Wednesday, February 18, 2015

[O] CCTV's CNY Special 2015 : What was that?!

I watch CCTV's CNY special every year, that 4 hour plus program of dance-sketch-song routine and by its own incredibly high standards as compared with others, CCTV CNY special still rocks but comparing to itself I am left wondering what the heck I just watched. The format has changed; way too many songs segment, lesser dance/variety segment and sketches remain the same. And every time there is a variety segment, it would seem the aim is to test how many people they can fit into the small stage, albeit smaller than previous years and apparently someone missed the memo about colour clashing. You see, costume is white, graphic backdrop which is beautiful is unfortunately also white. Black costume? Black backdrop. Gold? Sea of yellow costumes. And you're like hunting for the people on the stage because the backdrop masked the costumes which is a pity because this year the costumes are simply stunning and a bit modernised whilst sticking to traditional values. Variety segment sometimes showcases amazing unknown (to us) talent but this year, the ethnic groups are lumped into a short segment and so you see very little of any use. Those amazing mask changing technique? Over in seconds. There must be some significance to the  beautiful lady (or could be man) in opera do doing some steps on the wooden chair and whilst I am enticed what he/she would do next, it was over. Sexy belly dancers? Seconds and she is done. There you have singers singing but they're holographics or whatever you call them. If this year's team is the future or the technology it is simply boring to adopt that approach. I kept waiting to see a sheep, goat dance routine like that amazing chicken dance from young child to elderly woman a few years' back, simply jaw droppingly amazing but this year, the only goat is a computer graphic which isn't even cute. Even the hosts seemed tired and unenthusiastic. One good point is less military presence but you feel if this is some change of format, they're not doing it right. The worst had to be the backdrop graphics drowning the performers on stage. And in the end you have confettis, but all graphic and I was like can't they afford some realm confetti?

You know what would be great for next year?

Follow the theme. If goat, show goat routine. Ditch the backdrop thing and go for props. Back to basics. And bring  back the variety show and invite significant important singers if from overseas. Andy Lau is ok but even he looked he was eager to leave, and he confessed as much. Karen Mok? And is that G.E.M? I don't know who but too many singing too little homage to the real performers.

I consider this the worst CCTV CNY show in recent memory. Tired, restless, difficult to see.

You know something is wrong when they invite I suppose 2 actors-action stars to perform as main stars in a group effort about kung fu.Relevance and modernising a show isn't about becoming the rest  but to continually challenge themselves for some unique, something why people faithfully switch on the TV every year to watch.

That is not this year.

So hoping next year new ideas, new year, new routine.

But one did up themselves. Those 2 or 3 performers where the woman do handstand or something on top of a guy. Got to see it to  believe it.


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