suppose I finally am joining the food selfies!

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[O] Shin Sung Rok and the Shin Sung Roks of a series

I am in love with Shin Sung Rok. Not only is he photogenic, he is a darn good actor, the best supporting actor to grab or almost grab the lead actor's shine.

I have watched 3 of his series, gonna watch the 4th that is The King's Face and in each of the 3 series I've watched, You Who Came From Another Star, Liar Game and Trot Lovers/Lovers Of Music, he has given a different performance each time or in K-drama speak, a different good feeling each time. He may look somewhat same, depending on level of slimness, but his performance has been hugely different. From the all out socio-psychopath that is borderline comical and yet scary in You Who Came From Another Star to a disturbed man that you somewhat feel a sense of pity for in Liar Game to the all out forgetful, lovable but ultimately wise President of a music company in Trot Lovers, I have never quite seen an actor displayed such vast differences in 3 roles in the space of 4 to 5 years. I read in The King's Face he will be another villain and from the little I've seen, he will definitely bring his A game as he always did. He is one actor that you can't say is pigeonhold into a particular mold.

Thank you TVB!! And I do mean it!

I am watching Fan Bing Bing's Empress of China aka the boobies show. I've read some horror editing stories from the China version after some group complained about showing off women's natural assets even when I frankly didn't know some of them had it. So I was thinking what will TVB do? Well they will edit the show with fewer episodes (well, faster pace I guess) AND as I watched the 1st episode, intelligently and utilising every resources they have, digitally cover the boobies with some clever digitally added clothes which is colour matched and got folds and even shading which shows TVB at its best in digital stuff and unfortunately used on other productions than their own. Wow...gotta admit, no boobies but no horror editing does equal some nice enjoyment of the show thus far even if the story of a paedophile men and ultimately woman (well Wuzetian did fall for a guy young enough to be her son?) is scary and the fact Fan Bing Bing's plays a 14 year old with ample breasts and with so much make up and frozen expression is scary as well.

Kathy Chow and the other "older" actresses were more expressive. 

Anyway my ode to the boobies you SHALL NOT see in the show and frankly don't miss them. At least no too much close ups of those scary faces although the clothes were too high up for my taste. I did hope TVB would alter the OTT ugly fake hair. 

Next complain? Cover those man abs in K-drama please!!! How will TVB do it? Another layer of manly looking woolly bathrobes??

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The curse of never ending cough

I have been sick for the past 10 days  and it was because of a cough. It started with fever, cold and sore throat, the 3 combo. Seen the doctor, got rid of 2, but the cough remains. Seen doctor twice more and all I got was more antibiotics and cough syrup. By this time whenever I lay my head on the pillow the coughing was so bad I could only sleep when sitting upright. At work my coughs were like rumbling thunder culminating in volcanic eruptions. I lost my voice for 3 days, my voice is still very strained and I had to take days off work for what people will think "Just cough what!". Try my cough! I never had it this bad and in the end western medicine could help me no more. I had to go to chinese TCM doctor and right now after herbal concoction of medicine, I am sweating like hell. I can speak after some good drink recommended by a friend which you must try if you lost your voice but the cough, whilst not violent anymore, remains and my voice still strained. I have 2 more dosage to go and I  believe I will be able to sing my soprano again. I just want the coughing to end. 

Anyway if you're like me, when after all the antibiotics and cough syrup and all that remains is the pesky thunderous cough with or without phlegm, it is time to visit the old man in the TCM shop selling sundry goods AND TCM medicine. Let him "listen" to your heartbeats and what nots. It will help. But if you still feel your throat is tight because it is infected, finish the antibiotics first. TCM is only when all that remains is the heatiness in your body, that pesky continuous coughing that if you cough it hurts, if you don't you feel like that will be the last thing you will ever do. I suddenly understand what it means to "cough till you cough out your lungs".

It is no joke. I don't recommend this way of getting sick. 

Anyway if you lost your voice, the following might help. It helped me a little.

Manuka honey in ginger water
Boil water with some sliced ginger (not too many slices or it will be too hot). Once boiled and the ginger's essence is extracted into the water, take out the ginger,  and let the ginger water cool. Once cooled, as in not boiling but not too not hot, I mean a bit hot but not too much, add manuka honey. Maybe 2 or 3 tablespoons, to lessen the ginger hotness and also for taste. Whilst a bit warm, sip on it throughout the day or night or whatever. You will find your voice again.

Oh lord, I am sweating so much right now thanks to the TCM medicine. My body is fighting the heatiness but at least cough is getting better.

Remember, when all that remains is a strained throat caused by excessive coughing and nothing else, visit that TCM shop. That's your only remedy and it ain't too expensive. Mine is RM16-00 per packet which can boil 2 bowls. It is always 2 packets for 4 dosages. With weird instructions like boil 4 bowls of water into 1 bowl. Thankfully my mom understands the cryptic instruction.

To those who thinks "It is just cough, can still work ma..." certainly never had a coughing fit like the one I described. I'd rather my employee take a day off or 2 and show up 100% fit than a half fit employee who cough cough cough for the sake of just full attendance. Life is more than about work and when evaluating your employee, think about that. Oh, air condition made my condition worse and which is why sometimes even if you take sick leave for a few days in a month, sometimes it is for good reason. But what do bosses know eh? They just want perfect attendance on the sheet when all they got is an employee who was so busy coughing no work was done and spreading germs to the office.

I spent so much on doctors in 2 weeks. This coughing is really expensive and health shattering. I hate losing my voice which is why I am ok with the sweating right now. Because my body is doing its job to combat the bad virus inside my body.


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K stars and ballerinas

Korea must have a lot of ballerinas. Been reading a few stars dating ballerinas in Korea. I was thinking never heard in HK male actors dating
 ballerinas. Not even opera stars.

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[O] Ruco Chan / 陳展鵬 [Actor] : Ruco Chan, in pictures

The truth is I have yet to find a picture of Ruco Chan that makes me go WOW. All the photoshoots, etc did not bring out the best in him as opposed to ordinary fan taken picture. So this is the purpose of this post. I have always wanted to post his pictures, good or bad and made some comments about them but since what I am discovering about Ruco Chan is getting a bit too long, and pictures will make it even longer, I've decided for a separate post about Ruco Chan, in pictures. If you know of any of his good, bad, silly or OMG pictures, whether fashion or activities, please do use Post A Comment. Until now I have yet to find a wallpaper that truly wows me which is why I am using that picture on the left that caught my eye when I was googling some forum. That picture truly is one of those few that I went, wow. Everything is just right ... until I found the same picture with the bottom half. As you shall discover in this post, sometimes he doesn't get everything right. This post is ultimately about his public persona via his fashion choices and interesting magazine pictures. In other words, a lot of eye candy.


Check out Reviews Database, type his name Ruco Chan in the search box and voila, reviews of his series I have seen.
The pictures may be small but click on your desired one and the original size will pop up like a slides of pictures. Awesome feature of Blogger. So don't miss out on the HD details. Remember, any recommended pictures do post the links or where to find them using Post A Comment.

Let's begin!

What's going on man? Suddenly such nice photoshoot?

Can someone end my torture and just scan the pictures so that we have super HD or chest exposing Ruco? Ok, the print pattern is cheesy but any less of a man will look effeminate. Not Ruco! His hairstyle gives him a rough edge and the fact that he gained weight made him look back to his healthiest best.

Oh come on! Scan! Scan!

But my dream come true will be a GQ shoot; aka chaebol, gelled hair, glasses, socks, perfectly tailored suits...please!!!


This is a collection of various commentaries and opinions about this series under one post. If you see this at the top, this means it is updated. For more under this post, do click Read More link. All images and most info are taken from Ruco Chan FC, his Weibo and various sources. I welcome your comments and your thoughts as well so do use Post A Comment and do indicate which episode you're talking about. Since this is a threaded comment system, you can reply directly to any given comments you wish to reply to. And this is my very first series where I will be posting and commenting from the very very beginning. Let's see how it goes!

All pictures are thumbnails. Please click on chosen picture and the original size picture will pop up and you can scroll and see all pictures in this post this way.

Currently is 天眼 which in English is Eye In The Sky.

20 episodes

Separated twin brothers and 1 woman.


Kevin Cheng
Ruco Chan
Tavia Yeung
Tony Hung
Samantha Ko
Lin Xia Wei (Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, Tavia Yeung, Tony Hung, Lau Kong, Lin Xia Wei, Jade Leung, Samantha Ko, Vivien Yeo, Susan Tse, Law Lok Lam, Wai Ka Hung, Becky Lee, Cheung Wing Hong, David Lo, Angelina Lo, Tyson Chak, Celine Ma, Fanny Ip, Gogo Cheung, Janice Shum, Moses Cheng, Kelvin Chan, Barry Cox, Calvin Chan, Hero Yuen, Judy Tsang, Ip Ting Chi, Matthew Chu, Terrence Huang, Alex Lam, Tony Yee, and Mikako Leung.

Jaynestars for all English news related to this series

Dated 30.11.2013
Looks like Ruse Of Engagement, except cooler. You can see 2 main casts are retained except Ruco has to share leading duties with Kevin and this is Kevin's comeback series to TVB after a short hiatus.

EPISODE : 20 (Final)
Most Favourite Eyecandy Pic 
Of all I have posted, I have 2;


My choice is the 1st one for the memories.

As for Ruco's best fashion moment, the one that took my breath away was his very first appearance;

Absolute perfection from top to bottom.

Anyway ...

Last episode and frankly, what a stupid fan love sort of ending and not worth remembering.

I am angry, as angry Ruco was in the series and shall elaborate more when I have words to describe the insipid last episode which started out so bloody promising and ended as stunted as Kevin's emotional output. And as suspicious too!

** Much later **

I had 2 days to think about the last episode and after some thinking, lots and lots of thinking I have come to the conclusion that I agree with my comment about. Insipid end. However let's recap.

You all know Eye In The Sky is supposed to surveillance cameras in HK then it morphed sort of into Tavia's photographic memory and finally with the ending, it took on a spiritual meaning; the man upstairs. Karma kills, as this series explains. Now the whole changing of identity for the title and the series I believe is not deliberate. I believe it was purely accidental. There is nothing poetic, nothing elegant, nothing beautiful, just an ending meant to facilitate the ultimate end and therein lies the greatest injustice done to what would have been a promising journey towards an explosive end. A great idea pulled down by the need for a perfect ending for the fans. And yet inside the so cop out ending there is a little bit of genius except you gotta dig it out. Shall explain more.

Now a bit of recap.

In short, Ruco went insane. He injected himself with whatever and that magnified whatever paranoia or insecurity or whatever he has that he went on to kidnap a bus load of people, quite simply to kill Jonathan. Kevin is there to stop him after having fake kidnap Lin Xiawei. Oh and Tavia still in coma, needs a miracle to wake up and guess what? Yeap....yeap,,,, no need to even mention it. A great scene though was when Ruco visited Tavia and squeezed her errr breathing tube? Liquid tube? Some tube as if to kill her and Tony and Samantha arrived and Tony punched Ruco who scared the hell out of Tony when he threatened he would have no trouble killing Tony who betrayed him.

Here I gotta pause a bit.

Notice a pattern here? We have a psycho who is not a psycho. His descend to insanity or evilness is

a. poison a cat, the only murder he committed
b. stood by and watch a despicable woman die whose death wasn't his fault
c. stabbed Tavia ONCE but hey, she didn't die
d. threatened everyone multiple times but NEVER ONCE carried out the threats
e. shot Jonathan twice, for once a direct action but Jonathan survived, so no murder there
f. wanted to kill Kevin and then kill himself but before he could do it, bunch of logs fell on him thus ending the poor life of Cheng Lik Hang.

No murder of a human being. Where's the evilness? If it started with him watching Hor Yee Ku die thus chipping away his humanity away, it should have culminated with the murder of Kong Wui Hoi (who died of a heart attack) and the end of his humanity when he violently murdered Jan. Unfortunately none of these was done so you have essentially a cartoon villain because in real life a man as angry and as insane as Lik would have committed a heinous crime and to some poisoning a cat is one but for me that should have been a start. Or shoot some in the bus but even that a stray bullet hit a boy, not sure if it is his anyway. The descend is not rough and it is not realistic.

Earlier when Kevin was arrested, the first thing his parents did was to confront Ruco and begged him to let his brother go. Ruco was in a way right to be pissed because he said;

"Why would you automatically assumed it was me? Why couldn't it be actually him? I can tell you why. Because he is your favourite son, he is your family, I have never ever been a part of this family".

Later, when mommy and daddy and best friend arrived to persuade Ruco to let the passengers of the bus go (they were in a secluded closed up structure so outside didn't know what was happening inside), mommy said;

"You were right when you said we were choosing sides, playing favouritism. But it wasn't your brother, it was you! We chose you! We prioritise you!"

Ha! Ha! BS. No way. Parents definitely took Kevin's side and frankly, yes they were right but do for a second look away from Lik's wrongdoing, the parents certainly favoured Kevin. Of course the fact Lik is such a bastard really made the justification so much easier.

Anyway exciting part was Kevin opened the gates to the structure and there it was to everyone's shock, Ruco was dead under a pile of logs. We didn't know what happened so when Kevin biting his lips said Ruco was turning a new leaf when the logs fell and he died pushing Kevin out of harm's way. Ruco died a hero's death, a decent man. But Kevin felt insincere.

At the funeral, surprisingly no Tony anywhere, that ungrateful git, the parents saw Ruco as the Lik they first knew; happy, helpful, kind. We all know he was never really kind, he was human. Kevin alone then showed us what actually happened;

Ruco cried hard when he heard parents calling out to him and he crumbled and Kevin held him crying when Ruco saw his gun, took it, aimed it and cried;

"Why? Why must I always lose to you? I don't want to lose to you! It's not fair! NOT FAIR!!! You were born 1 minute earlier and yet you had a good life. I could have your life! Why? WHY? No... I will kill you... yes when I kill you and then kill myself, then... only then we are equal! Yes yes that's what I will do!!"

I believe Kevin at that time felt his heavy burden and guilt lifted when he saw all he had done was to nothing; Ruco will never ever be happy, he will never stop  being angry. Sighing, Kevin stood there and said;

"You can kill me but you don't need to kill yourself"

Closing his eyes, he awaited his fate when Ruco was ready to shoot when karma tookover and the rest is pancake as they say.

Kevin spoke to Ruco at his grave;

"You once asked me is a person shaped by their nature or by their environment? I believe people always have a choice on the path they take. I do not know how I will turn out if I was the one taken instead of you but I believe at the end of the day, we make our own choices"

Touche. A bit of lecture even in death and I bet Lik is like "F U!!"

Still angry.

But by this one lie Kevin gave Ruco a perfect end. His parents, best friend and the world thought the best of him, having redeemed himself and only Kevin will know the truth and keep it to his grave. In that way he gave Ruco the ending perhaps Ruco didn't know he wanted but in some ways, for the suffering, for the pain, that in the end he may deserve. In that moment Kevin's guilt and burden is lifted. He owed Ruco nothing more. And it is this rationalisation that makes that revelation in the end when we know the truth, that Ruco never changed that is the genius but it has got to be implied. Imagine if the series concentrate on that, how beautiful this series would have been.

Anyway Kevin left HK to study criminal psychology, quit as cop because he felt he did all he did to save one person who in the end he could not save. Miracle happened, Tavia didn't die and she didn't think of having a makeover. Kevin returned to lecture and heard the scariest sound for me; hiccups but didn't see Tavia. Felt like a horror film for that moment. Later Tavia was in a cinema alone when Kevin sat next to her and it was his turn to hiccup, she held his pinky finger or whatever and he held his and it was a start of a relationship which loved up shallow Jan wanted and one Kevin felt no longer any restriction to getting since well... it is episode 20 and it has to end that way.

And for me the ending was such a cop out but if you look at my rationalisation, that is the only ending. What stopped him was Ruco and feelings of guilt and since both was lifted, therefore so did the barrier to love Tavia freely.

I just didn't like this ending. Not because of Tavia, not because of Kevin but of Ruco AND Tavia; For one Tavia had no business of being alive. She should have been dead. By her living Ruco maintained his humanity. Of course it was supposed to have gone when he wanted to kill Kevin but I feel when the climax reached that point, Ruco should have done the unforgivable and it does not stop at stabbing Tavia, who is not the complete innocent party since her indecisiveness in a way pushed Ruco over the edge a little (remember how happy he was when he was dating Tavia?) but should have been manifested with her violent death. Then I can see perfectly why Ruco deserved his death the way he died and why Kevin lying was an extraordinary act of compassion for Ruco who didn't deserve it.

It could have been much more complex, much more intriguing and much more different. I do not always advocate violence in a TV series show but sometimes to show one extreme the other extreme must be shown. So for me Eye In The Sky was a promise that was never fulfilled and at times I felt cheated. What would have and should have been a great series with such capable actors turned into such an insipid series with a story was was more hiccups than smooth sailing. The writing is 100% at fault and miscasting some actors in roles that really did nothing to test them but made them worse certainly did not help.

By the way telepathy doesn't mean Kevin can actually be in Ruco's head and see from his perspective!

If the story fails, at least the acting shines.

Kevin for the better part was at his best and let me clarify that; his best is for a better actor a mediocre effort. Kevin shines in a character that builds around his strength. Serious and thoughtful in real life, pensive at times and mature at other times, Szeto Shun is Kevin's signature role. It is like Kevin Cheng as Kevin Cheng. Unfortunately as the drama went on along, as heavier things is expected of him, Kevin began to falter. Actions became more laboured and deliberate, lip biting, lip sucking, hand movements. Maybe they were to show how much effort it was for him to be patient but it felt insincere rather than natural. When he was lying for a moment I thought he killed Ruco. It never felt natural and for me first half was great but second act, Kevin showed why maybe he should steer clear of heavy drama that requires heavy duty acting. He is best as a serious mature gentle soul.

Ruco on the other hand definitely handles well the easygoing part as the flirtatious Lik and in his 2nd act, the cunning Lik and his 3rd act, the angry Lik. His problem is his descend in the 3rd act was at best 2 episodes and it felt incomplete. Should have been given more time. And his final scene as he cried for the injustice as he wanted to shoot Kevin, it felt desperate but somehow, not enough, I saw in Lik a petulant child who since couldn't get what he wanted will not let anyone have it. The fact he wanted to kill Kevin and then himself showed an extremely  unstable man-child. For a moment Ruco had that but somehow, still not enough. If given another 10 minutes of confrontation, perhaps. But overall the question on who is the better actor need  not even be asked. Ruco is by far a better actor. And he has my vote as having the best wardrobe in this series and in his career on TV.

Tony Hung did well. He's a capable actor but he is not leading material. He lacks that oomph factor that makes me sit up and just stare at him. At least Kevin has that. But his   best moments were supporting Ruco and they shared this amazing chemistry that not even Samantha can replace.

Tavia is a good competent actress who supports her male costars well. She doesn't and hasn't the capability to grab the limelight and for that she is wonderful in ensemble cast, like this series even if one actor stood out for me. However her character seems like a caricature amongst the realism that this series tries to portray. Her best moments were the beginning and her photographic memory was used well even if depicted annoyingly. However her role soon diminished to that as purely supporting and somewhere she disappeared and became the obligatory love sick shallow girl. She is too old for that. She is too good for that. Her Jan was annoying so I suppose if this was by another less likable actress, Jan would be more than a hatred sore point for me. I didn't like how she is depicted and I have explained enough. I didn't feel for her plight and I dislike how Lik is said to be evil when she helped pushed him. I never like an indecisive character stuck between 2 brothers. I don't see why they both want to kill one another for her but thankfully she is not the main reason for the antagonism between the brothers even if she is a part of it. The main reason was really Szeto Shun throwing Lik to Vietnam. I think that sealed his hatred for his brother. Sorry but Tavia was the worst factor in here; character wise, Jan is annoying, the hiccups were not cute and the constant touching of her glasses just stopped being cute after 2 episodes. Tavia the actress just isn't cute. I like her but I don't think she is cute.

Vivien Yeo got the best role as the despicable Hon Sun, a character I wished Tavia took. Vivien can be Jan so I can hate her at peace. Vivien gave a good performance and has the best moment when her face was cut.

The rest are ok.The series has always been about 3 main characters. For me whether Jan is in this series would not have changed the ending for Lik. I wished maybe for once it isn't a woman  between 2 brothers. There are other women in this series. Take love out of the equation, take the woman out and cut 5 episodes, edit out any reference to the detective agency and frankly this series would have been TVB's new direction on things that should have been.

Unfortunately, that isn't the case and this is one forgettable series despite Ruco Chan and Kevin Cheng's top billing.

Watch it on repeat only. Otherwise, give it a miss. No, it isn't that bad, but because I felt such deep disappointment, like you do of a score that started out as A+ and ended up decent C that you will feel there is no hurry to return to this or begin at all. Not even for either male lead.

EPISODE : 18 & 19
Eyecandy pic of the day. Whoever did this is a genius. Never knew they had same face until now.

Except for the waste of space that is Tavia's father and the unimaginably annoying woman that is Shallow Jan, wow this episode is what Eye In The Sky should have been! That annoying woman; how many ways can Kevin tell her to really get lost? Now he saying "I don't want your presence to aggravate him!" and Samantha and Tavia dare to wonder why men do everything for their "brothers".

But in light of the fact I saw ep 19, I can't pity him much. Yes in ep 18 Kevin in trying to protect Ruco did the opposite of his principle; he did not arrest Ruco. When Ruco came running out after a fierce gunfight with the blind man, he got into Kevin's car and got into one epic fight which ended with Kevin giving Ruco the "The Amazing Scissors Leg" style which any fan of Stephen Chow will know what I mean. It wasn't funny. Ruco fought hard but it was Tavia who helped to get his hands into a handcuff, thus sealing his hatred for her. They looked him up, Kevin saying this is to stop him from committing more crimes (no specifics, just crimes although murder will be an intended crime) and Tavia agreed which made Ruco shout "Shut up bitch! You think he loves you? Nooooo I love you. He is only using you because he is jealous of me since I got you first! He is only using you!" which she didn't  believe and left as Ruco is chained to the wall, hands and legs. Ruco shouted "If I can't have you, no one can!! You will see! I will get you someday! You hear me?! I WILL GET YOU ONE OF THESE DAYS!!!"

Kevin then went to see Tony to ask him for help, to save Ruco's soul and Tony wanted to prove to Samantha that he is a changed man decided to help. But first they went to see Ruco who by now looked mighty desperate and he sneered "I am your brother!! Not him!! I have always helped you, no questions asked. But now you betrayed me again and again and again" which prompted Tony to cry, go down on his knees and beg "Gala, I beg you, stop being so stubborn. Stop thinking so negatively. We are all trying to help you, I am your best friend in life, I am trying to save you" and Ruco sneered "You... are... no.. long... a ....friend...of...mine!" and Tony left distressed but determined to help.

He became a bait. Kevin used Ruco's phone to call the blind man to scare him and blind man kidnapped Tony and beat him up badly and used him as bait to lure Ruco except he lured Kevin who knew exactly where Tony was being kept (P/s being a cop again meant he could easily force his way in) to the blind man's shock. But the vault is empty until Kevin shot the seemingly empty space and it was actually a mirror and everything is there, including Tony but blind man tried to run. Long story short, Kevin caught him, didn't kill him and became a hero.

Meanwhile Ruco woke up and found himself on a boat and a few hours away from reaching Vietnam and he screamed "SZETO SHUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". My question is did he kill the boatman?

Kevin felt weird and then had huge headache and then he found out why. Ruco jumped into the sea and escaped. Kevin looked worried.

And I imagined evil eye Ruco swimming to HK and smirking I WILL GET YOU!!!!

And there I was thinking what a way to save someone; by chaining them to wall and throw them out of the country! Kevin and Tony sincerely thought if they can get Kong Wui Hoi the bad blind man first, the object of Ruco's hatred, they can save his soul from a crime (like murder). Hey if someone wants to kill Hitler, I will say why not eh? Of course this is a moral story so Ruco can't be allowed to do that. I get the sacrifice of Kevin who when Tony said he will never betray his brother, retorted "You're his blood brother or am I? You think I want to hurt him? HE IS MY BROTHER!!". Tavia and gang of course lamented what is it with men and saving their brothers, the burden of their lives. Well Tavia and friends, this episode can be titled "He ain't heavy, he's my brother".

Oh and a stupid subplot about Tavia's dad which I am not bothered with.

Ep 18 heightened the tension and was in most part sort of masterful in that. The desperation of Kevin well done, especially as he got the credit for being a great cop for arresting the blind man a famous thief, sort of like a hero, he felt guilty. He remembered his vow when he became a cop and in trying to save Ruco, he sacrificed his most valuable asset; his principle. Earlier he was even prepared to sacrifice his career and wanted to resign but no chance.

Acting was mostly wonderful but you get that feeling any more drama is expected of Kevin, he will not make the cut.

Ep 19 explains that quite well and worse, ep 19 undone everything masterful in ep 18 and the story is going from WTH to WTF.

For most of ep 19 we have 3 story arc;

1. Tony and Samantha's happy ending and impending wedding. Not much to tell except because of the ending, for sure the wedding won't go on

2. Shallow Jan becomes so shallow she is basically a dry well. Standing before her or rather walking aimlessly before her was Kevin looking like he over exercised, took drugs, never slept and haunted by the spirits ALL AT THE SAME TIME and all she can see is how to hold his hands, ask him to movies, how to confess her love and get him to love her back, and of course did notice something  was very wrong when he started saying he saw Ruco everywhere and pushed her and shouted at her. Basically 360 degrees turn in character and only then she suggested he goes to the hospital and when he refused and told her to get lost, what did she do? She actually left!! Then later at night said her worried to Samantha and Samantha says love means you gotta be thick skinned... sorry I meant brave and she vowed no matter what she will wait for him to wake up! What about like dragging him to a doctor when you know that's not how he normally behaves. See? Head in the clouds, absolutely shallow Jan. I don't even care what happened to her in the end because to me this episode failed because it is not done enough.

3. Ruco coming back apologising profusely, saying as he drifted in the sea and thought about things, he realised they all love him and he was wrong and begged for forgiveness, Tony naturally believed him. Tavia believed him even more when he gave his blessing to her and Kevin. Kevin? Not one bit. He said he had telepathy link with Ruco and he can feel his rage which was increasing. He had weird dreams, like Ruco with knife and stabbing motion and in the end he had insomnia, clouding his judgment. No one believed him, more so when Ruco cried before the place Law Lan died and his parents were told the truth and forgiven him. Kevin was paranoid, feeling Ruco was watching him. Both were forced to see a doctor for being insomniac together and Ruco took Kevin's pill to reassure him. Kevin took the sleeping pills. But Ruco vomited his and frankly we all know he was faking his goodness especially when he cried for forgiveness from Hor Yee Ku. Anyway as Kevin slept, Tavia was in a hotel waiting for tomorrows wedding and in bed when quite scarily someone dressed like Kevin appeared, face covered, grabbed Tavia's neck and plunge a knife into her stomach!!!

No don't worry, she didn't die. But she should have and this is where this series defies explanation.

For a man with so much rage, he was rather lenient on Tavia. Any murderous angry jealous jerk would have repeatedly stab her. Criminal Minds will show him raping her, personally or otherwise to give it a sexual angle. TVB? 1 stab. So hate her but stabbed her just once. I'd rather see a frenzy violent attack on Tavia because that makes perfect sense with Ruco's state of mind then.

Anyway Kevin was accused of attempted murder and immediately Kevin punched Ruco, saying he knew it was Ruco who did it. Ruco cried "We are twins, so we share same DNA but your fingerprints were there, not mine!"


Anyway police (not Madam Chik) interrogate him with glee and basically all evidence point to him but seriously, the motive? If the police had stopped believing the eye in the sky 100% and investigated properly, Kevin wouldn't have gone through 2 major criminal charges; one arson, two attempted murder or something.

As for Ruco, he injected himself with something to make himself stay awake. He knows his telepathic link with Kevin means Kevin will suffer from what he is suffering. He made Kevin lose his sense. My question is how come it is only Kevin feeling Ruco and not the other way around?

Throughout the drama, all I can think of is how beautiful Ruco's blue shirt was. Best fashion in this series goes to whoever clothed Ruco. That blue shirt was an amazing addition.

Acting wise, almost flawless although Ruco was obviously pretending, Tavia is wasted and Kevin.... such bad acting. He looks more like a drug addict than a guy who swam back from Vietnam and almost drowned! The paranoia part of his story for me batardised his character and steers this story into "Any plot device also can as long as it is nice" territory. I didn't know what I was watching. It felt like Eye In The Sky never had an identity and never bothered to find one.  And Kevin's wide eyed frowning lip biting pouting and eye opened as bit as you can in school of dramatic acting is just silly.

Tavia should have died a violent meaningless death. That would explain Ruco's rage, his descend into non-redemption (a one way ticket straight to hell) and subsequent Kevin's actions and how desperate it all seems. Since she won't die, she will probably wake up wanting to be with Kevin who will reject her because of guilt. No happy ending  I hope. When she didn't, I feel this series' gone soft.

One more episode till the end. I have already gotten ready with my recommendation for this series.

Anyway let's wait for the last episode.

By the way if TVB remakes My Love From Another Star or the Doo Min Joon/Cheon Seong Yi show, I recommend Ruco become the sociopath chaebol brother;

Narrower eyes and best suits and Ruco is game to go!!

How Kevin knew where Tony was and how to get into the vault?

He planted (surgically) and rather large camera lense into somewhere in Tony's head. Can't be forehead, can see it obviously, I didn't see eyelids and all so I am not sure where. Should have been a contact lense.

However did Ruco manage to swim back to HK?
He held on to some dinghy whatever and floated for days, almost drowned. That was his version. We won't ever know.

Why did Kevin throw Ruco to Vietnam?
Seriously no idea. I suppose to get him as far away as possible from HK.

Does Ruco feel the link with Kevin?
So far all indications point to NO.
How did Ruco get into Tavia's room in the hotel?
A bit of creative writing considering HK building and the height. A better question is how come he got shot in Y Suite Hotel and he still manages to run out unnoticed.
Has Tavia ever loved Ruco?
THAT scene was repeated a few times when she thought Ruco was Kevin and now in place of that scene, you get the repeated "Kevin being asked to go for movies with Tavia scene". Hotness level like down a lot!
Why do they all think catching Kong Wui Hoi will help Ruco?
Because they thought by taking out the object of his hatred, he would be calmer, happier. Truth is Ruco is someone who knows how to keep and nurture a grudge so they're all doomed to fail.

What happened to that diamond necklace?
Confiscated by police and forever lost in the department called "Writers forgot".
Who on earth is Kong Wui Hoi?
International thief of some unknown syndicate. Why not name it Scaredy Bird (like in Ruse Of Engagement)?!

What happened to Kong Wui Hoi?
Had a heart attack in court and died. Ruco did not smile since his target of hatred has changed.

EPISODE : 16 &17
When it is about Ruco and Kevin, it is always interesting. Add in Tony and it gets very nice.

With Tavia there is always a bloat. But no bloat is more bloated than these 2 episodes and the unbelievable selfishness and treachery of Tavia aka Jan who;

a. asks why she is less important than Ruco, why Kevin gave her up for him. Errrr...because he is his 30 years long lost twin brother? Because "I don't want him to hate me"? Why can't Jan just say "I will wait for you. Settle your affairs, I can wait" but no, there she is crying "WHY WON'T YOU ADMIT YOU LOVE ME?! YOU SELFISH BASTARD! YOU GAVE ME UP< GAVE :LOVE UP, SACRIFICE YOUR PRINCIPLES FOR HIMMMMMMMMMMM". Seriously, what was that piece of crappy dialogue I was watching?

b. Talking about principle, Jan had no problem telling Kevin Ruco is a thief, Kevin a man of principle, a man she so respected, should just go arrest his thief brother, and why won't he? Because he is the brother, because he is selfish and playing favouritsm. What about the arson case? Why not arrest him? Well well well.. so that she gets to play sex sex with the man she loves and knows he loves her, she has absolutely no problem selling out Ruco whose worst crime at that point was stealing things (hence a criminal is a criminal no matter what??) and encouraging 2 brothers to kill each other? How more Shallow Jan can selfish Jan be? And guess what? Not long later, her own father was caught releasing crickets into his former assistant's shop and there she cries "You are my father! I won't give up on you!!" when he got arrested. Excuse me, isn't Kevin taking the same attitude as she? Why can't she be as principled and say "Father you did the crime, you must go to jail because I am a principled person"?

What a piece of crappy writing! I so hate Jan. If Rachel (Princess Rachel from Brother's Keeper) is incredibly naive when it comes to finances and unforgiving when it comes to her man and her need to hero worship her guy, Jan is incredibly shallow and now displaying the calculativeness. She deserve Ruco. Both can sell calculators and be in accounting and start calculating one another.

As for Ruco and Kevin's cat and mouse game, quite interesting and poor Tony realised he was used by Ruco not to steal painting but for revenge. Ruco got his revenge when he thru the hands of others got Vivien killed in rather dramatic fashion. I tell ya, Vivien Yeo is the only female character given an interesting role with an interesting beginning (naked yoga) and interesting end (bullet ridden, face scarred, betrayed). But I don't recall seeing the scene of a masked woman ponytailed holding a big gun on some roof top. I am now confused.

Tony is the voice of reason and he realised he was used by Ruco to get to Vivien and quite justifiably he berated and then ended his friendship with Ruco. I bet it won't be so simple and he will be back to help Ruco in the end.

Right now Ruco is money hungry. He wants revenge (check), he wants the necklace (would be check), he wants the blind man dead (soon) and he wants everything the blind man keeps in his vault (ahhhhh blind man was smart to remove them all before Ruco could get to them I bet!). So for now Ruco is pretentious in front of his family (oh nice shirt man!!) but real faced with Kevin. Kevin knows his plan, and I think Ruco thinks he has outsmart his brother when we all know in the end the only man he outsmart is his own arrogance. Those self satisfied smile, scary! He is not evil. I feel he has his reasons, justifiable at times, but rather cruel. But evil? Nahhhh not yet. So we shall see what Kevin does other than frown, warn Ruco never to do crime or he will have him arrested and look conflicted when with Tavia.

As for Tavia, what a thankless idiotic role she got. If it wasn't Tavia, if it was someone else, I bet I will immediately throw my crab ball that I was holding at the TV. Tavia made it bearable but just a  bit. Her Jan is simply the most selfish naive silly shallow character on TV and she is supposed to have my pity that she didn't get Kevin to start loving her when we all know he already does except... between a man and his long lost brother, between loyalty, family, brotherhood and love, how can any woman look reasonable when demanding her love to give up and arrest his one brother that is not beyond redemption so that they can play couple, hold hands, watch movie, make love and play girlfriend-boyfriend? What sort of unreasonable woman could ask that and how can any man fall for such a woman? Is the writer trying to sabotage Tavia?

The rest of the content of these 2 episodes if deleted would have made the 2 episodes into 1 tight episodes. I really don't get the part about the father. I get the part about Samantha and Tony but again it is about women asking men to do some not so brotherly thing.

Anyway Ruco is getting unreasonable and since we have 3 more episodes, I suppose his downfall will be fast, will be swift, will be a footnote in the end.

I suppose Eye In The Sky which had a great premise that was never made and when made was good at the beginning is now insipid despite having a great cast consisting of 2 hot men and arguably Ruco's best wardrobe in any series.

I still can't get over the incredibly stupid dialogue Tavia had to deliver. Sometimes I wonder does Tavia think "This is incredibly stupid dialogue I have to deliver"?

No more obligatory eyecandy pic of the day. Things are getting ugly.

I forgot to add in Episode 14 blind owner basically forced Kevin to leave without explaining why but again this is a series where everybody know everybody's secret so frankly, they need not explain why to one another. They just know.

So in this episode Kevin leaves and there is smirking Ruco waiting by the car and basically sneered sarcastically;

"I thought I had to think of a plan to force you to leave but in the end, I didn't have to"

But Kevin explained he may have left but he is still there watching over Ruco, hoping he doesn't take the bad route. Ruco of course told him to mind his own business, in a not so gentle way.

At home things are awkward between brothers and before Kevin can say anything Ruco rushes to Kevin and asks;

"Surely something can be done?"

And he explains to his parents he got Kevin fired because of a mistake he did. Kevin looks at Ruco, startled at Ruco's ability to twist facts. His parents blamed neither. Alone, Kevin asked Ruco why he did what he did and Ruco sneered (a lot of sneering);

"I gave you a perfect excuse so they need not ask too many questions, moreover I gave you opportunity to look like the good guy"

Again Kevin patiently hopes Ruco don't become bad but two factors will bulldoze that;

1. Shallow Jan who in this episode turns exceedingly shallow;

2, Angry Ruco who after this episode will become bad Ruco thus justifying Shallow Jan and Frowning Kevin to be together. Urghhh.

First, point 1.

Tavia's father sold the house and wants to move to Philipines to open a detective agency and all I care is my precious time wasted at some useless storyline. Tavia had to move to Samantha and on the way, proving HK is indeed so very small, she bumps into Kevin and asks what's wrong. There Tavia hiccups yet again which stopped being endearing like 5 episodes before. Anyway she told him to mind his own business and guess what? Ambulance passes by, Kevin runs towards it and inside is Tavia, very sick. Apparently got something to do with the hiccups, some hereditary thing which means it will happen again and Ruco will cause Tavia to die and Kevin to go full war on Ruco, I think. Anyway he stays the whole time and Samantha asks why he is denying his feelings and Kevin says it is personal and he leaves to go hiking and camping, alone. Very very solitary stuff.

Tavia waits for Kevin at the hospital  but he never arrives. Samantha tells Tavia how concerned he was and finally Tavia said;

"I know what he is wary about. Let's go, he won't come"

So.. Shallow Jan finally smartens up.

Meanwhile point 2.

Ruco is now head of security and Vivien asks boss why not get rid of both  brothers but he says;

"One was a cop and he will never bend the rules. The other one was a thief and once a thief, always a thief. Perhaps he will cooperate with us"

We are told who blind guy is when he visits an old accomplice. Apparently like Ruco and Tony, he was once a thief selling works of art. He became rich through own hard work and investment but when he can't buy whatever he wants, he will steal for his own private collection. The friend has something he wants. Some painting and that is where Ruco comes in.

Ruco sees Vivien and old man having a drink at the cafe and at the same time smoke is coming out of Vivien's room. He goes in and discovers the secret passage way leading to the old man's room and a secret door and he tells that useless Jonathan to stall old man and he takes his gadget and get into the room and inside, collection of stuff and one of which is the necklace. He takes it and discovers it is a fake and that's when Vivien walks in pointing a gun at him and this is where the most badass scene occurs.

The old man marvels at Ruco's ability to get inside under 10 minutes and Vivien even compliments Ruco that his surgery was so very successful and "Your surgeon did a fine job". I agree!! Anyway old man propositions to Ruco for one final job; to steal a painting and he will get the real necklace as a reward. Ruco sneers yet again and threw down the fake necklace angrily and says;

"Do you think I will help the people who ruined my life and my face?!"

Ahh old man says;

"I know you won't so easily say yes. You're still angry... Hon Sun, stand in front of me" and she obliges, he touches her cheek, takes out a pocket blade (which is a normal usual stationary so one wonders why anyone takes this around if not for sinister reasons?) and basically cut Vivien's cheek deeply and she doesn't yell, doesn't flinch. He asks her is she ok and she grudgingly says she is fine and he tells Ruco;

"She ruined your looks, now I have ruined hers as payback"

And Ruco kinda looked surprised at the badass scene and says calmly;

"I will think about your proposition".

Quite possibly the best scene in entire series because I don't know, old man is so cruel, Vivien is so cool and Ruco is so calm.  I didn't expect that scene so kudos for originality in that sense.

Tony takes Samantha home to see grandma and grandma ensures Samantha agree to marry Tony. So Tony tells her the truth; that he is a professional thief. She feels cheated and leaves. Later she realises she misses him and he sends her picture evidence of his crimes and promises never to steal ever again or she can report him to the police with the evidence and then he appears before her, she tearfully tells him she truly loves him and will accept him and she realises she has to be brave to love and he promises he will never ever steal again and will find a way to earn a decent living. Tavia tearfully sees what she sees and says to herself that true, one has to be brave to love.

And so comes the stupidest scene next.

She goes to the hotel to find Kevin, carrying her art book (probably full of doodles of Kevin and hearts and Mrs Szeto Shun every where) and is shocked to see Ruco who sarcastically tells her surely being her mentor Kevin would have told her and if she has anything for him, find him at home and he looks pissed.

So she waits for him at home, Kevin on his way back so Ruco goes down and tells her Kevin is in Taiwan, not here and so she leaves reluctantly. Kevin returns and see Tavia despondently walking away and Ruco turns back and walks past him and sneered;

"And you want people to believe there is nothing between the both of you..."

Oh the sarcasm.

Must stop here for awhile. Yes, Ruco is selfish but come on Shallow Jan, you just dumped him in such a crude and cruel way and now you say you must be brave to love and now wants to convince Kevin to love you? Give it a break! Give the brothers time! Even Kdramas which is ALL ABOUT SA-RANG will say;

"ani, ani, ani , geugeon jeongmal jalmos ibnida!"
Google translates this from "no, no, no, that is so wrong!"

She is seriously annoying. Already this brother is trying to keep the other bro's one feet from entering life of crime, if he starts dating her NOW, the other foot surely is in and Ruco will be lost forever! In real life, if you want to break a family apart, do that. Love isn't about being brave Jan, this is not the case. Love is about being patient, just bloody wait!

It wouldn't be this way if the story is tweaked a bit; that Jan doesn't know Ruco is Kevin and that they're twins. That way her actions are more innocent and therefore I won't feel selfishness and disgust. Unfortunately she knows and all her actions thereafter seems to only concern about herself. Yes Ruco should grow up but come on, common sense! What poor writing or maybe we are supposed to dislike Jan? I mean Tavia is convincing with the hiccups but not for other factors. She reminds me of Princess Rachel from Brother's Keeper. Oh how I hated that high maintenance girl.

Anyway Tavia calls Kevin and Ruco stares at Kevin who knows Ruco is watching but the one on the phone is Jade Leung.

Kevin sees Jade who cries her heart out at finding romance with all the wrong man and why can't she find a man like him and she cries on his shoulder and he looks conflicted, a bit.

Nahhhhh his heart is with Tavia and I suppose we are supposed to go "Oh no Kevin don't deny your heart's desire, go for Tavia! Go for her and to hell with Ruco!!"

Well, now is too soon. Maybe in a few more episodes. Well, 5 more till the end so it won't be long but I seriously hope Tavia dies and so Ruco's end is no redemption but total immersion in his evilness.

Like this dude from My Love From The Star (one of the millions of variations of the title which frankly I am not sure which is the true one);

If there is one character that has the word EVIL chopped on his forehead, this man has it. I am not saying acting is fantastic because he is so obviously EVIL that it is painful to watch (but then K-drama acting is always the "Never Leave Any Doubt To The Viewers" school of acting so maybe he is excellent in that sense) but I wanna say this character has total immersion in his evilness that even when an alien with super powers dangles him on top of a building and threatening to throw him off the building, he laughed. Yeap, absolute evilness. I want Ruco to have this sort of badass total emersion in evilness but less comical in a sense. You  know what I mean!

This far, I don't see it that way. The villains in K-drama even when on the run has perfectly combed hair. In fact, good guys = hair down, bad guys = hair combed up, nerdy = centre parting.

Anyway Ruco was fantastic but I fear the writing may fail him. Kevin tries very hard to be very patient and Tavia is given a thankless role that shouldn't even exist, more so given to a very capable actress and making her seem so very ordinary and annoying.

Blind boss role is intriguing but why he did bad things to me is you know.. shallow. I am not convinced but I suppose there are art collectors who will kill to get what he wants

Vivien may not be the best actress or prettiest but her scene in this episode is to me the best for a female character. I suppose she will hate Ruco from now on? You know what, I want Ruco to have affair with her Hon Sun as a play on 2 similar people with agendas of their own finding each other sexually attractive. Now that's sexy.

Eye In The Sky has so much promise but I suppose whoever produced this knew 20 episodes may be a stretch hence why it is only 20 episodes and not 25 or something like that. I hope it ends on a good note; happy or not I don't care. Just let Ruco kill someone so that he can be totally evil like the guy I posted above; maniacally evil beyond redemption.

Obligatory eyecandy pic of the day ...

I decided to take a break from Lik and eyecandy pics of Lik because he is not that eyecandy anymore.  Not that he is terrible but Lik's descend is expected and not that sudden but totally understandable. So I am posting Ruco as Ruco himself in a rare nice photoshoot.

As for Episode 14, epic. Absolutely epic and I am  not sure it is in a good way.

Let me gather my thoughts for a while ...Just a snippet for now... Ruco blames Law Lan for his predicament and declared;

"Ho Yee Ku ruined my life!!"

Quite true... but I shall say Jan played a huge part in it and he doesn't blame Jan when  he should. Maybe he will. Or maybe his mind will be so twisted he just doesn't know why he hate in the first place.

Ok, let me think first how to recap this epic but not always in a good way episode ...

Ok thought about it and let's just summarise as this;

Ep 12 is Ruco at his happiest, Ep 13 is Ruco at his saddest/angriest and so Ep 14 is Ruco at the start of what will become the worst of him.

He is still angry in the morning and it isn't helping that his parents, very worried opened a chatroom with just Kevin to discuss about Ruco and Ruco being self conscious thinks they were backstabbing him. Kevin tried to explain, he did, he really did but at that point Ruco was beyond any persuasion and quite simply said with a hint of malice;

"You all have never really accepted me into this family. If you have, you wouldn't be talking behind my back. But I can't blame you nor father and mother. Who can live with a stranger? No I don't blame you all for my predicament. I blame Hor Yee Ku. She is the reason why we are separated for over 30 years. She is the reason why I could have had your life, your education and an equal chance in life instead of living as I did. It is her fault!"

Kevin is very alarmed. Later Ruco asks Tony to do something for him; he wants revenge, he wants to hurt Hor Yee Ku, not to kill her but to maim her cat. Tony feels that is too much, they have already stole her savings and she is living a miserable life, enough is enough but Ruco so angry tells Tony if he isn't helping so be it. The scene stops there.

Kevin still worried remember Ruco's words and worries for Hor Yee Ku and goes in search and finds her stroking her cat, all well. She remembers Kevin and asks;

"Have you found your twin yet? (Kevin says yes) Oh he must look like you doesn't he? I am truly very sorry for my greed, for my selfishness. But you know, I am getting my just desserts. My son? I thought he is accepting me again and treating me kindly but in the end it is just pretend. He just doesn't want to be blamed and questioned by relatives for ignoring me so he pretended to be good to me. How can I complain about his treatment? I deserve it. I deserve it all for the sins I have done to your brother, the anguish to your family. I am old now and all I have as my companion is my cat. I am fine, I will have my punishment waiting for me after I am dead as well. I can never repay my sins, and I blame no one for the state I am in now. I deserve it all"

And Kevin was moved by her sincerity and asked for her phone to put his number in it and told her to call him if anything.

Meanwhile Kevin tells the agency, Samantha and gang he is not going to be their consultant anymore for personal reasons. Tavia knocks some tea or something and he wants to hand her a tissue but decided not to and then leave. Tavia runs after him, angry and shouting;

"Why won't you admit it? Why won't you admit you like me too? Why are you running away?!"

Kevin calmly explains why; his love for her was through his telepathy link with Ruco when in actual fact he doesn't feel that way. Tavia couldn't believe it, she argues about her memory and how she saw how concerned he was when the tea poured on her, etc etc but Kevin was done talking when he finally said;

"I admit I may have thought I liked you but no, I don't anymore"

Or something to that effect. Tavia looks sad. And here I was thinking, errr what do you expect? You just dumped his long lost brother he just found after 30 plus years of separation and the dumping part was so ugly you expect to have him confess his love and marry you and then for the next few decades endure the most awkward reunion dinners ever? Who wrote this script? How juvenile is this? How shallow Jan be?

Back at home, Kevin sees Ruco but his face a bit bruised. Flashback; basically Ruco punches Tony, Tony punches Ruco, Ruco see Law Lan and wanted to do something terrible and police nearby and so they had to leave. Ruco now very angry with Tony refused to take his calls and even deleted Tony's number from his phone.

Kevin again tries to persuade Ruco not to go the wrong way but Ruco hates Law Lan so much he tracks her and poisons her cat. Law Lan so distraught ran with the cat to find a vet and she remembered Kevin's message and so tried calling him when a van nearly hit her, she fell back, hit he head on the wall or something and laid there dying for the next 5 minutes or so. Ruco was there, he was surprised when she fell and he never intended to kill her but when she was on the floor, twitching and dying, looking very pitiful, he stared at her satisfyingly and did nothing to help her and in the end walked away after watching her die.

Back in office, Kevin is approached by police. It seems they're checking Law Lan's death and asks Kevin why she called him and the revealed the eye in the sky aka CCTV showed clearly how her death was accidental BUT Ruco stood by looking at her die. Ruco was interviewed and he simply said he didn't see the blood and thought she was a vagabond sleeping on the streets. Kevin couldn't believe what he heard and went to pay final respect to Law Lan at the mortuary and cried his heart out for all the innocence lost;

"I... am .. I am so sorry for what he did... if he had called the police earlier, you may not have died... I am very sorry"

He sees Tony and threatens to punch Tony and asks if Tony participated and all that but Tony was shaken as well and cried how Ruco could change so drastically, how he couldn't let go, how he just wanted to poison the cat but never realised he could have gone so much as to see her die, etc etc. Tony then reveal their past fully to Kevin so basically Kevin knows Ruco's background now, as a thief, smuggler, Mr Pittman and the necklace.

Back at home, Kevin confronts  Ruco but wears the most patient but boiling look, that inside he is ready to scream but outside, he tries very hard to appear calm as he asked Ruco why can't he just let go? Ruco sneered;

"Easy for you to say. She caused my misery and please don't blame her death on me. I didn't kill her, she fell and that was her comeuppance, a repayment for her sin to which I am absolutely not sorry"

The parents notice both brothers seem cold to each other. Kevin confronts Ruco again and again and this time Ruco smiles menacingly as he said;

"So you know about my past? Fine. There is no need to pretend anymore. I will do what I do, get my revenge, get back the necklace and then I will come home and be the dutiful son."

Yeap, war!!!!!

And then something happened that made me question the sanity of the writers.

But first, blind owner and Vivien correctly deduces who is Ruco and his relationship with Kevin. You know what? Except for shallow Jan, everybody knows who is everybody except they have no proof.

Back to the insanity of the writers.

Jonathan is broke so he is in a tenant's apartment to steal watch and handphone when Ruco catches him in the act and is willing to let him go. Why?

This is the insanity part.

Kevin finds a watch and a handphone in his drawers. SEE!! SEE!! Crazy!

Owner comes complaining, suggestions are made to use some tracking app, calls made and phones ring and Kevin is accused except that is his own phone and the owner finds his phone and watch back in his own place!! Ruco looks at Kevin, sneering, as if applauding how smart Kevin is. Yeah... but I weep for how idiotic this is making Ruco look!! Oh come on, if you wanna frame someone, especially someone like Kevin who doesn't need the phone or watch, can't you think of a better way?!

At the rooftop Kevin meets with Ruco and full of strained patience says;

"Can't you stop now?"

And Ruco immediately goes right up to Kevin's face and looking very threatening says;

"Once a thief, always a thief eh? Well guess what? That's not the case. You made a wrong assumption about me. Remember, you won't always be at the top, I will get there soon enough to displace you! Remember that!"

Ok... now is ALL OUT WAR!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin looks even more ... strained.

Meanwhile, Tony sits alone in the dark park and Samantha finds him and asks him what's wrong and Tony cries his heart out as he laments;

"I have lost him! I have lost my best friend in life! I have lost him forever!"

And he cried and cried and cried.

Poor guy.

So... the descend of Ruco and it is mighty interesting. I love the interaction between Kevin and Ruco. Ruco makes Kevin a much better actor than the other actors in this series and they play off one another very well. Kevin in particular looks strained, sounds strained, is probably strained acting wise. However, far too many times in this episode Kevin quite simply overacts. He is so deliberate, you can see he is counting himself when to move here, when to bite his lips. All very unnatural BUT this is Kevin at his best even if compared to others, he is at best mediocre. It is just too much of OTT acting for me.

Ruco is in fine form. His sudden lurch at Kevin, his sinister smile, his menacing sneers, the way he removed his glasses as he said to Kevin they need not pretend anymore. He is making Nik into quite a morally questionable character. I get his anger over Hor Yee Ku, frankly I don't pity her. That is her comeuppance. Kevin could have the bigger heart to forgive her because he didn't lead the life Ruco did who justifiable hates her. But it goes to a matter of character when someone wants to kill the pet of another, to strip the other of any dignity in life and to stand there to watch that someone die even if he didn't pull the trigger so to speak, he in a way lost his innocence and anything good in him when he did just that. So Ruco isn't wrong, legally or even morally but he is condemned. It takes an embedded badness in someone to do what he did and maybe he is beyond redemption. Yes he is getting quite disgusting but I feel for him. I also feel for Kevin of course who is trying to do everything right except he shouldn't have said "I will not let you lead a life of crime. Don't you dare do any crime" to which Ruco retorted what can he do? Well arrest him of course. But I don't like how it is going. I like the strained patient Kevin but I don't like TVB's need for a clear moral conscience like ABSOLUTELY NO CRIME AT ALL IS JUSTIFIABLE that is exhibited by Kevin's character. That can be quite annoying because sometimes a crime is a justifiable crime.

That is until this episode went insane with the frame up by Ruco to Kevin. What was on the writer's mind? Already we have Shallow Jan and her ridiculous expectation, then we have stupid unnecessary subplots about her father selling the house to buy some franchise right which doesn't fit into the story, then we have OTT reaction of Ruco's parents sms-ing one another in chatroom like so obviously doing something and now we have this stupid scene.

Luckily Ruco and Kevin's scenes dominated this episode and to see the warring brothers is like watching a would be epic Hindi/Tamil movie of a brother who is a cop and another a robber and in between dancing to some songs with some pretty girls with beautiful snow covered mountains as backdrop. Except with such stupidity, it may not get that epic.

And yes, I really dislike Jan who to me is half of the root of the problem. Perhaps the show should have shown Ruco as a more violent boyfriend prior to her breaking up with him but it didn't. So we are given a shallow girl who just made all the wrong moves and broke the heart of a guy who really really likes her and is at that point, still a decent fellow. In a way Jan helps to turn Ruco into a monster he probably will be.

Except he isn't quite yet. This series shows Ruco's descend by killing the cat and watching Hor Yee Ku die. I feel the start of his evilness should have been killing the cat in front of Hor Yee Ku and KILLING Hor Yee Ku. Why go half bucket? Make him a super villain and there is no better disgusting super villain that one who kills pets and old people.

Which is why I said this episode is epic but not in the way it should have been. The writing is to me pretty bad at this point and doesn't make sense. The only 2 people that keeps me from losing interest is how much more strained Kevin can look and how much more in your face Ruco can get. The rest are quite simply forgettable although Tony gave a fine performance tonight.

EPISODES : 12 & 13
Obligatory eyecandy pic of the day ...

When Simon Yam retires, Ruco can be the next camera brand ambassador.

Sigh ... 2 episodes of extreme emotional roller coaster ride.

THAT flashback scene : Twice. One fully where it shows the table broke under their combined weight and stopped. So did they or didn't they?

Episode 12 Ruco reveals himself to Tavia whose heart is already set on Kevin for reasons I really do not know except she SAW him first. I find her way of falling for Kevin which is love at first sight as rather shallow. Surely... it should be more? Kevin had never been affectionate towards her.. but Ruco did all he could, thinking she was waiting for him and he said something quite romantic at this point but will be scary later on;

"I have lost my family, and my face. I will not lose you too"

Tavia was right to question why reveal now and he replied with much contempt;

"Because I wasn't sure you could accept me.. that you could accept... this ..look..."
Dear Ruco/Lik, 

Some may think your new looks is an upgrade from the old one. Such contempt for your new looks and I was thinking.. come on, think about how ridiculous it is that Kevin has his face 90% burnt and he had 30 plus surgeries and ended up looking like you. Whose the surgeon? Sign my  boyfriend up!!

Anyway Episode 12, Ruco was extremely happy. But in episode 13, Tavia drew Kevin's face instead of Ruco's and she could no longer be in a relationship with him. She tried to avoid (bad move) and when she couldn't, she just said they can't be together. Poor Ruco was love sick and confronted her until he saw the painting she drew, went to agency to find her only to have Samantha to tell him the absolute truth; Tavia fell for Kevin first, then Johnny appeared but it didn't matter because she wanted the looks not the person and to Tavia Ruco was a nobody. Ruco in anger laughed like a maniac and said;

"So... I was made the fool... what a fool I have been..."

He also found out Kevin had feelings for Tavia too. Back at home he confronted Kevin. You gotta hand it to him; he really tell the person straight in the face and angrily he said;

"If I wasn't taken away, if I had your life, I would never have lost to you! I've lost my life, my family and now the woman I love. I can't keep losing to you!!"

Kevin looked guilty, tried to persuade Ruco that since he has returned, let's try to rebuild life, forget about the past but Ruco was beyond persuasion. He was pissed off.

This was also because earlier he saw his mom What's App his  dad asking if they should bring Ruco back to hometown to visit relatives and he saw his dad replying "No, he is an outsider" and he thought to himself;

"So... they haven't accepted me as part of the family"

and it was an ugly reaction.

In actual fact the father wanted to write and did write, "He is not yet in our social circle, better not let him come and face them, making his life difficult" and his mom chastised the father for relying too much on auto correct.

But I wonder what does Tavia expect? Kevin to love her back? Kevin said to Ruco;

"I have never had any relationship with her and I will never do that"

But he is already having feelings for Tavia. This is why I dislike Tavia aka Jan. Yes Ruco shouldn't behave so childishly but he has a right to be angry, but at some point the anger must translate to acceptance that you can't force love. The problem is Jan. She has her head in the clouds since day 1. Her notion of love is to me childish and juvenile. And Samantha was very cruel in the way she dismissed Ruco much like how callous Tavia was for doing it the way she did. I mean Ruco may be insistent but at this point he wasn't cruel or callous or even violent. Yes he may pull Tavia's hand a bit but that woman kept running away. After each date or call, her look of dread of seeing Ruco made me dislike her even more. Ruco isn't a bad person right now but the way she treated him, the way Samantha treated him, it was as if he was a no good violent jerk of a boyfriend and should be dismissed as such. I thought that's not very nice. Calmly tell him the truth and perhaps things wouldn't have turned out so badly. Anyway that sow the seed for hatred and what nots between brothers. He doesn't blame Jan, he blames Kevin. Kevin himself is acting so silly for a man of his age and temperament. Super cool, super serious and yet love sick for a girl he shouldn't be thinking about. I mean they're all adults but all of them in 2 episodes are reduced to juveniles. As if the world has only 1 woman. What's so special about Jan? She's nice? She's cute? I don't see the justification for their reaction and I feel Jan is such a troublesome woman. I expect a man as level headed as Kevin to stop thinking about her, cut the relationship and move on. Ruco is the more emotional one. Funny thing is after what they've been through, shouldn't Ruco be the quiet one and Kevin the playful one? Brothers, never ever fall for the same woman. Ever. Especially one as shallow as Jan.

There is another story in this story.

Susan Tse's purpose in this series is to die. Because I can't really understand why she is in here and her death is so meaningless. One day she was in Vivien's apartment when suddenly a secret passageway opened and it was the blind boss so Susan thought blind boss and Vivien are lovers and very secretive about it. Later she was murdered and her death was blamed on Madam Chik who obviously isn't the murderer. I quite like Madam Chik; wait! Is it Madam Chik? I think so! She was so pissed not because she was arrested but because anyone angry with her should kill her and not her aunt. Anyway case solved and you kinda wonder why kill Susan in the first place? Because Kevin deduced the reason almost immediately except he couldn't find the passageway. Try not to put too much expectation on the cases. They're not very well written and at times defy logic or fly in the face of common sense.

Episode 13 did explain how blind boss isn't blind. He is blind (so he probably did not see Tony in that episode? Or maybe he could see better than he lets people know?) but he had some google eyeglass or whatever and suddenly he can see so clearly he is a sharp shooter saving Vivien's life. He has that necklace with him and again I wonder what's the significance of that? He is a collector that will get what he wants in anyway he can do? Anyway Kevin is now investigating Vivien, convinced she has something to do with everything and Vivien is investigating Kevin, wondering whether could he be the guy in Manila?

And Tavia?

Head in the clouds.


Busy being very angry.

Right now I am thinking this series is exciting for some part. I mean Vivien got the interesting female role. But I am kinda bored with the love story which is non existent. I am not even convinced Kevin loved Tavia. It is getting a bit shallow in terms of the story and why certain characters die. I feel myself thinking maybe, I am watching a story with the potential but is now turning into run of the mill stuff.

Poor poor Lik.

Performance wise, Ruco and Kevin is my choice for couple of the year. Ruco is hardly tested even if he had a few emotional scenes. Kevin however is now really into biting his lips and grinding his teeth when speaking his lines. I wonder what happened. Tavia is wasted and someone please rip off that specs from her. Such high bridge for a nose and still she had to tug at the specs.

Vivien improved a lot. I do like... Becky Lee is it? Becky something? She is somehow convincing as a high level policewoman.

The rest were quite simply only required to sleepwalk in their roles.

I want to love this series but I am getting more and more annoyed at how simplistic or rather, juvenile the depiction of certain stuff in here. It doesn't make me think. It is what it is and right now, in times of so many smarter series on TV, this one rank pretty low on the smart list.

After Episode 12, the following looks just about right;

Confirmed. Tavia fell for looks. Doesn't matter the personality. Doesn't matter Ruco saved her a lot, did more romantic stuff, she fell first for the face of Kevin. I already feel the injustice and how shallow this depiction is.

I really like the super short Ruco-Crab and Tavia-Angel scene and I don't mean the dream he had. That was just too put on and I cringed. It's the light drawing moment and oh so cute. Thanks to Nick for the screenshots and many pictures I have reposted in here.

Obligatory eyecandy pic of the day ...

Today's episode features the picture above and it was both eyecandy AND cute.

Which probably comes from this;

This episode is much better than a lot before it but again...I don't know...let me collect my thoughts...

From entire episode I remember 5 distinct moments.

1. where Ruco gave the answer why he won't admit he and Kevin are brothers much earlier;

"Because you told me how you arrested your best friend and I was.. I was afraid you will arrest me too..."

Kevin was excellent in this scene. He looked perfectly guilty.

2. where after coming home from the hospital, his parents gave special attention to Ruco since they knew the truth but then Ruco who was overjoyed to be home said tearfully...

"Should I now change my name to Szeto Lik Hang?"

And his parents were errrr ahhhh eehhhh ihhhh ahhhhh  because they also know about the arson and so they feel this is not the right time. It looks bad on them, like as if they won't admit him into the family fully but the truth is, in retrospect, if everyone knew he was the brother then they can follow the dots to the eventual discovery; that Ruco was the arsonist. However, Ruco's expression was heart breaking. He really wanted so much to be accepted but for now he had to accept this.

3. where Ruco said to Kevin if he had any question he can ask and Ruco explained about Vivien and everything, absolutely everything except he never told the part about the crime spree in Manila, the necklace, etc but he did stop at the facial disfigurement and how Vivien is a suspect.  Ruco promises to be good and Kevin, looking very guilty said;

"Since you have been honest with me, I too shall be honest with you. I mean I have also committed a crime"

and he took out the camera he planted in Ruco's room. So now the brothers are equal except Ruco was still not telling the truth as Tony said, if Kevin had known he would have arrested Ruco. But Ruco vows to find who hurt him, for revenge and then stop. As we all know, he should stop now and we would have a happy ending.

4. where Ruco had a date with Tavia who is still very keen on Kevin. The date was funny; cameras, and lights. Just watch it; rather cute. At night Ruco dreamed of Tavia as an angel in white, looking rather sweet and he woke up laughing and Kevin also dreamed the same dream and asked Ruco what happened and Ruco explained about Tavia and also the previous dream as well and he said that Tavia is so cute and etc. Kevin then realised the dream he had was because of Ruco. So from then he avoided Tavia. In a way Kevin isn't really in love with Tavia. Whatever he feels is a reflection of what Ruco feels so I feel Kevin did the right thing. Poor Tavia still clueless. And when Tavia knows it is actually Ruco she had sex with, I feel she will finally realise she loves the look (Kevin) and not the man (Ruco) and the fact they look different makes things much much much easier to choose. Ruco thinks she is in love with him because of who he is. But from clear indication, she is in love with him because of how he looks. I mean it is so easy to fall for Ruco who is more playful whilst Kevin is so stony faced, too much effort. Anyway, it may be the reason Ruco goes haywire, well one of the many reason. Anyway Tavia drew Ruco as the big hairy crab thingy. I was thinking perhaps she was drawing him sitting on the loo!!

5. No KFC tonight but we have... Snickers!! Yeap the new leading lady of this series. How come all sponsorship now all so unhealthy? Anyway lucky Snickers got Ruco to kiss "her" twice aka took 2 bites! So... the job description is like this;

a. Kevin you take the KFC.
b. the kelefes take the whipped potato and soft drink plus fries for the girls
c. Ruco, you get the Snickers.

So now we wait what about Tavia... what does she get, and I do mean branded food.

Final scene we have mystery man whom Vivien calls "Boss" and he is a sharp shooter and guess who he is? OH THE MYSTERY!! OH I AM DYING OF CURIOSITY! TVB, WHY ARE YOU TOYING WITH ME?! MY HEART CAN'T TAKE IT! TELL ME NOW!!! WHO!! IT!!! IS!!!!!!

Yeah, as if....

By the way it is so funny to see 2 grown men in mid 30s sleeping on double decker bunk beds or whatever. So cute! I do wonder though, what's wrong with Ruco and his own space and room on the rooftop?

Performance wise, Kevin and Ruco shine in different ways. Kevin's guilty face to me is great acting, for someone so botoxed, he revealed a lot more through lip biting and I do mean he did very very well! Everytime Kevin wants to scold Ruco, Ruco only remind him of his childhood and that will guilt trip our Kevin.

Ruco is excellent. His near tears, his vows, his scheming. This is a man who wants to be good and clean but alas his past and his insistence caught up on him. Even if he stopped now Mr Pittman won't stop hurting poor Kevin. So basically he stuck between the devil (himself) and the deep blue sea (the hole he dug himself). What more can I say? A lot! The near tears.. the utter disappointment, the forced understanding, everything.

Tony complements both actors and did well too. A funny scene explains why he is called Tai Fu Lung if I am not mistaken (Tai Fu = underwear).

Vivien Yeo has trademarked the super cool kick arse baddie and she is convincing. I still wish it was Tavia in this role.

Tavia is cute in this episode but is so wasted in a role that seriously is beneath her, I feel if this is her claim to being A list, I'd rather she remains a B list. I know I know, cute is difficult to do, etc etc. Well Tavia is not a naturally hated actress. She is likable. This role doesn't test her at all. The only roles that test her I suppose are those next to Steven Ma, Nope! I like her better in The Other Truth. Here she is just silly cute girl whose love is misplaced (if you see it that way) or misconstrued (that's how I see it) which in the end when 2 brothers wanna kill one another, I shall hate her. I wonder.. will she die? That will explain all the brotherly angst.

Overall, entertaining episode but when it switched to Susan Tse, I switched off. One point I wished was done more emotionally; the parents seem to just accept Ruco as the twin without much shock or emotion, like half baked. I wished there was more confusion, I wished there was more tears and more hatred for that Law Lan and a big big hug for Ruco. I feel it was so emotionally detached. I expected that of super cool Kevin and even at times he seems near tears as he looked guiltily at his brother and perhaps thought;

"It could have been me... it should have been me..."

I do get that vibe from Kevin the actor. Whenever I hear Kevin in an interview, and about this role, he is very analytical over his role; like he seems to study his character's background and purpose, much like how Ruco does. Both have same approach to a role, and to hear them analyse why Lik did this or did that, from Kevin's POV, you get a feeling Kevin understands Lik as much as he does his own character. Sometimes I see that in his performance; the wheel spinning in his head. Yes, he is not a great or the best actor but Kevin does interprete his character by how his character interacts with others. He did his homework.

Right now it looks like this...

Get it?

So simple!

I am trying to summarise the relationship thing here. Some are speculation at this point. Maybe will change the chart later.


See big half love and big full love and arrows? Tavia loves Kevin who also loves Tavia. But Ruco loves Tavia and Tavia doesn't reciprocate.

See small love at 3 locations of Tavia? Her head represents her mind telling her it is Ruco since she slept with him. Logic dictates that. But her heart says it is Kevin because she fell for him at first sight. However that bottom love is supposed to be lower, as in her libido or desire is for BOTH.

Simple. So simple!

Now see the green circles around our 2 handsome guys?

Ok... Kevin's head is his mind and it is thinking of Ruco his brother. However his heart tells him Tavia. Meaning logic dictates he must let his brother win but he can't deny his heart. Ruco's logic is thinking of himself and to illustrate his selfishness, his heart loves only himself.\

Now this part we shall have to wait until last episode to see if it is true.

Obligatory eyecandy pic of the day ...

Really love his look in his intro scene. So handsome!! But that;s not my pick for eyecandy of the day. Just wanted to remind myself why I love his intro scene.

My choice for pic of the day is ....

 For a moment I was wondering maybe this was some photoshoot but it is from the series, I think Ep 2? Ep 3? Somewhere early.

KFC Sighting : None

THAT scene : None because Jan has set her sights on someone else, looking the same and there is no THAT scene with THAT person.

Ok back to this episode, which has got to be one of the best .. in parts.. starts great, ends great.

Like I said, he knew he knows she knew they know....everybody knows someone watching over someone, So Ruco ended up some online game and he tells Tony he is being watched, so Tony has to follow Hon Sun and for DAYS... MANY DAYS every night Kevin watches Ruco doing bicycle kick lar, exercise lar... reading lar.. watching shows on handphone lar.. anything but what he expected, Until one day, Kevin switches off the monitor.

So tense!!

Meanwhile Tavia is investigating a case of a business partner who doubts his 20 plus year business partner and ends up solving it and conclusion is business partners are true friends. So Tavia makes some observation like why can't there be trust, why friends always end up distrusting their old friends, etc etc etc and Kevin sees that in himself and the way he suspects Ruco. So he makes up his mind; he had made a huge mistake. That of course does not answer why Ruco lied about his location. Anyway rains and all that and Tavia acting cutesy and both begins to like one another. Ruco asks Tavia out but Tavia only has eyes for Kevin and she asks him out for a movie date and he agrees and she day dreams about him and draws his smiling face. Yeap, it's the face she likes.

And the entire time this whole sequence just throws off the tension which I feel like pouring cold water on me, especially when her "boss father" scenes which I feel I won't waste time recapping. The anomaly is Tavia's role.

Ruco finds out Vivien is on the move and so the lunch date he asks Tavia is conveniently forgotten.

You know it is already 10 episodes, half way point and if this series has any intention of developing a genuine love story between Ruco and Tavia, it's a tad too late since any bonding scenes is between Tavia and Kevin. So my guess is Kevin will deny Tavia because of Ruco, Ruco moves ahead, Tavia sees him as some floating device and of course she still misses Kevin, so Ruco dumps her but he blames Kevin hence the final descend to villainhood. Seriously TVB, prove me wrong! This is like been there X 1 million times and done that X 1 billion times. I was hoping Tavia sees the man in Ruco and falls for him only to be disappointed he is who he seems to be and so falls for Kevin but right now, everything is on the surface for me. That's pretty shallow for me.

Anyway brilliant stuff coming up, the 3rd act of this series. 1st act was doubt, 2nd act ponder and 3rd act is of course discovery!

Ruco follows Vivien who changed clothes and another girl looking like her walks away but Ruco isn't fooled. He recognises her perfume and follows Vivien and at the same time novelist Susan who earlier asks Ruco if he could inform her whenever he sees Vivien around so that she can interview her as an inspiration for her new book calls Susan who comes and follows the wrong Vivien. Vivien's suspicion gone and says to her fake she knows who is following her. Ruco calls Tony and informs him looks like Vivien knows there is a camera in her room but luckily he is not exposed. So game is still on.

Kevin and Ruco become best buds again. Ruco asks Kevin when he began to like being a detective and Kevin explains when he was a kid he was mostly alone as parents had to work. He always observed people and one day he stumbled upon a detective mystery book and that was what he was obsessed with since then. Ruco finds that story funny as Kevin says "But there is a side effect to all those reading of those books" and Ruco asks what would that be, "Don't tell me it made you very smart?" and Kevin says "It makes me very suspicious of people. I always believe people are by nature bad and that is why I only believe the eye in the sky (surveillance cameras)". Ruco smiles knowing perhaps Kevin was right as he says "Well, I am your opposite. I believe that people by nature is good". Hence some philosophy in this scene! Deep yeah?

Remember the date? Kevin leaves early so that he can go watch movie with Tavia. Ruco stops him and asks where he is going and Kevin admits he is going for a movie but doesn't say with who. Ruco smiles curiously when he notices a bunch of Indian looking angry men says over the phone "Mr Pittman, he is out!" and they follow Kevin and Ruco knows who is Mr Pittman (the guy he offended or dealt with in Manila and clearly a case of mistaken identity" and so Ruco follows. Kevin drives away, Indians follow and Ruco drives as well. He calls Tony and then he sees Kevin ambushed and kidnapped. He follows them and sees Kevin  being beaten badly as Mr Pittman does not believe Kevin is not Ruco as Kevin keeps denying who he is.

At this point I suddenly remember how come Kevin stopped looking for his twin brother? Wouldn't he want to know why an angry man like Mr Pittman is looking for his twin? Why is the investigation stopped? I will tell ya why. TVB forgot.

Anyway Ruco drives the car to rescue Kevin and Kevin sees Ruco, surprised and Tony is hidden somewhere and there are gun fight and we see the brothers doing some acrobatic stuff and shoots and kills stylishly (Ruco, so handsome in his uniform) when a bad guy points his gun as Ruco and Tony shouts "Ga La! Be careful!!" and Ruco gets shot in the arm and in that moment, Kevin feels the pain in his arm and he looks at Ruco in shocked, like he suspects, he knows, maybe, maybe not and Kevin goes to Ruco to help him as Tony arrives with car and save them.

At the hospital Kevin finds out Ruco is fine but needs some CT scan. He faces Tony and asks why Tony is there and well, Tony's story is really unbelievable since he supposedly DOESN'T KNOW Ruco that well. So he leaves and Kevin follows.

Meanwhile, Tavia arrives at the cinema, glad that she is just on time but well... Kevin never came, never called, couldn't call him. Poor girl. However, my question is for someone who feel this date is so important and with her ideal man and hero, whoever he may be as long as he has THAT face, how come she arrives looking like she always does? How come she doesn't make a special effort to wear sayyyy a dress, and let her hair down? Come on TVB! Be consistent but NOT THIS consistent! Can't you let Tavia have a pretty moment other than when she is about to sleep and she lets hair down and that's the only time I find her.. rather pretty. Who on earth will wear what she wore on a first date with her hot dream date?! Anyone would have made an effort. So annoyed.

Tony arrives at home, tells grandma Ruco is hurt and grandma doesn't believe when there is a knock and grandma opens the door as Tony shouts "Don't open!!" but too late. It is Kevin who politely tells grandma to leave them to talk and he knows Tony is Tai Fu Lung. Wait... is it Tai Fu Hung? Can't remember lar. AnywayTony knows he is now stuck as Kevin confronts him who is he to Ruco and is Ruco Ga La and who is Ga La. For someone about to find his long lost twin he sure looks very very angry. Maybe he doesn't know Ruco is his twin but is a lying person named Ga La. He nearly hurt Tony who refuses to say anything when Ruco rushes in (poor man just had a CT scan!!) and says emotionally to a rather angry Kevin "Let him go. I am Ga La Chai, also known as *** (can't remember the name he used, but I suppose his adopted name but shouldn't be a name Kevin recognises) and... I am your twin brother" and Kevin's eyes widened.

AND IT STOPPED THERE!! Ahhhhh the climax!! Have to wait 2 days for what happens next!! Nooooooo!!!!!!!!

This ONLY family portrait will be very poignant. I am already crying inside!

Anyway, great start, great end, wasted time with the really distracting Tavia story of her father. I don't mind her story with Kevin or Ruco but anything else like those cutesy comedic moments throw off the pace and kills the pace. Like I said, Tavia is a vase and even if a vase, give her justice and use her right! And dress her right also!

Performance wise, Kevin is wonderful, especially that scene where Ruco got shot and he felt the pain and the realisation, that how come I feel it too, could it be?! You can see it in his face. Kevin is not the most expressive actor but in the right role, he shines and this is the right role.

Tony is also doing fine, funny when he should be, serious when he should be but seriously, not leading man material. Sidekick is best for him, like Jazz Lam.

Tavia looks pretty with her hair down but I wish I could grab her specs and throw it away and also use a tissue to wipe the brown lip liner from her lips that makes her lips so brown! Give her some red please! I can't say her acting is bad; I mean Tavia is a wonderful competent actress and she shows she can be cute and all that but this is eye in the sky, this is a story of 2 brothers, if she is to be the reason for the quarrel, I can understand some of her scenes. But to force her into the core of the story with a story of her own and all those investigations is throwing the potential of this series into "salty water ocean" (literally). I feel so heart sick for this series. I feel so bad for Tavia. It could have been something but I am becoming so annoyed with Tavia not because of her acting but because she doesn't fit into the story in the flow of it. This story can do without her and cut the cutesy stuff like father, friend, detective agency, mentorship with Kevin and you will be left with  a hard core dramatic story of 2 brothers and their descend to hatred for one another or whatever.

Ruco.. oh Ruco... scheming, playful, flirty, action man Ruco. Perfection physically, fine specimen on how to be a man's man whilst wearing showy glasses and a great example of an actor who well.. acts very well. But tonight I feel as handsome and as wonderful Ruco was, Kevin takes the Best Performance mantel for that moment of realisation.

I am however not thrilled with the fact that Kevin doesn't seem too concerned looking for his twin anymore. I mean if I was someone looking for my win and I am confronted with a Mr Pittman and I am a great detective being bashed, whilst I deny I am who he thinks I am, I will surely be so eager to know when Mr Pittman last saw my mysterious brother, how he was, where was he. etc to trace him. And then I realise for the past few episodes Kevin was so busy chasing strangers he stopped finding his brother. He in fact sounded tired of being mistaken and pissed. Basically there is not that bridge to cover the next reunion scene in an emotional scene. If only there is a small scene of Kevin still looking or checking some website in Manila or whatever, that bridge would have had a more emotional impact in the would be reunion scene.

As for Jan and her obsession with the Kevin face, I suspect she gets very confused when she sees Ruco's scar on his chest and is badgered into a relationship with someone whom she ever slept with because of his looks and not the man he is unlike Ruco thinking Tavia is waiting for him as in not his face but him as a person. Again I feel Jan is being set up as someone incredibly shallow and a tweak would have made Jan a more sympathetic character. Right now I find her an anomaly, sometimes an annoyance and mostly just a plot devise and nothing more. I don't feel her more involved in the story than any other female character and not properly developed. And if she pushes the specs up the nose of her bridge again I will scream. Imagine, she constantly does that, to show nerdy cutesy whatever and yet during moment os emergency and panic, that spec seems permanent glued to her face. I wouldn't be surprised to see the specs on her when she is doing surgery. Not Tavia;s fault but the characterisation is seriously flawed. A really nice cute girl in a serious drama is fine; but in Eye In The Sky, to forcefully push Jan into the core storyline to me is just making this great series seems pretty ordinary at times.

And seriously, where is the EYE IN THE SKY?? Why not name it The Canon Of Mysteries or The Nikon Conspiracy or Con Camera?

Obligatory eyecandy pic of the day ...but a sad one ...

Yeap, it is the beginning of the end of a brief but wonderful love affair. Now comes the distrusts.

This episode illustrates what I have been saying from episode 1;  bloat. It starts with Tavia investigating an insurance cheat which of course showing how dedicated she is, how harsh Kevin is to her and also to allow for Ruco to fall for her because as he says "She's so cute". But something weird also.

Earlier we see Ruco seeing her climbing a tree to take pictures (has there ever been a more obvious investigator? How incredibly dumb is that?!), buying her buns, rain, fell, etc etc. Then at night we see someone dreaming the same sequence except it was Kevin, smiling in his sleep! Next day we see Ruco having a cold and he jokingly says he caught the rain twice; once for real, the other in his dream. Kevin wondered is it possible to dream of a real scenario without witnessing it? And Ruco replies maybe it is possible to think of someone so much you dream of them. Earlier we see Kevin suddenly  being very considerate to Tavia. So it is like this; Ruco had that dream but being the twin, Kevin felt Ruco's giddiness too and dreamed the same dream and so became a little too aware of Tavia.

Question is is Kevin's feelings a true reflection of his own true feeling? My answer is no.

Tony reminded Ruco Tavia is waiting for Kevin lookalike but Ruco is confident she will fall for him because what matters is deep inside, inner beauty and not looks. Unfortunately Ruco, TVB writers will emphasise on looks and if Kevin does fall for Tavia, maybe we can argue it is a mirror sort of love, the mirror being Ruco.

My problem with all these sequence is has there ever been a more obvious sequence of trying to jam pack entire reasoning into a simple 15 minutes or so sequence and say "HERE! TAKE IT! TAKE IT AS IT IS AND DON'T ASK QUESTIONS!". Questions like when did Ruco ever noticed Tavia beyond the fact he had slept with her? What's so cute about her that made him notice her more? What did she do personally to really attract his heart? None explained. I feel the entire time I am watching a forced reason for the breakup of the beautiful love story later on that is Ruco and Kevin. It felt so forced to me.

And the bloat; the investigations, the father, the waste of time. But we have a moment of connection between last episode and this; Ruco sits down with Coke in hand to watch how Law Lan suffers and grows angry when she tells someone she deserves the suffering and now that she lost all her money, she could sleep and her son even took her back into his life. To him she didn't suffer enough, in fact she found her light at the end of the tunnel. For that brief moment he looked deadly. Will he kill her?

And yet later on we see same Ruco giddy in love, ALL OF A SUDDEN, when previously he was just looking at Tavia but not intently. It felt jumpy, just to set the stage of a tragedy that breaks the brothers apart. But that isn't fair because the break starts later in this episode.

Ruco wants to get into Vivien's room to investigate the necklace. I am still wondering why? Why so persistent? The value? The revenge? Then it dawns on me; like his inability to forgive the old woman and his confidence that Tavia will love him because he is him, here is a guy who is perhaps deep down someone a tad egoistical and someone who will bear a grudge. Anyway, he did some techy stuff, goes into her room when she left the room to have dinner with blind owner and Kevin calls to remind him to come home for desert and Kevin just asked where is he, why so quiet and Ruco says he is at the swimming pool area. Problem is, Kevin is at the swimming pool area. Kevin was curious earlier why Ruco was so interested in Vivien and now he knows Ruco lied to him and although video didn't show it, Kevin checked and knew someone entered her room as soon as she left it. He goes to her room on an excuse to check some noise and using some techy stuff detected a hidden camera behind a painting. This time he knows Ruco is up to something.

Ruco happily having desert and suddenly Kevin asks how he earned a living all these years, no crime and Ruco laughed perhaps he should consider a life of crime. Ruco excuses himself and goes into his own room and we see now in his room is a hidden camera and Kevin is now observing Ruco whose back is facing the camera and he is looking at his phone, a video clip buffering at 40%, 60%, 80% and Ruco looks anxious and Kevin is intently waiting, because he suspects Ruco is waiting to watch Vivien's room.

And it ends there! Quite a climax!! My guess is Ruco knows Kevin knows and I suspect even Vivien knows someone knows. Meaning everyone knows but not necessarily on the same page.

And another speculation;m biggest villain is the blind owner.

But what is certain is the honeymoon period is over. From now on, there will be distrusts and when Ruco romances and losses Tavia, envy kicks in and when Ruco fails in whatever he wants to do, that's when he descends into total villainhood. We are given indication the true character of Ruco; so I suppose we can stop the pity and yet I still do. How much we pity him will depend on Kevin's conduct. I am hoping he won't go the classic "YOU DID A CRIME! I WILL ARREST YOU!!" and then things will be as ambiguous as it is interesting.

Acting wise, no complaints. Ruco is a standout with his giddy boy moment and his super devious moment and his super angry moment. You can see so many faces of him in this one episode and I enjoyed them all.

I even like cool Vivien.

I don't mind Tavia but I find her character increasingly purposeless except to create friction with the brothers. I feel such a waste of a good actress to have to play the useless cutesy nerdy klutzy girl that any other younger, prettier actresses can play. Yes Tavia is too old for this sort of role and she is not nearly pretty enough. But bear in mind her Jen is not supposed to be those pretty kind. She's a really nice girl but hers is ordinary nice. I don't expect her to hug a lamb and cry at the lamb's poor condition. That's too obvious. But I feel this series can do without Jen and it can do without the friction because of Jen. It is already tense enough as it is. Jen is just a waste of space thus far, however cute or likable she is. She and many characters unbalances this series.

Which is why what I ultimately don't like is why so many characters that makes no sense. What is Susan's purpose? Why are we shown how much Tavia's dad is struggling without her when it has nothing to do with the plot? What is Samantha's purpose? What do they have to do with the core story and where on earth is the eye in the sky? Is it merely surveillance cameras and that's it? Why not just name this Brother's Keeper 2?

Why is Ruco forever in a series that just fails to be consistent? Or am I mistaking this as Ruco's misfortune when it is actually TVB's style?

Which is why you must watch Ruse Of Engagement. There is love, there is rivalry between brothers for love but at the end of the day that is not the catalyst, that is not the be all and end all.

Obligatory eyecandy pic of the day ...

This is becoming my most favourite picture so I had to repost!

THAT flasback scene : 1 time

What an episode! Started out dramatically but nothing to do with the series, then became quite cute and touching and the ending, woahhhhhh.... woahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Anyway Kevin saved Tavia and that girl. Destined to be a pair. My only question is how come Tavia is always using those dark brown lip liner that makes her lips so... brown?

Vivien Yeo appears as a tenant at Y Suite Hotel, someone cool,.beautiful and rich and who only stays a few months in a year or something and who does yoga totally nude which the manager tried to peek and got beaten by her badly. Ruco smelled her perfume on the manager's jacket and was convinced that was the same smell as the one who stole the necklace and was convinced he is on the right track.

Ruco and Kevin will have their birthdays soon and Ruco promised to celebrate with his BFF and grandma as always. Meanwhile, Ruco pretended to have no home to stay and when he got really drunk (real and not pretend), he woke up on Kevin's bed and to have his real parents prepare him a room on the rooftop. He feels accepted as part of them, especially when they said they're celebrating Kevin's birthday and Ruco thought he got to go too. So he asked Tony to think for him a way to not attend his usual birthday party and Tony felt ditched, like some scorned spurned lover. Rather funny. On the big day, Ruco found out the 3 of them will be going out for dinner and Ruco was not invited. His face fell, heart dropped. So he went back to Tony to have someone spend some time with him on his own birthday only to have Tony acting like a spurned lover and preferred the company of Samantha and their banter was natural and so funny, culminating in Ruco wishing Tony death in a very cute way. So poor Ruco, home alone drinking and playing ping pong ball and he got a call from his father and he instantly lit up only to be told to please record a TV series. Face fell again and he went down to the house only to have the 3 of them bringing out a cake and singing happy birthday. The look of pure confusion and then pure joy on Ruco's face as both made a wish and later excitedly like a little boy Ruco smilingly asked "How come you know it's my birthday today?!" and Kevin smiled and said "Don't you remember who hired you?" and we see a flashback scene where Kevin saw Ruco's birthdate on his file. They all was surprised Ruco was fooled and Ruco said honestly "I mean I am a stranger here so it's normal if you don't invite me to your son's birthday party since I am not family" and his mom confessed they never celebrated because of the lost twin. But now since they saw it was Ruco's day too they decided to celebrate and his mother actually asked Ruco if he is willing to be her god son and his father asked the same question and Ruco was in tears as they gave him pillows and daily necessities as if welcoming him into their family and Ruco called her god mom and god dad and Kevin playfully asked "What about me?" and it was his happiest day as they took for the first time a family picture.

Ruco rushed home to Tony during midnight and woke him up to excitedly tell him the good news and then asked Tony "What about my birthday gift?"

Now this is where we see the 2 faces of Ruco. One an excited little boy who got his wish and you feel so happy for him. The other, a small minded angry resentful man who hates and never forgives.

Law Lan the woman who stole him as a baby and sold him was tricked to the police station that her son got arrested only to come home to find Tony, face covered had stolen her box of money and she ran after him and he threw her entire savings into the street and she rushed down to pick them up as she fought with beggars and homeless to get her money. And we see Ruco looking on with deep satisfaction from the bridge as Tony said "I don't know if what we did was right. Seeing her like this reminds me of grandma..." and Ruco angrily said "Don't you pity her! She was the reason I had a bad childhood. Who can I blame? It is her fault and this is her comeuppance, a small payback for her sin to me that she can never repay. She deserved it!" and as Tony felt bad Ruco walked on and staring coldly and with a satisfied smile.

And that was his birthday gift that Tony got for him. Tracking down the old woman and ensuring the rest of her life is as pitiful as his life was as a child.

Do remember, Kevin was the better man who did not arrest her despite knowing the truth,but if you were Ruco, would you have done the same thing? On one hand she has had her comeuppance in a life of loneliness, with a cat, little cash and a son who refused to see her. A bigger man will say that's enough and what's done is done. More so when Ruco in a way had a life now, a good job, good friends, and he in a way joined back with his family. If he had stopped now, life is perfect. But he can't. There is this anger within him and frankly can't blame him. I probably would have done the same thing to the woman. It is different between fate giving the woman a hard life and yourself having the satisfaction of making sure she suffered. He never intended to kill her. I thought he would but he is not so cruel. But he is mean enough to want to do what he did. And that last scene, the brilliance of it is it explained the 2 brothers having grown up in different environment had different moral values, you can say one is right and one is wrong and maybe you agree with what Ruco did, and will say "She deserved it" which is normal but deep down you will feel this guy... he is not a good man and character is everything and he is lacking that character to be a better man hence the reason to his eventual downfall. He had a choice now and unfortunately he chose badly.

Brilliant second half of the episode.

Kevin acted well with his perpetual frown; smart frown, angry frown, worried frown, all sort of frown. In fact when he was Ruco, that was basically Law Ba but seriously, he did well as the serious older brother.

Ruco shows... no... proves ... no... what's the word...demonstrates why he is simply masterful. Kevin in the Scoop interview said Ruco acts very expressively through his eyes, body, something like that and it shows. TV does him justice because it zooms in and you can see every minute detail. The excitement when he thought he was invited to the dinner, to the extreme disappointment when he felt abandoned yet again and finally the pure joy when he was accepted. And the final scene, the hatred, the scorn he feels for that woman who ruined the first half of his life was pure masterclass acting. I do not ever want Ruco to look at me that way, ever. I'd rather he looks at me like how he looks at Tony.

Ruco truly shines in here. He looks great, suits up great, physically top notch, healthy, glowing, fit, tanned, handsome and the acting of 3 sides, all shown in one episode; childlike wonder, abandoned and pure hatred. He speaks his lines clearly, never missed a word of his dialogue ever, he stands straight, great posture and he charms as he is deadly. What more can a fan ask for?

Well... a better overall series. This character is just all too familiar, setting is the usual and the presence of other unnecessary moments could potentially cut the development of the main characters and rush things. Ruco could just sleepwalk in this character he has played at least twice before BUT this time there is an added edge; that descent to hatred, envy, villainhood. This is where Ruco does his magic; he is given a well written role that exists in a not so consistently well written series, and he is doing very very well.

I am still waiting for the day where Ruco gets to be a bona fide leading man in a long series that is structured in such a way that his character is important by default and not because his acting made himself prominent to the viewers. I don't mind him in a historical series, only pity is if it is in China, his great beautiful clear diction will be dubbed. Maybe he can speak own mandarin. I don't even care if he goes to Taiwan and film an idol series there, maybe as 2nd lead. I haven't watched those same old Taiwanese idol series for a very long time since I can't stand the acting and the accent but you know what, if Ruco is in it, I will bear it all. What I mean is I just want him in a great role in a great story surrounded by great actors that matters. Yes, Kevin was supposed to be in this as the top billing, we all know that and I don't begrudge him. Ruco can never be the 8th prince that Kevin became and Kevin deserved the accolades. But try as they might, officially Ruco is 2nd lead but to me from the looks of it, Ruco bulldozed Kevin in terms of performance (which was easy because Kevin is not the best actor there is) and grabs the attention like a co-lead. He's no 2nd lead in effect.

As for Tony, he is a fine actor but I worry for him in his next role which will be the supposed main lead and Ruco as 2nd lead in that pirate series. I fear Tony won't have that first lead experience or charisma and frankly, as fine an actor he is with the best chemistry with Ruco, he is no lead actor. So again, Ruco like in many series before this will end up as the unofficial lead having the burden to carry the series.

As for Tavia, I don't doubt her acting prowess. I enjoyed her performance but I really question if Tavia is tested in this role. It is same old same old. I hated how the story changed. I hated how Tavia is essentially in a overpublicised sidekick role of a vase who is used as a catalyst of grudge between 2 brothers and yes, like some out there I question does she have the goods to be that sort of catalyst; can she be the Vesper Lynd to James Bond, that sort. So the emphasis has to be on her nature and whilst Jen is a really really nice girl, she doesn't stand out as exceptionally different that 2 hot guys will want her, more so fight to the death for her or that she is in a situation where she has to choose between 2 brothers. I am not saying she is not pretty enough. In fact I find her prettiest moment was when she was at the hospital, hair down and lesser powder on her face. I question what is so darn special about Jen that puts her apart from other girls out there? I got so annoyed that she kept pushing up the specs and during her entire ordeal, from kidnapped to chained to almost drowned to CPR, that darn specs NEVER left her face, NEVER sideways or whatever. I find this series unbalanced because in part of her presence and how she interpretes Jen. Her specs is like those bags that the actors never stop holding onto in any scene or those jacket they never take off even if they're back home. It is simply unrealistic. Of course, hit me with the comment "Yeah 90% burn on the face, 30 surgeries later and you have Ruco's face, that is realistic huh?". Fair comment but that is in furtherance of a plot. Whatever Tavia has to do and with her specs, nothing to do with that.

Anyway I  have read fans complaining since he is not often in any episode, it is boring, will miss it, etc etc. That won't do Ruco any good. I may wonder about the effectiveness of the series, the purpose of useless characters, complain about Tavia being a vase and in effect the sidekick (and she is) and what nots, I never doubted Ruco. He delivers. And it is a bonus he.. is.. so.. dreamy.. in.. here! Ahhhhhhh!!

So handsome.

A follow up to the 2 questions I previously asked and answered;

Why Ruco will turn evil?
I suppose something to do with his migraine? He seems like such a decent fella now. So must be something physiological rather than psychological unless he poisoned his adopted parents which is something he buried deep inside and so it means he is officially mental.
I saw an interview in Scope where Kevin and Ruco both analysed their characters, especially Ruco's Nik rather well and it was revealed by Kevin "If he was willing to just let go, just once, he would have had a happy ending. His ending could have been both ways; good or bad but he chose to emphasise on the fact that life had been unfair to him and because of that he was unwilling to let go of this resentment in him" and Ruco agreed. Kevin was eloquent in explaining Nik and Ruco said something along the same line. But what was that one thing?

Will Tavia love Ruco or Kevin?
Right now she has hots for Ruco (looking as Kevin). But since Kevin is the lead, Tavia is the lead and Ruco is the villain, I guess Kevin gets the girl. No loss man! Ruco gets the meatier role!
In the same interview, we see a scene where Ruco said he broke up with Tavia because he knew Tavia was in love with Kevin all along. Kevin said he never ever thought of fighting for anything with Ruco. So I suppose the tipping point was Jen, which is rather blehhhhhh. But I will suppose Ruco will give it more layered reasons than that; that deep down he deeply resents the life his brother had and the life he could have had. Maybe the migraine caused all that because he is now such a nice guy you know, how come suddenly so negative? Anyway is Jen worth the fight between the brothers? I think she was not the sole reason or the main reason. To Nik, she was just a 1 night stand and I doubt he would fall for her. In the argument scene, Ruco shouted that Kevin always had whatever Ruco wanted. So I suppose in the end it is not love but pure envy. And I hate it that Tavia would fall for Kevin. Yes she met him first, but later slept with the other. But all she had with Kevin was the first look. The one she actually interacted with and ended up willingly having sex with was Ruco so in the end it must be beyond looking like Kevin. Can't we have an ending where the villain thinks he lost the girl  but actually had her all the time if only he had opened his eyes, heart and soul? Can't we have a super dedicated girl who loves only one ala My Love From Another Star (or whatever is the title) where our heroine upon knowing our hero is an alien still pursues him and even considers marrying him when she thought he was a fugitive criminal so that she doesn't have to testify against him if he was arrested? I do hate K drama's singlemindedness but in times of TVB who is always TWO mindedness, I just wish TVB learn a bit from K drama to perhaps show a very singleminded determined lady who knows what she wants and sticks by it.

I already pity Nik.

Obligatory eyecandy pic of the day ...and I am generous so I let you choose...

A lot of Ruco eh? Even ASTRO agrees because you now have double dose of Ruco, both 9.30pm, both starring a few same people in similar roles and one of which is my fave of the year and the other maybe will be, yes you have in one channel Eye In The Sky and the other Ruse Of Engagement. Both awesome titles!

Too much Ruco love?

Ha! Even Kevin agrees! Of course in Eye In The Sky, Kevin has to choose between his true love (Ruco) and constant love (KFC, perpetually on his table). Of course one is considered narcissistic incestous love since Kevin basically loves Kevin now looking like Ruco, his brother.

As for the story tonight, lots on Tavia and her investigating from a delinquent not so teen girl to a missing not so teen girl and the connection to a terrifying case of a body of a young woman who was kidnapped 5 years ago and was basically tortured for 5 years and then ran over by a taxi.

And what does it have to do with Eye In The Sky? Absolutely nothing. What does it have to do with the tale of the twin brothers? Also nothing. Just a plot to let Tavia do something and have reasons for her to hang around one brother to realise she is in love with him and for the other brother to hang around her to realise he is in love with her. Whose who, you guess.

Back to plot proper, Ruco still wants to find the necklace. Why? I suppose hatred? I mean man, you got a new face, a good job, a good friend in your bro, why still live a life of crime when you can wash your hands off a life of crime? Well... he doesn't like his new face and Ruco is destined to have this conflict with his brother. Tellingly his brother told him he arrested his best friend in school for a murder, since even if they were best friends, his best friend committed a crime. YEAH but Ruco, that was best friend and it was murder. Yours was arson and burglary and you're his long lost twin brother who had such a hard life which could have been him instead of you. Guilt trip him to shut up! Of course, no story then. So why not switch to Ruse Of Engagement in 7 episodes and watch that instead? Big spoiler; no happy endings there. So will  we have happy ending here like Brother's Keeper even if it was around 20 years too late? Well Sam didn't end up with Rachel, that to me is a happy ending.

Anyway basically not much to say for this episode because 90% was irrelevant although I am beginning to think KFC maybe has a huge part in the twin conspiracy.

P/S To Ta-Co fans (Tavia-Ruco) who has been envious of Ke-Ta (Kevin-Tavia) pairing, there is a cute scene here about espresso and coffee and some tongue twisters between Ta-C0 although tongue twisters were uttered and not .... done to one another.

Other than that, quite a nice episode except it really isn't Eye In The Sky.

Oh I am running out of Ruco pictures from Eye In The Sky. It seems no one is screencapturing all his moments thus far, or maybe I am not looking hard enough.

Who is the mysterious figure who stole the necklace?
Tavia's twin? Tavia herself? After the rubbish in Line Walker, anything can happen.

Nope. Should be Vivien Yeo (thought she's a cop?) and she is in Tavia's original role, only lesser screen time and is probably getting the coolest character. How come Vivien is suddenly TVB's female action star? Remember her fight scene in Ruse Of Engagement? Tavia is shortchanged. I know fans love nerdy klutzy bespectacle cute Tavia but for me, Tavia could have been cool. Cool is so much better and so much more refreshing than the usual nice girl stuck between 2 guys. I am still hoping maybe the skinny legs mysterious figure is Tavia but yeah... wishful thinking,

Why Ruco will turn evil?
I suppose something to do with his migraine? He seems like such a decent fella now. So must be something physiological rather than psychological unless he poisoned his adopted parents which is something he buried deep inside and so it means he is officially mental.

Who is the mysterious figure who stole the necklace?
Tavia's twin? Tavia herself? After the rubbish in Line Walker, anything can happen.

Will Ruco die in this series?
I hope not and if he does, glorious death please.

Will Tavia love Ruco or Kevin?
Right now she has hots for Ruco (looking as Kevin). But since Kevin is the lead, Tavia is the lead and Ruco is the villain, I guess Kevin gets the girl. No loss man! Ruco gets the meatier role!

Obligatory eyecandy pic of the day ...

I am hyperventilating. I am hoping it could be like original story because a mysterious female figure has appeared but is she.... I mean is she... Tavia?! Can't be. Who knows? Maybe this is Line Walker, everybody is a spy, mole, twin and double crossers! Let's hope so!

Anyway this episode will surely garner your pity and make the case for us all to forgive Ruco fo whatever wrong later on. Poor kid. He was badly beaten by his adopted parents who probably killed themselves to avoid debt or died of disease. He lived on the streets. When Kevin was 10 was in Europe, poor Ruco was stealing and eating garbage as food. Tony saved him and they became best bud.

So how did Kevin become Ruco? Thank god no repeat of that kissing scene which shows Tavia remembers it like it is a precious memory. She is looking for THAT Kevin. For Ruco, it was quite simply nothing to remember.

Anyway Ruco ran away to Manila with Tony, whilst there stole a precious gemstone only to be stopped by a mysterious female figure (TAVIA?! But how?!) who caused some explosion and stole the necklace and poor Ruco's face got burnt very badly. Now don't we all wish if we are lie 90% burn on the face to have 30 plus surgeries and become.. Ruco. Ha! Lots of guys will sign up for that! Yeah I know, unrealistic. Anyway a side effect apart from extreme hotness and supreme handsomeness, Kevin now Ruco suffers from extreme migraine that nothing can cure and even Kevin could feel it. Anyway they returned to HK and got news the blind rich man (owner of Y Suite hotel) probably has the necklace (how? When? Why?) and so thought of ways to get close until Tony saw Kevin and Ruco finally found his real family. Tony asked Ruco if he will tell Kevin the truth but to Ruco, Kevin is a strict man so he may end up arresting Ruco.

A great scene was when Ruco had dinner with Kevin and family and as they were talking about Kevin, Ruco saw Kevin's pictures and felt  very guilty in a way that he caused Kevin his police career. The guilt is all in his face, a sense of regret. As they were talking about Kevin's childhood, we are shown how Ruco had a harsh childhood and in the end the parents quieted a bit when they saw Ruco was very quiet, tears in his eyes. He did tell them he was orphaned but we all know it was more than that. Throughout there was no sense of envy, just  a wishful thinking that one day he can join them as a family, as symbolised by his avatar in the Wii Fit game. That to me was masterclass scene. Simple and yet says it all.

However Ruco is still planning a bad deed and that will be his downfall. He wants to find the necklace and the person responsible for his new face. If he had let go maybe we have a happy ending. Kevin would have felt enough guilt to not pursue the whole arson case. But then the drama stops. Once you dig a hole, you will keep digging until you bury yourself in it. And so we see the descent of Ruco. So Tony will seduce the head maid (sorry, just can't think of the word right now) and got into the blind man's room to search the room for the necklace and the door opens and blind man was staring straight at Tony!!

Meanwhile Tavia gets booted out by her father in an excruciatingly overacting scene by Tavia. Sorry, she was almost unwatchable in that scene. I am still waiting for her to bloom rather than be a vase right now. She will join Samantha's detective agency and Kevin has agreed to be her mentor to help harness her photographic memory.

And here is the bloat. Samantha, detective agency, etc etc etc. Get all those out and this series would have been consistent and focused. But this episode, certain scenes got suddenly cut off for no good reasons which was annoying.

One thing I can't complain is the performance of 2 male leads. Kevin is wonderful as the stony faced and harsh errr Kevin. Ruco is a dream. He can even make plunging his pained face into the bucket of iced water so sexy, probably melted the ice cubes instantly on touch. He is that hot. Oh acting wise, fantastic. I appreciate his subtlety and he plays out well with Kevin's deadpan sort of acting. They compliment one another. The anomaly is Tavia and her irritating glasses. Give her contacts please because I have never seen anyone push up their glasses so many times in a space of a minute. I know it is to show naiveness, gullibility and what nots but don't you see what's wrong? In a series with 2 very down to earth male characters that is potential for great drama, there are other semi comedic silly characters that pull down this series. It is like you're watching Game Of Thrones and all of a sudden Mr Bean appears. Very distracting.

But Ruco, oh Ruco is a dream.

Let me warn you; if you intend to continue to follow this post of mine, be forewarned I will repeat...NO! I will scream my love for Ruco in every post because I am sure he won't disappoint me. He never did. Only the script, the story, the material, his co stars will disappoint me.

But the real star is ... guess!!


Can't find that screencapture so here is the next best thing;

Even Kevin took a bite out of that succulent looking thigh. Yum!

What's next huh? I wonder will the actors moan that "Why KFC? Why not abalone?"

As if Kevin and gang will eat KFC! Ha! Best joke ever!!

Obligatory eyecandy pic of the day ...

Hot kiss flashback count : 2 times at least.

Hot revelation. So Ruco is Ga La Chai (who does not wear glasses) and he did what he did to save his BFF that is Tony who is a good for nothing guy whose greatest thing he ever did was to pick up a young homeless Ruco and bring him home. Ruco had a rough life. He was sold to a couple whose child just died and seems like he had a good happy life until his parents died suddenly from illness and he was in the streets until he met Tony who was raised by his grandma.But don't feel bad for them. When Kevin met the grandma she pretended she didn't know Ruco when she already knew he had surgery and all that. Tony continued to be a lazy bum using modern tech to steal from rich men's houses and Ruco was the one who had to keep saving his ass. Why he saved him using arson was because Tony seduced some big gangster's GF. So... they two are just small time dudes? I was thinking Ruco got adopted by some big time gangster. Why he is at Y Suite Hotel is debatable and I hope it is because he wants a job or get near Kevin and not to steal or whatever. That would be just too silly and small time for a plot.

On the one hand  I am quite intrigued by the revelation but on the other I feel is that it? Small time crooks? Really? Serious?! And mind you Tony supposedly owns several lands, that was how they traced to Yuen Long's house and so why!is!he!stealing?!?!?!

I am getting pissed at how small scale this series is. Imagine a brain like Kevin as a cop and he had to use it to investigate who was smoking in the hotel. Dear lord! What a waste!

As for those special effects with Tavia and her memory, it is getting annoying. In fact entire series apart from part 1 had nothing to do with Eye In The Sky. I hate to see another Brother's Keeper.

Acting wise, excellent throughout. Kevin balances super serious guy with a guy caught in a dilemma; he wants to find his brother and yet will he surrender his brother as the arson to clear his own name? I like that he didn't have an answer. This is not clear cut stuff and the ambiguity is interesting. 

Ruco continues to impress. I love how he reacted to Law Lan's explanation and calmly, quietly but with enough of anger and hatred to say in a cool calm voice that whatever hard befell Law Lan she deserved it. He was right but does speak volumes at his simmering anger that can be quite malicious. He did sleep with Tavia and just left. I love how as the search led to the identity of the guy he was saving, those are familiar territory for him since he obviously knew what happened from thereon and throughout the series he was walking at the back, observing and with a perpetual sly smile on his face, like a man who knows a life changing secret that others don't and in a way how foolish they all are that he has the upper hand. Such subtleties is just... well... good writing and fantastic acting territory. 

But I still dislike how other unnecessary stuff is wasting my time; like Tavia and her father, like Samantha and her detective agency. I suspect these 3 will spend some time investigating other cases before the big finale as to theirs. That will divert attention.And her photographic memory right now does not serve anything except for a slight relation to a plot and perhaps she is the human eye in the sky.

But back to intriguing storyline. Ruco's adopted parents died suddenly from illness. Will TVB dare to show Ruco had something to do with that and so build a bridge between present Ruco and deep down a very evil Ruco? Because I don't see what he will do next that will make him truly evil unless it was something continuing from the unseen past. Thus far Ruco is still smiling smugly to himself at knowing the secret no one knows. That perpetual small smile no one noticed. Funny how Kevin and Tavia never questioned how Ruco knows where to go or buy drinks in an area supposedly he never grew up with. Or is that just my own assumption into the plot? I mean I will feel weird how come this dude knows his way around.

Anyway let's see how this pans out. Only 20 episodes so we should know that bridge I was talking about soon enough. Please let that not be fighting over Tavia.

I will end this short commentary with now the obligatory observation;

Love Ruco's fashion in this episode and yes, he ... is ... SO HOT!!

Interesting picture that basically sums up the 2 characters without much words needed;


But I feel there is one anomaly in the following picture with regards to how the characters are portrayed;

No no not Tavia who is the luckiest woman alive who get to hot kiss Kevin and will probably later get to hot kiss Ruco. Look at the way our 2 handsome men sit; I would expect Kevin to sit cross leg since his character probably graduated somewhere great, classy, more mature, etc whilst I would expect Ruco to sit like Kevin since he seems to have come from bad background. It is a matter of nature and instinct in the way you seat so I find this picture rather weird.

As for Tavia, I know she plays a dowdy girl (with loads of make up as per usual) but seriously, can't she tie up her hair properly? Must it be so literal?

Obligatory eyecandy pic of the day ...


I think Ruco had no intention to frame Kevin of a crime. I don't even think he knows and I do think he was saving someone but... WHO?

Anyway Tavia realises Kevin is not Ruco because he doesn't have a scar on his body. Kevin believes he has a twin and true enough his parents said his younger twin died when he was born. So... how come ah? Ahhhhh investigation leads to the mid wife who confesses she stole and sold Ruco and showed mama a dead baby!!

That's the gist of this episode. Now what is intriguing is the level of acting in a few simple scenes that aren't simple.

Kevin is so far great as the stony faced super serious high efficient dude intent on clearing his name before he returns to police duty. He had the right acting, the rights moves, But it is Ruco that absolutely impresses with subtlety. When you watch this episode, notice him even if he's at the back and he is always at the back but you can see from his expressions, his mind is thinking, devising, spinning. His subtle changes as he looks at Tavia whom we all know (and is reminded TWICE in flashbacks) had sex with Ruco (as Kevin). Ruco's eyes have a glint of recognition for the girl. Then there's the whole theory of a twin and getting the parents to admit it and you can see how it distresses him. And finally when the midwife was confessing, he was also as eager for the answer, he wasn't all out screaming "TELL US THE TRUTH!!" because that would be odd if Kevin was calm and Ruco supposedly unconnected seems too concerned. No, he was subtle, he looked even more distressed, like he finally solved a mystery. Earlier Kevin said having a twin gives 2 theories; one his twin died and whoever it was was the arsonist who looked just like him out to frame him. Again notice how nonchalantly Ruco replied without a beat "No, it can't be" because he probably didn't know he had a twin or he never had any intention of framing Kevin. So the 2nd theory is the only possible theory; twin is still alive. Again it is all in the subtle facial expressions.

I have no doubt Ruco and Kevin are equal leads and in case some fans feel Ruco is given a bad deal, please don't think so. Ruco may be at the back but he had a lot to do, a lot of slight emotions to give, just enough to hint but not enough to give them away. Let's put it this way; he wasn't Tavia in BTROC where Tavia as the evil person rolled her eyes SO OBVIOUSLY. Ruco wasn't obvious but since my eyes never left him, I really could appreciate those subtleties. What an amazing mesmerizing performance tonight. It really helps that he is so damn hot. I mean my god, the security costume, and his off duty costumes, all are my ideal Ruco fashion and I have no complaints for those, so far. And his eyeglasses are not usual but not too fancy. It is however his acting which is his best accessory; he is this man smiling, so helpful, so nice and yet you know it is a mask and I suppose once stripped could either be a very scary person or I hope, a person with an agenda that we could empathise with. Knowing Ruco and how he handled Zhou Yu in 3 Kingdoms RPG, my guess is he could make us empathise with the worst sort. That takes experience and some nifty writing. And physically he is just made for this physical role. I wished he looked that way in ROE where he was at his thinnest.

The problem is everybody else.

So many seemingly unconnected people that just wastes the precious screen time. I also got tired of Tavia's "I m so depressed, I am so angry he can't recognise me" and her constant shouting which is so one note, so luckily it lasted 2 episodes at best. And please, no more repeat of that scene. I get it; they had sex. No need to remind us all. Move on already!

I still dislike the whole Tavia and detective agency. It feels her role is an afterthought. I wished she was sassy and equal to the guys. I wish it is a security company in a tall office building. The service apartment part is dragging the intensity of this series down. This series wants to be cute, quirky, funny, serious and mysterious all at the same time and it feels disjointed at times. Which is typical of all TVB series anyway.

However the core story is intriguing. Which is why I love ROE episode 7 onwards. Because it is one of those rare TVB series where it is self contained, it knew when to stop and when not to add too much. It is a one off sort of series and I hope Eye In The Sky will have the same treatment soon instead of branching out to unrelated stories.

But oh Ruco Chan, so hot. Ouch! Kevin also is handsome in a mature steady sort of way. It is as if this is modern 8th Prince minus the relaxed attitude, so he is a bit like 4th prince plus 8th prince from BBJX. Whilst Kevin looked too thin and haggard, his acting did not suffer as much. But then not many actor of that age or around so could stand next to Ruco as in this series and look healthy when Ruco himself looked like he just walked out of some sports poster.

Please don't let my Ruco obsession from watching this series. There are other good stuff too.

I am watching My Love From Another Star and I understand why that series is a super hit even if I feel it shouldn't. If there is a-typical TVB series,there is a-typical K-drama. I wouldn't be wrong to say 8 episodes of My Love From Another Star is equivalent to 2 episodes of Eye In The Sky. It is that slow. Admittedly korean guys are tall and slim but looks like they hides six packs under the heavy jacket and sweater and I love how K drama always portray the women as proactive; they love they will say so, no hiding. But you can basically summary one action for each episode. You can't do the same for Eye In The Sky which deserves some attention for its own brand of hot guys and super action. K dramas are one purpose only which tends to drag, TVB series tends to divert attention to too many stuff which is what Eye In The Sky is in danger of doing. But loving K drama doesn't mean you can't love TVB series, they aren't exclusive. I do hope Eye In The Sky can learn from K drama to be more precise and a bit more focused but I don't hope it to be too focused that nothing else matters. K drama acting is either stony faced but eyes is full of expressions or too much expressions but either way it is so obviously written on their face. Eye In The Sky in the form of Ruco shows there can be a balance in all these elements that teases the audience and reward us for being attentive and yet not give too much away that it becomes too obvious.

My point is Ruco right now is my sex god, my love god, my greek adonis god and my acting god. Ruco, I bow to thee for your awesomeness and both my heart and my mind acknowledges that and you do know, heart and mind rarely agrees.

So handsome.

P/S I need more Ruco pics from this series, pronto!!

I watched all 3 episodes at one go. Why Ruco didn't appear in episode 1 is obvious. Question is how come it is so? Ahhh plot thickens. I am just disappointed Tavia's role is as boringly expected. Oh how I wish she was as she was in the sales presentation. But she is funny and effective in this role.

I must say this; Kevin impresses. I like his serious deadpan look. But it is Ruco that makes me go oooohs and ahhhs. Physically he is slimmer than in Outbound Love where he was arguably the biggest there but in here he looks physically fit. His first scene was mesmerising because he had the right moves, the right clothes and right hair. In fact I love his off duty looks as well which was how he used to dress until he became obsessed with the current wannabe hip hop look and sometimes the Amish look. I want him back in tight jeans, great sneakers, tight shirt and open button checkered shirt, please!!! He looks simply sensational. Acting wise, what more can I say? His character Nik is intriguing. I think he plays off well with Kevin who by the way had a hot make out scene with Tavia.

And why is Jonathan Cheung now forever stuck with the Fan surname? Like he copyrighted it.

I have no complaints about the story or the acting even if I am confused why some unnecessary characters are there to dilute the plot (Tony Hung, etc). But man.... Ruco looks and is hot. Sizzling hot. So handsome.

But hey, other than eyecandy (where for obvious reasons the 2 men are far more beautiful than the girls in this series and also much much sexier), the story's good and the acting's good.

You know what, I think I will post one hot Ruco picture for every entry in this post from now on! I am just happy Ruco is back to clingy pants. As for Kevin, admittedly he is much too slim and face a bit frozen but he is still a good looking man and the character of super serious super detective is really right up his alley. What I don't get is why set this at some high end service apartment, wouldn't it be better at some major huge commercial building to justify the number of security guards and some sticky security situation? It just feels too much like Hotelier.

Anyway, Ruco picture of the day!

Sorry if this has so little plot in my writing. I am back to being Ruco-fied. Let me calm down a bit and I will talk about the plot at some point. What we do know is Ruco was Kevin, he did something to save someone, changed his looks and back to HK and up to no good. He is of course the long lost twin brother Kevin isn't aware he has. Tavia met serious Kevin but interacted with Ruco (looking like Kevin) and had a one night stand in one of the creepiest scene. Why creepiest? They were making out when she said she felt like someone's watching them and there was a huge portrait of her father in the small room and earlier we are shown her father sits behind the portrait to see the proceedings in the room through the small hole in the portrait. Of course he wasn't there then but what if? Ruco (as Kevin) said to her whoever's watching can watch and learn and she laughed and they continued kissing and I was thinking what if her dad is behind the portrait and he is looking at his daughter having sex with a stranger guy.

So creepy.

I haven't watched this series, yet because I was busy with Wolf Hall. I wanted to give this series 110% of my attention. From what I heard, pretty positive reviews so for once there won't be "I will stop watching because I hate that girl" sorta talk which Ruco always finds himself in. I saw some images and not happy that they looked like Brother's Keeper but Ruco looks mighty handsome so that's a plus point until the minus point that's the draggy tripartite love and hate and what nots. I am hoping there is more than meets the eye with Tavia's character.

I welcome your comments but since I am probably 2 episodes slower, I will appreciate any spoiler posts is avoided or at least preceded by the word SPOILER!!

Still haven't watched yet. But yeah! Title is EYE IN THE SKY, one of the coolest English title. Anyway a handsome picture of handsome man for the time being ...

Anyway, publicity poster...

See! Ruco was bona fide lead until TVB decided to make him a villain and bring in Kevin Cheng.

Long time no update! Now some update. Still no news on official English title or whether TVB will screw the Chinese title like they did with the sales presentation plot (hopefully not!). So here is my speculation.

Fans have been calling it Eye In The Sky. There is another camp that calls it Heaven's Sight. Both are accurate translation of the Chinese title,  天 (Sky/Heaven) 眼 (Eye/Sight).

It is just a matter of whether you wanna be poetic or not. So imagine this;

Eye In The Sky will connote a series about espisionage or detective work or thriller, something involving stunts and actions and  betrayals and whole lotta drama. Doesn't it give you that feeling? It can also be about fantasy as in like Greek Gods playing games with human's fate, like Odysseus.

Heaven's Sight is more K-drama territory for me. It connotes love story, tragic perhaps, lots of suffering souls and yet all about love, rivalry and in the end perhaps a half sad, half happy ending involving 2 individuals.

So my question to you is; which one you want
天眼 to be? I'd rather Eye In The Sky. I am sick of love stories. TVB never does good love story. Of course this one looks set to be a semi love story which sickens me. Is TVB irrelevant or are they only good at riding the relevance of others? When will TVB ever go back to being relevant as in being the one people ride on? Or has TVB never been such a force to be reckoned with?

But one answer is to me certain. The question is Will Ruco die in this series and my answer is a resounding HE HAS TO BECAUSE HE IS SUPER VILLAIN AND SUPER VILLAIN HAS TO DIE A SUPER MEMORABLE WAY AND THUS BECOME SUPER MEMORABLE VILLAIN.

It does look like it! More BTS pictures of a very very very very happy Tavia. Wonder what's so funny?

Translated by me to the best of my ability. Ruco's part starting from around 2 minute and it is really about what Ruco thinks about Kevin and a very sly question in the end about Ruco's plans for Mainland China.

Ever since Kevin returned to TVB, not only has he lost 10 pounds, he has also become much cooler. Ruco certainly feels Kevin has changed a lot personality wise.

Kevin has really matured a lot. I mean I can really feel it. When I was filming with him, I can see he really has matured a lot, he is now like a big brother (note: in a good way, not in a bossy way, like a big brother taking care of young ones).

Did you ask him about him expanding his career to Mainland China? (Note : I thought this was the host's way of asking whether Ruco asked Kevin about expanding career to China but the above is literal translation)

No no, we haven't started yet. We have just started filming for about a week. We did chat a lot, he shared with me about his filming experience in Mainland China and how it was over there. But I feel  due to our tight filming schedule, our time is very very limited so I really hope in near future I will have more time to discuss about that with him.

I do have to say Ruco seems rather chatty with Tavia and with Kevin but so far no chatty pics between Kevin and Tavia. However there is one video where you can see how close Kevin and Tavia together, she seems very very at ease with him. Is it me or does Tavia seem a bit very very cheerful to be in this series? I can't even feel that sort of chemistry between Tavia and her "contracted" real life beau, Him Law! Anyway, I am sure they can talk a lot with the amount of waiting for their places. You can even see Ruco and Kevin discussing on perhaps how to act a particular scene. I really love Ruco's style in here. Clean, clear, and with glasses.




BLESSING CEREMONY (28.05.2014??)

There is a story behind this picture as to why Kevin has a plaster above his eye. You can read it here. By the way in the picture above Kevin is starting to look like Agent Aaron Hotchner from Criminal Minds.

By the way, Tavia! Ruco is a much better catch than Him Law!! Go for him!!

Taken from here.

I really do wonder how many bowls they had between them?

I don’t know what to feel about Eye In The Sky. The story seems to have shifted and change so much, I feel it now is a series with a great title but the same old story. However the prospect of Ruco as some evil dude is interesting but I’d rather there is an assassin somewhere. Anyway some more BTS pictures.

No offense to Tavia's fans but this is seriously a case of 2 hunky handsome dudes and 1 plain girl. Let's face it, Tavia is not great beauty. She can act but it seems so unbalanced that if Ruco and Kevin are not playing brothers, I would have wished for them to be lovers in here.

Some more additional character summary for the rest;

Vivien Yeo will have a nude yoga scene.
Ha! Nude? In TVB that is fully clothed! And why nude yoga? What is the significance? Why not go back to Tavia being a cool assassin? Why populate this series with non essentials?

Susan Tse will play Kwok Hoi Yiu (郭凱瑤), a novelist who does not know how to get along with others. She does not have children, and she is single. She gets entangled in many cases.
I can almost see where this series is heading and I do not like it. A great idea is turning into the usual.

David Lo will play Ng Chor Chi (吳佐治), Tavia's father.
No comment.

I seriously was expecting Tavia to be like La Femme Nikita sort of role. So now she is not that but Ruco may possibly be La Femme Nikia-ish except so many recurring characters just don't make this series seem promising anymore.

I predict Ruco dies. Hopefully a glorious end.

My reaction to the cast list when first saw it;

Kevin Cheng - Good
Ruco Chan - GREAT!
Tavia Yeung - Good
Tony Hung - OK
Lau Kong - OK
Lin Xia Wei- WHY? WHYYYYY?!??!?
Jade Leung - The Jade Leung I know? Really? Ok
Samantha Ko - Good
Vivien Yeo - Ok
Susan Tse - OK
Law Lok Lam - Ok
Wai Ka Hung - Good
Becky Lee - Brother's Keeper? If yes, ok
Cheung Wing Hong - GREAT!
David Lo - Wow, active filming again
Angelina Lo - Ok
Hero Yuen - GREAT!

The rest
Tyson Chak, Celine Ma, Fanny Ip, Gogo Cheung, Janice Shum, Moses Cheng, Kelvin Chan, Barry Cox, Calvin Chan,  Judy Tsang, Ip Ting Chi, Matthew Chu, Terrence Huang, Alex Lam, Tony Yee, and Mikako Leung.

Who? X 15

Ruco has worked with most of them a couple of times before! I think more than Kevin ever worked with them.

My reaction to the initial plot ,referring to my 08.05.2014 post which I am reposting again;

Kevin Cheng and Ruco Chan will play twin brothers. The elder one is a cop. The younger one is bad guy; when doing something bad, he was caught by the eye in the sky. Because they look the same, this ended up harming the elder brother. Afterward, the younger brother gets plastic surgery, and becomes Ruco.

OK, sounds ok for now. But please, be cool with the nicknames.

Kevin will play Szeto Sun (司徒舜), who goes from being a cop to a security guard who investigates cases. He and Tavia Yeung have a kiss scene that will constantly be replayed in the series. He will be involved in a love triangle with Tavia and Ruco.

Sounds overused even before it is filmed. Ruco has no kiss? Kiss where? Passionate or not? Will her nose prevent a deep kiss? Will his botoxed face even move the lips muscle? If with Ruco, will his glasses shatter from impact of I hope is a passionate kiss, if there is one? What is the point of being a villain if he can't get a kiss from the leading lady?

Ruco will play Lik (力), a wolf in sheep's clothing who is extremely villainous.

You do know in TVB only 2 types of actors do villainous roles and I mean truly villainous roles. One is not so known actor, not totally unknown but a veteran who suffered for years in TVB and now it is his chance for his breakout role. Or in any medium. Like Nick Cheung. Like Lawrence Ng. Those who then become so famous they then refused to act as villains in any TVB series. Another type is established actors, well known who gets the role because he is well known and will make an impact. This was the style many years ago. So be happy for Ruco. He gets the more interesting psychopathic role that will certainly make an impact. Good impact if he acts well without being a caricature. Bad impact if he acts like a caricature. Being a Ruco fan, I will say he will give good impact and hopefully this WILL be his breakout role. When I say breakout role, I mean he has yet to have a defining role, like Kevin with his 8th Prince or Ghetto Justice's Law Lik Ah. Hopefully this will be Ruco's. Carson of Ruse Of Engagement was almost his except it was hijacked by bad characters, bad actors and bad acting of someone else.

Tavia will play Chan Nei (珍妮), a private investigator who takes over her father's private investigation agency. She is clever and sensible, but is also a slovenly and casual house girl. She and Samantha Ko are good friends. To avoid her father's matchmaking, she tells him that she is a lesbian, and kisses Samantha in front of him. She gets caught in between Kevin and Ruco.

Silly character and what a major change. I want cool Tavia!! If she is so sloven why would she get the attention of TWO hot guys? She is already plain looking, so give her a great personality that will attract 2 of TVB's handsomest actors.

Tony Hung will play a thief.

Don't care! But he can act.

Lin Xia Wei will play Wong Nga Ching (黃雅晴), a cop. Kevin is her idol and senior.

No other actress issit? Why whiny nasal her? WHY? This is like a dent to what is otherwise an ideal casting list.

Samantha will play Lam Ling (藍菱), an investigator who does not have the brains of a detective and frequently makes mistakes. She is very smitten with Tony. She and Tony are a couple.

Wow, no need to watch then. Already know the outcome. Will she die? Hopefully, make an impact. I do like Samantha though. I like watching her and she can act, ditzy or otherwise.

However I question whether we need so many subplots and sub characters that drives away attention or patience from our main trio? And why change Tavia's character? So in the presentation, what was Ruco's role now is Kevin's and what was Tavia's role is now Ruco? So we get to see Ruco in all black being the assassin? And Tavia is a "dor yu" role as the damsel in distress? And the rest are ke-le-fes? At least Ruco will be cool. I am still distressed over Lin Xia Wei. I really really really do not like her.

Anyway hopefully next update is some filming BTS pictures.

My apologies. Ruco and Kevin WILL be brothers and well... I am copy-paste from HERE. Just read on;

- Kevin Cheng and Ruco Chan will play twin brothers. The elder one is a cop. The younger one is bad guy; when doing something bad, he was caught by the eye in the sky. Because they look the same, this ended up harming the elder brother. Afterward, the younger brother gets plastic surgery, and becomes Ruco.

- Kevin will play Szeto Sun (司徒舜), who goes from being a cop to a security guard who investigates cases. He and Tavia Yeung have a kiss scene that will constantly be replayed in the series. He will be involved in a love triangle with Tavia and Ruco.

- Ruco will play Lik (力), a wolf in sheep's clothing who is extremely villainous.

- Tavia will play Chan Nei (珍妮), a private investigator who takes over her father's private investigation agency. She is clever and sensible, but is also a slovenly and casual house girl. She and Samantha Ko are good friends. To avoid her father's matchmaking, she tells him that she is a lesbian, and kisses Samantha in front of him. She gets caught in between Kevin and Ruco.

- Tony Hung will play a thief.

- Lin Xia Wei will play Wong Nga Ching (黃雅晴), a cop. Kevin is her idol and senior.

- Samantha will play Lam Ling (藍菱), an investigator who does not have the brains of a detective and frequently makes mistakes. She is very smitten with Tony. She and Tony are a couple.
My god, how has the plot changeth into rubbish!! Why? It was such a great idea and now it is Bu Bu Jing Qing plot as in twins! And you will see Kevin in TWO ROLES then? And like halfway only see Ruco? Since when established stars play villains in TVB? So now the trend is anything goes? So Ruco WILL die, yet again? Why bother with the other unnecessary characters then? What happened to cool Tavia? WHY? WHY? WHYYYYY?

At least something sorta different for Ruco except it is yet another morally ambiguous character for him. I hope he is dead evil!! I feel cheated.


Aiyoh! Story changed lor. Seriously?

- From hired assassin, Tavia will now play a girl who inherits her father's detective agency stuck between 2 men. I am hoping it is still a disguise. Seriously TVB, why screw up a good story? Next thing, title is renamed to 天爱 / Love In The Sky.

- Also they're not brothers, Ruco and Kevin will be BFFs as close as brothers who unfortunately fall for the same woman. HK has no other women. The only conflict is love and girl. Ruse of Engagement is far more superior in terms of conflicts because it may start with the girl but at the end of the day it really isn't about the girl.

- Let me guess, Tony Hung and Lin Xiawei, again?

- Ruco remembers the series he worked with Kevin and named them all when Kevin said he rarely worked with Ruco!!!! Well he meant less opportunity. Charming leading men, one can act very well and one is TVB's handsomest man.

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Some pictures;



Today is the start (photocall) of my most anticipated series of 2014 and it hasn't started filming yet and it is the temporarily English titled Eye In The Sky (cool name, TVB please use this one!). It sounds like Ruse Of Engagement but cooler and Ruco now as younger brother role and up against older brother for the affections of 1 woman and hopefully no one will kill themselves or become "jor ju dei kau juen" like how Ron Ng as Alfred was. So far,  no idea about everything. But I suspect there is more to Tavia's role than what we know now, so hopefully she is a cool assassin.

As for the cast, greatest of all horror, miss whiny nasal sounding not so good at all at singing or acting Lin Xia Wei is in this. I am horrified and my guess is she could be 2nd leading lady and my hope is she will die in a few episodes in and become the flashback for probably Ruco because he is 2nd lead. Come on, we all know Kevin is first lead. But will Kevin out act Ruco? This is not Bu Bu Jing Xin so my guess is, Ruco will out act Kevin in terms of angst but Kevin will out act Ruco in terms of detachment. Both will compliment Tavia is crying and Tavia will cry uglier. Lin Xia Wei will spoil the whole show with her nasal BB voice. Why? WHY CAN'T FOR ONCE WE HAVE PERFECT CASTING? WHY?!? And is that Vivien Yeo in the picture, again?

Anyway some very good pictures. At first I thought why is Ruco dressed like he is some customs officer though he looks great but look further, see the group picture and obviously this is a costume and my guess is some special unit costume ala SDU-ish. Ruco is now Ron but slimmer. I also included the dreaded picture with the photo spoiler in it tweeted by dear Ruco. No Ruco, not her, NO NO NO!!