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[O] All things Lionel "Lio" Messi, the D10s

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I am following Barcelona FC in the La Liga thingy because of one man that is Lionel Andres Messi aka Messi aka Leo aka da man. Been reading some news about him and I really hope perhaps Messi might feel brave enough to tell Barca FC to loan him out to every league in the world for 6 months or 1 campaign just to prove he can score anywhere and everywhere for the sake of statistics and shutting everyone who said "blahhh he only plays in la liga, hasn't proven himself". And to those who thinks CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo or the peacock as I call him) is the best, well, he is flamboyant, confident and entertaining to watch but him punching people, etc gets tiring after a while. I like Messi. He is the work horse, the best there is, even his hairstyle says so. Most of the players in Barca seems to be of the same vein. Anyway are you following La Liga? Do post your thoughts using Post A Comment. 



Unless you know zero about football/soccer, here is his Wikipedia with his bio where he was a kid with Hormone Deficiency Syndrome and a whole lotta drama for such an unassuming man with such a great talent, a recommended book in English which I thought is well written (Messi by Guillem Balague) and check out the links above to see the man who is seriously getting hotter looking each day. Frankly and seriously I am a little too late on the bandwagon. Messi has already reached his greatest height at about I suppose 24? Well good for us all now, he is reaching the sequel of his height like a 2.0 and he is only 27. Yes, no World Cup but that doesn't define him. I will post a nice picture of him when I find one.

Messi by Guillem Balague (buy at any local bookstore in Malaysia, such as Borders, etc)
> Most favourite video of Messi in play (seriously very well edited- PENDING)
> Lionel Messi Official InstagramFacebook
All things Messi by Cules at Twitter
Team Messi twitter (by Adidas)

The timing can't be any worse but if you have the stamina and TV (ASTRO) doesn't have it (I really am not sure, need to check), you can watch a good quality live streaming with English commentary HERE. Go to the page about 10 minutes before start of the game and then choose any of the available channel, search for the English one and just sit back and watch the ads, commentaries, etc before the game starts. Timing is like this; if 7pm GMT it is about 3am Malaysian time. Yeah, great huh?

If you are following me in Twitter (search for Funn Lim or funnlim), you will know my Twitter is now dedicated to my thoughts on Lionel Messi. I admire him. I respect him. I am totally in awe with him. I am just sad I just began to know his awesomeness since World Cup 2014. I don't even want to debate on the whole Cristiano Ronaldo thing. His best year is supposedly Messi's worst year and yet Messi got a lot of flak from goal ratios to CR7's potential breaking Messi's record. See it? POTENTIAL. Until CR7 does, then let's talk statistic.

Anyway you have got to see this crazy Japanese TV show challenge in TBS' Kyokugen 2014 show aired I believe on either 31.12,2014 or 01.01.2015 where Leo had to do the impossible in a segment called Lifting High;

1. kick a ball to hit  a falling flower pot. He almost did it once but yes he failed and I expected him to. But he came very close. An impossible task anyway.

2. kick a ball over   barrier, run over and receive the ball and stabilise it in no more than 3 touches. Now this is the one that is simply awesome and do-able, if you're the best footballer ever. I am sure many footballers can do it, but Messi did it in style; aka he kicked once, ran over, stabilise it in first touch and by 3rd touch the ball is basically just like those keepy uppy sort of thingy. He started I think with 10m because the record was .. 8m? Anyway 10m is as high as those Olympic diving platform. He did it with ease. I think then it was 13m? As high as the Buddha statue in Kamakura. No problemo. 15m which is as high as some ancient building and he did it perfectly. Then 18m, as high as a dojo and now he starts to get worried but guess what? No problemo! Then he said 20m which is as high as a sphinx and that's when the video stopped and I guess he failed, which is ok. Not sure if he couldn't get the ball over the barrier or he couldn't get the ball. I bet he couldn't get it over the barrier because I doubt he couldn't receive the ball. That man is just pure footballing genius. You just gotta watch this and marvel. And I am hoping to find the full video. Anyway give it to the Japanese for devising ways to test talented people to the max. Maybe to practice ball control Barca should start doing this. Try kicking the ball over Camp Nou, run over and receive it!!

Anyway, enjoy! Not many times can see Leo doing something like this that HE NEVER DOES out of Japanese TV. Yes everyone sells their soul for Japan. Why not eh if we get such gems?

Hmmm this was obviously filmed before the horrendous ball-sword-10 tattoo.

The following video was actually uploaded in 2010 but it is still relevant today. And very funny as well as very addictive. Have a look;

Good luck to Barca in the first Championship League game and hopefully Messi scores a few goals to break whatever record he has yet to break!

This is a parody show in Barcelona and this is just too funny not to repost. There's English subtitles so do remember to switch it on if you can't see it.

There's one thing I notice about La Liga matches. They can have many many goals and only perhaps  3 clubs are top contenders, Barcelona being one of them, the other two you can google the answer. Sometimes 2-0, 23-0, 3-1, 6-0, 8-0... crazy but I enjoy the pace. I am told La Liga is more violent in game play and yet was told EPL (English Premiere League which is many Asians are fans of) is much faster paced. I do not know, since I only watch football once every 4 years. But now I make an exception because of Lio (or issit Leo?) but it is not convenient at all. Most I have is pictures, snippets, major news reporting. I am however rather happy. He makes football interesting and he is not bad looking either. I also notice footballers generally look a decade older than their real age. The running around must have zapped their energy, or maybe they're not Beckham, they don't use mosturizer. They also marry women with dubious background and dubious past, or rather they don't care as long as wife is hot. Messi is the same with the difference his wife is already pretty as a child. They knew each other since young but I don't agree they were childhood sweethearts. He is one of those exception. Anyway I am hoping to expand on this post of mine with more on Barca, La Liga, Messi and other interesting La Liga players, so do check back often!


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