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[O] The Virtuous Queen Of Han / 大汉贤后卫子夫 [2014][China]

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I have written a review for this series with performance evaluation of everyone noteworthy so it is kinda long. Have a look.

And so it has ended. Kinda feel cheated. More thoughts coming soon...

I think I have 2 more episodes before it is the end. Da Mo Yao is the next series which I am quite excited about since it is the same period of time. I am hoping the international version has Huo Qubing as Huo Qubing.

So far this series has been very very entertaining even if I can fastfoward many scenes. So many deaths in these few episodes. Qubing's death was so sudden, quite an impact since he was so playful, so young, so mischevious and then just dead. Then Wei Qing's wife greatest sacrifice which I never expected since I expected her to die by illness and the Empress Chen who died of illness and now Wei Qing. Poor poor Wei Qing who died from exertion after fighting off enemies. I suspect next to die is Princess Ping Yang since she swore to her dying husband she will protect Zifu with her life. Maybe Mr Duan himself who was a ticking timebomb anyway. So many deaths all of a sudden. This series is like Schemes Of A Beauty where you practically see the characters grow old and die before your eyes. Of course so far this series has taken a few liberties with history. For one Li Furen did give birth to a son who will become emperor. But here she died with her child. Our Liu Che, that soon to be useless husband is supposed to be in his early sixties. Here he looks at best in mid 40s. Zifu should be quite advanced in age as well, for a woman back in those times, she looks no more than 30s. Her son and daughters are missing. Qubing died of a heart ailment. But these liberties make for interesting drama. I like to see how this series will handle Zifu's eventual suicide or will it be changed and how to reconcile Liu Che from a nice guy to a stern king to a jealous misguided king to someone the viewers can forgive for his treatment for the wholly blameless Zifu.

And I don't see Zifu as wholly blameless as this series would show her, the ultimate Mary Sue without an ounce of personality except total compliance, obedience and a dash of stubborness whenever the plot needed a push from the usual boring bland personality that is our Zifu. I feel if Zifu had the guts and I mean guts as in the heart  not in fearlessness but not blinded by her very Confucian teaching on being the stepford wife, maybe she wouldn't end up the way she was. Same goes for the boring stubborn Mr Duan who basically dug his grave by being so steadfast to a love that was never meant to be. He basically sowed the seed of dissent leading to the mistrust by the emperor who is far from perfect. Of course the emperor in digging the grave for Zifu has the ultimate blame.

I am waiting for the perfect ending and I suspect my conclusion is the same; the rise of Zifu helps her brother and nephew and friends and yet she too depend on them in the end. And when the persuasive Wei Qing, forceful Qubing, loyal Mr Duan and the rest dies or leaves, Zifu is all alone and without protection. This series did not show her other familial clans so we leave it at that. In the end as a woman back in those times who depends on the continued support and power of others to stay in power, perhaps it would have been the perfect end if she were to die first and still in favour. Maybe her son and others may still be alive. Basically she outlived the emperor's affection and her usefulness. How very sad.

I am watching this series called The Virtuous Queen Of Han, not knowing anyone except for Raymond Lam, one ke-le-fe HK actor turned heavy supporting actor and 9th prince from the awesome Yong Zheng Wang Chao (also the eunuch in Glamorous Imperial Concubine). So far rather entertaining and Raymond Lam did well, that sort of well that TVB could not milk from him.

My post is really about Wei Zifu. Everyone hates her. Or rather those who doesn't love her, hates her and in the end even her own husband will hate her. Poor woman. In history she was... longest serving empress? 2nd longest serving? Only to kill herself because husband went delusional. I am sure this series will show she killed herself to help her husband. I mean will they let Raymond Lam get off his white horse as the emperor Liu Che and become the manic bad guy?

Ahhhh we shall see. DON'T TELL ME!!

Anyway she is so virtuous I wonder how she can ever have babies. I mean wayyyyy  too virtuous that her best moment was when she went mad and finally said things normal human beings will.

But for fans of Raymond Lam (yeah I know you exist), come out! Come out! Watch that scene where he had battle of words with his on screen aunt and him screaming "Historians! WRITE! WRITE! THAT! DOWNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!"

I swear he wasn't OTT. It was quite right even if he seems rather... stiff at times. But way way wayyyyyy better than in that stupid Line Walker.

However I do not see him as an emperor. I don't know; doesn't strike me as one even if his errr debut (?) was the greatest emperor of all, Shih Huang Ti which was like 2 nose jobs and a chin job ago and when Karena wasn't born yet. Ok ok I digress dramatically. His voice actor is amazing though. Sounds like Raymond but isn't Raymond.

Nice series although could be better.

So far it is still everyone hates Wei Zifu and Wei Zifu doesn't understand why and the emperor not caring if everyone hates her.

And this series comes in waves, like Plants Vs Zombies.

Wave 1 : Supreme Empress Dowager (lady was awesome)
Wave 2 : Empress and aunt
Wave 3 : Empress Dowager
Wave 4 : Princess Pingyang
Wave 5 : Uncle of Emperor

So many enemies. Poor poor girl.


  1. pardon my ignorance, is this series finished and available in Cantonese? thanks

    1. Finished I think and will be released in cantonese

  2. Will you be reviewing officer geomancer and lady sour? If so when? Tks.

  3. What episode is that scene of Raymond screaming and arguing with his aunt?

    1. I can't remember. Should be 20 ish.