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[O] Ruco Chan / 陳展鵬 [Actor] : Ruco Chan, in pictures

The truth is I have yet to find a picture of Ruco Chan that makes me go WOW. All the photoshoots, etc did not bring out the best in him as opposed to ordinary fan taken picture. So this is the purpose of this post. I have always wanted to post his pictures, good or bad and made some comments about them but since what I am discovering about Ruco Chan is getting a bit too long, and pictures will make it even longer, I've decided for a separate post about Ruco Chan, in pictures. If you know of any of his good, bad, silly or OMG pictures, whether fashion or activities, please do use Post A Comment. Until now I have yet to find a wallpaper that truly wows me which is why I am using that picture on the left that caught my eye when I was googling some forum. That picture truly is one of those few that I went, wow. Everything is just right ... until I found the same picture with the bottom half. As you shall discover in this post, sometimes he doesn't get everything right. This post is ultimately about his public persona via his fashion choices and interesting magazine pictures. In other words, a lot of eye candy.


Check out Reviews Database, type his name Ruco Chan in the search box and voila, reviews of his series I have seen.
The pictures may be small but click on your desired one and the original size will pop up like a slides of pictures. Awesome feature of Blogger. So don't miss out on the HD details. Remember, any recommended pictures do post the links or where to find them using Post A Comment.

Let's begin!

What's going on man? Suddenly such nice photoshoot?

Can someone end my torture and just scan the pictures so that we have super HD or chest exposing Ruco? Ok, the print pattern is cheesy but any less of a man will look effeminate. Not Ruco! His hairstyle gives him a rough edge and the fact that he gained weight made him look back to his healthiest best.

Oh come on! Scan! Scan!

But my dream come true will be a GQ shoot; aka chaebol, gelled hair, glasses, socks, perfectly tailored suits...please!!!

From the same photoshoot??

Maybe not? Love the post, the top but not the bottom. I wonder for which magazine? Is he back to wearing socks?

How come such lovely photoshoot is so difficult to find and when there is no one is reposting like crazy? What is the magazine? How come to fans buy it and scan and repost and make wallpapers out of this? WHY?!

Lose that hat Ruco. Why?


Super.HOT. And the hair's fine that way too. Rugged, dangerous, intellectual, sexy, rough and yet elegant. A man of many faces, just think of one and he is that for you. Now... where can I find the rest of the photoshoot? Because this is like the 1st decent photoshoot of Ruco that I have no complaints about. 

By the way been reading some speculation what sport is Ruco representing in the picture above, with the gloves. From golf (kinda too rugged) to baseball (is baseball huge in Asia?). I will say race car driving.  Or maybe just manual labour like gardening. In this getup Ruco can be a garbage collector and still be sexy as hell. Explains the sweat too.

Noooooooooo!!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why!??!?!?!?!? NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

And puffy face again. Working way too hard! Health first!! Wait! Maybe... maybe he is sick; FSDS! Fashion Sense Deficiency Syndrome!

I don't know what's his new obsession with fugly ill fitting suits and even more fugly hats that doesn't fit his face. So what if he's bald? It's better without those hats. And even if he had to wear hats, what's with the jockey hats and Amish hats?

Why is he committing fashion suicide for a man who knew how to dress himself? Not only are his pants though still super tight, they're ill fitting and has too many creases. Then there's the no sock thing. Then there's the badly cut suits and now those hats.

Why Ruco? Is bad fashion a way of getting attention? Don't you know, what you wear represent your style and right now the style isn't bohemian. It is just bad taste.

Embrace your hotness Ruco, wanna go weird then go eccentric, not fugly!

What a major spoiler as follows:-

This is from Captain Of Destiny and I hate this picture for the following reasons;

1. what a stupid spoiler

2. I assume this is either a happy ending or a mid series wedding which means the bride will die in the end

3. Sigh... I hate this sellout. Already in modern weddings we have churches, more romantic you see, now in Qing China we have weddings in churches. Isn't Ruco some duke? Is a royal duke gonna be seen in a western clothing in a western wedding and I assume the emperor will attend a church wedding? What's wrong with the proper Qing wedding? Oh wait! Too expensive to film! I don't care if the real man was a Catholic or whatever, this scene is wrong! The duke would have been a patriot and a patriot is very much "Chinese-Qing" in blood, or Manchurian if you like and since Manchurian adopted Han customs, the wedding would be anything BUT this sort of rubbish! And poor girl, is she accurate for the western wedding? Is our guy accurate? Why? Why bastardise this series? Is chinese wedding so out of vogue? Even running to pray for some miracle must be a church, not some temple or abandoned temple with the Guanyin statue. What a sellout.

And I dare not even talk about the yet to be seen computer graphics and CGI. I know it will be crap but oh Ruco... how they try so hard to ruin all credibility. I hope the acting from the girls hold up.

Now if Ruco is 1st male lead, I suppose his modern time persona will pair with 1st female lead aka skeletor aka Grace?

I don't know. With Ruco he could have been paired with anyone. WAIT! Why not show Ankie Belkie as some Spanish princess who has to marry for political reasons and so given to Ruco as bride and thus, legitimate church wedding? Ahhhhh.. even Spanish princess will have to wear red and that huge Qing headpiece and go through Chinese customs.

Yeah, absolutely bastardized. I don't care if real duke married in a Church, it ain't right!

Oh and what's her role? His maid? She is dressed to simply. Some general's daughter? Because Ruco's duke would have been married at 13 or 14 or 15 and probably have 3 or 4 wives all of whom from prominent families and all sanctioned by the emperor. Even if he is not the duke, as some general's son his marriage is out of his own hands. So believe me, he can NEVER marry a maid. So I assume she is not a maid or some common Han girl but a daughter of someone important and if she is Difujin, aiyah... going back to that stupid picture above. Urghhh!

Now at least the following picture is more like it. It feels authentic, almost real, as if a coloured picture taken of a real Qing duke in some chinese garden.

Why can't they stick to this authenticity or at least near authenticity? What a beautiful picture. Imagine greyscale it or painting it, does look like from that era!!

Ruco is one of the most difficult stars to picture because let's face it, he is not photogenic when he is deliberately pictured. He looks best when relaxed and not deliberately pictured. Like this one from Captain of Destiny;

Regal, beautiful, stunning, he looks great in Qing costume even with that ugly hair, he has a face for the olden ancient nobility but retaining the humility of a common man. In other words, he can't be emperor but he can be the duke who gets the people's love and respect. He ain't Cao Cao, but he is Liu Bei. Get me? Beautiful portrait, just beautiful. A pity quality is bad. Come one Ruco fans, if you see gorgeous Ruco, scan the pictures, do him justice and spread the gorgeousness!!

Now this is more like it!! Love the jacket, love the shirt, love the simplicity of it all except can do with a better pair of sneakers but this is great!!

Even Ruco himself approves!! See!

Cute hor? Handsome hor? Whilst this picture may have been brightened a bit, it shows, maybe it is time Ruco flirt with BOLD colours! Come on Ruco! Ditch the ugly prints or sequins and what nots and just embrace bold bright colours!

All taken from official forum as watermarked. Not sure from which magazine, for what reason or when. But my reactions are ...

Good sighs : Love the suit, love the look

Bad sighs : Too photoshopped, almost didn't recognise him AND absolutely hate the post. Everything so elegant but the pose is so "tai kor" gangster. Maybe that is the point. No! I want elegance AND sophistication, not some brute pose. I want Ruco the Thinker or Ruco the Professor. I want Ruco the Augustus not Ruco the Nero. And no glasses. He needs glasses because without the glasses, his eyes are rather small.

Good sighs : LOVE the pose! Rrminds me of those 50s stars in some cognac commercial. Love the finger, love the elegance. Love the slick hair too.

Bad sighs : The heavy handed photoshopping and sharp lightning. Hate the suit. Too ordinary. Wished it was the 1st suit above with this pose, to make it the public schoolboy/Oxford look. This one feels like an office worker having a drink after work.

Good sighs : Like the pose, since the suit is relaxed sort of suit so this pose is aptly relaxed sort of pose. Love him with glasses and for once I can recognise him. Love the hair. AND there's socks!!! Yeah!

Bad sighs : Urghhh! Ugly brown velvet sofa! So cheap! Give him leather sofa please!

Good sighs : Love the pose, love the look, love the colour tone, love the suit. I like this the best.

Bad sighs : Sigh.... photoshopped to death and reincarnation and death again. His lips should be sipping the wine/alcohol because that's far sexier than just pretending at doing nothing. Still not his best photoshoot.

Ok, is this something about alcohol and the theme is 50s glamour? Because if it is, for a large part it is ok but also some major fails. Problem with Ruco is he doesn't photograph well, especially in deliberate setup. Sorry, he is not photogenic and so far no one seems to know how to pose him in a set up to show him in a photogenic light. No one! But from 1 to 10, these 3 photos is by far the best of those photoshoot I have seen and I will say they're worth a good 6. As always Ruco looks the best in a well cut suit. I stress, a WELL CUT SUIT, like the blue one top, where he can actually look rather gentlemanly and educated. He has an educated face or rather a chaebol face.

Anyway this must be some major interview. Unfortunately for Ruco's fans everywhere, I notice a lack of Chinese fans' enthusiasm in translating long articles for non-Chinese reading fans to read. I know it is hard but anyone? I can translate but I can't read. What I usually do is having someone read the text in Cantonese clearly and slowly and then I translate from the recording. So I shall volunteer; anyone willing to read the text and send me the mp3 or wav file, I WILL translate any such article or summarise it.

Ok Ruco fans, I think I need your help. I need to renew my faith in the fact that Ruco has photographed well before in a photoshoot. Do you have your absolute favourites? If yes, share with me please! Only the best so that I can see for myself that he is photogenic when photographed well. I am losing my faith in finding that WOW photo of Ruco in a deliberately set up magazine photoshoot where everything is perfect.
BIG! HUGE! MONSTER! ... of a phone
My, what big thing you got in your trousers!

Well, no one ever said Samsung is a small phone! But Ruco is outed! Can see the outline, very very clearly!

Anyway love this Eye In The Sky look except... where's the glasses?!

The following prove, once and for all, without a doubt, no more disputes, with absolute clarity and clearly seen for sure by all of us here that Ruco does not wear prints well.

The last celebrity anyone should ever aspire to be, fashion wise is Bosco Wong. This looks like something Bosco would wear, rather proudly because he might think it is so cool. Same goes for Ruco but he rarely makes that sort of mistake. Ruco, garden is good but wearing your garden is not cool. It is just plain silly. You can grab attention by wearing something cool. You wear the clothes, not the clothes' prints drown you out!

His best pictures are often those which is impromptu sort of pictures, therefore the following is my favourite picture thus far for very very obvious reasons.

He doesn't photograph well in a deliberate photoshoot so to speak. He looks so much better like impromptu thing. Like the following photoshoot for I suppose some luggage company? Any info is most welcomed. I can't say they're well done.

Maybe it's the angle of the photo of the poster, his head looks much too big for his body.

Suit is ok, just too put on.

This one I love. The suit, the place, all great except the luggage looks too cheap for his looks. I feel change it with the silver one will make this picture perfect.

No, just no no no. Bow tie is ok but the striped suit, the pink shirt with the bow tie just aged him. It is so retro it just isn't good. The hair's terrible too. Only third picture above did him justice, to give him that aura of a successful person flying somewhere with style. 

I suppose maybe he is just not photogenic. But sometimes it takes a good photographer to find that angle for that great shot. 

What more can I say? Niceeeeeeee.... but too thin... and too much makeup/photoshop/lightning but niceeeeee. However not his best picture in the studio. So far, none, yet. Why? Why????

Ruco was (at the time of writing, still is) in Singapore to accept his third consecutive "Best Actor and Most Popular H K Artiste Singapore E- Award voted by international fans" (see 24.04.2014 post here) and may I say, he looks amazing! I am sure no socks but the blue suit (fits right this time! and in blue, my favourite colour and looks like his too) and shiny silver shoes! Understated and yet still flamboyant in his own way, love his look! And he even kisses the award! No no Ruco, kiss ME! For more on this check out my post here (24.04.2014 post) and the follow up post here (18.05.2014) which will contain all future updates on this event. But for this most, it is about what he wore! Will post more clearer pictures of his fashion choice when I find them. 

By the way I have been reading many fans liking him without glasses and looking slimmer because the glasses ages him. I disagree. You know why he stands out? Apart from the fact that he doesn't look malnourished and his good acting, it is the glasses. Not many TVB actors wear glasses, they only wear them when in a character whilst for Ruco, his glasses is like his trademark look. Yes he does wear silly glasses but he often does that to accentuate his personality, not hide or bury himself in it. I think glasses make him look smarter, sharper, at times sillier so he doesn't need to take himself too seriously. I like his hair longer, because instead of looking like a labourer serial killer, I rather he look like a professional serial killer, you know what I mean? And I like he has meat on him and not skinny or scrawny. I don't think he looks old in glasses or in a suit. He actually looks sharper and I always believe every man should own a well cut suit. My issue with him is some of his suits are not fitted to his body and he really needs to buy a good tailored suit. This blue one looks much better than the one he wore in the post 08.05.2014. Yes he looks mature for his age but the beauty of such "looking mature beyond his years" is, at some point his age will catch up with his looks and then he will look remarkably youthful for his age. He is 37 now and give it 2 or 3 more years, believe me, the naysayers will say hey, he looks great for his age! He is like fine wine; it can only get better. I do believe his looks will stand the test of time.
I am crazy about his shoes. Is there a female version? If it was gold it would have been tacky. Silver makes it more subtle. What is the brand? What about the suit? Designer suit? Why no one ever talk about who he is wearing?

Latest pictures as of 08.05.2014. He looks happy, less puffy and well rested. But seriously, the frat boy look does not suit him, mostly because he doesn't do well in patterns and the suit looks badly cut/tailored. He needs Bond's clothes, tailored to his body. Can't see the pants but Pants does not suit the top and the jacket is not well tailored. I bet he is not wearing socks.

A-ha!!! No socks!!

The moment I saw the following pictures and the shirt of his choice, I immediately thought "Uncle Ruco!!". Not a mean thing to say, just that it reminds me of uncles wearing such shirts. That being said, a happy "uncle" is a handsome "uncle". He looked great. The pictures are very recent, 26.04.2015 and all taken by a fan with probably a camera worthy of his coolness, even if uncle sort of coolness. More to come since she has loads of these and I am still picking which one to repost. I really love the pictures because he looked a picture of vitality. He may look thin but a week later during the badminton friendly tournament (see 05.05.2014 post), he looked well fed. So it is just the shirt. And notice how it is all buttoned up wayyyyy to the top. Not skin shown, at all. Even for shirts. So I am waiting for the day he will unbutton like 4 buttons and show a bit of chest. Come on Ruco, don't be shy. I know you got it, so do flaunt it! Thanks Jess from his FC forum for permission to repost.

Also a repost of some sexy legs pictures from the same badminton friendly playoff (see 05.05.2014 post) just for the record. Did you know that badminton players, especially male players in the past actually wore shorter pants and tighter pants as well? How the rules have changed, if not Ruco should be wearing shorter pants. But then you have probably seen him in much shorter and lesser clothing in his younger days (tip; see 12.11.2013 update post here). 

Ruco FC at Instagram posted the following picture and asked a rather important question to all Ruco's fans;

Personally for me, I prefer Keith, looks wise or personality wise. Keith doesn't look like someone who will kill himself over an unworthy stupid woman. And he has better taste in women.

How about you?

I love his curly hair in No Good Either Way and Outbound Love. I love his ICAC Investigators 2014 hair which is somewhat like The Other Truth, proper, professional and long-ish. I grew to love Ruse Of Engagement hair where it seems reckless and rebellious. I do not like his new ultra short hair as seen in April 2014 in Malaysia. Way too short. I want him looking like a billion dollar chaebol's son and not a billion dollar chaebol's son's bodyguard cum driver cum accountant of a lower grade. And interestingly how he buttons up to the top.

But he looks healthy and fitter than ever. I do wonder, is this hairstyle for the FIFA thing? Eye In Sky thing? Or just personal preference?

Bless the fans for everything Ruco because I finally found the fashion pictures of Luk Kung Tzi in his official website! All compiled neatly and credits as in the images themselves. You can see some clearer ones in my 21.04.2014 post in here but the following are really sorta comprehensive for Outbound Love. I do not like the Penang Luk Kung Tzi but I love his composer fashion and later on in the travel agency (HE MUST ALWAYS WEAR A VEST!!) and then back as composer plus some HK choice of clothings. He really looks great in Outbound Love, healthy, well fed and bulked up. I do love the tight jeans-collared shirt-sweater/vest combo.

I love all of the following, coincidentally from Outbound Love where Luk Kung Tzi was still the composer or back to being a composer. I also like how he looked in the travel agency uniform and yes, I do like the Elvis look complete with golden shoes. I know quite a few who does not like the curly hair combo but I suppose I liked it because it reminded me of No Good Either Way where with that sort of hairstyle for the first time I stopped seeing him as some serial killer accountant. In Outbound Love, less curly and with the right cool clothes, he really looked young and no longer like an uncle. I have been looking for these for quite some time! Love them all!!

I love this shirt! Not necessarily on him but yes he looks great. It's a weird combination but it works. I am sure he was wearing his super tight jeans without socks. But great shirt!

I also like the following vest/cardigan vest combo. Frankly I myself love wearing vests so I basically like men who can wear vest without looking like a waiter.

But my favourite combo has got to be the following. Love the colour, love the tie, love everything except I can't see the bottom part. I wish I could find a clearer version. Also is that Elaine Yiu? Love her as his accessory as well.

Love this look! Love the pose! Love the clothes! Love the colours! I want HD versions, complete versions so I can make it into my Ipad wallpaper! Got?!??

Like the last scene of Ruse Of Engagement, the following had me going "What the hell just happened?!"


(L) Look is ok, jacket is ok, pose is not ok and the belt is definitely too effeminate. NO!
(R) Pose is cute! Love it, very Charlie Chaplin. But the suit, the pattern makes him look short and tiny.

So, NO!

Source : Asianfanatics (post #1147)

I am not sure when was the Brother's Keeper concert at Genting Highlands but I think it was 02.03.2014? Anyway I found some pictures and I feel like ripping his clothes off, and not in a good way. See for yourself.

With or without coat, all I can say, the shoe sucks, the jacket sucks, the belt sucks, everything sucks. Never has he ever worn anything that made him look shapeless, odd, crazy, ugly, stupid, not hot and insane all at the same time. At least the one without the jacket had him rolling up his sleeves, lessen the ugly impact but seriously, who dressed him? Himself? Couldn't be. Normally for formal events he looked a million dollars. And guess what? The ensemble makes him look short and tiny. And let me guess; no socks. Why? Has he got an agenda against socks? Help me Ruco! Help me to understand why are you battling your hotness? You want to be TVB top ah gor? Well for one, dress well please! Looks matters, a lot. Sigh...

Source : Asianfanatics

I have been having a lot of difficulty in finding a picture of Ruco at any event looking relaxed, well rested, handsome, well dressed, handsome, great hair, flirtatious, young, sexy intellectual macho look and handsome, all in one picture until I stumbled across these taken from some kung fu competition in Singapore in I believe mid 2013. Look at his top half, everything is winning combination. I love the side profile, I love the smile, I love the glare, I love everything....

And then I saw the bottom half and I went "why why why". I wished he had worn his trademark super tight jeans, in black with a more formal pair of shoes. He would have looked like a slashing serial killer accountant kung fu master. That bottom half now looked like some recycled school uniform.

At least he looked like he was having great fun and seriously, that smile eclisped everything. Normally his smiles are weird but these pictures? Viewing heaven. Really love these pictures.


  1. Oh my god...I totally agree with you!!!! I wanna rip his clothes off and have him in Hugo Boss clothing.

    For the Genting Highlands concert, he looked as if he's wearing pyjamas and a robe going off to bed! He looked ridiculous and everything on him sucks especially those shoes.

    As for the Singapore event, his top attire looks nice and he looks hot and handsome but then....the bottom part spoil the whole image of him. Seriously, what kind of pants are those? Eww....

    1. He's trying very hard to suppress his hotness. We must never let him winnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!

  2. Funn, did you check on his 2014 BDay photos? With & without sunglasses, he looks superb!

  3. Not sure where to look but I think I saw it before. Not sure.

  4. Funn, ur term "uncle Ruco" cracks me up, :D :)
    Yes, I agree wf u abt his tee. It makes him look old.

    About Luk Kung Zi's fashion as a composer, I prefer no. 7 - the long sleeve white tee. The others are not bad, but it makes him look skinny. Perhaps, they're a bit loose style so can't see his muscles. U r so right, Luk's fashion makes him younger.

    Nobody makes fashion galore of Luk as tour guide? His light pinkish tee with "hawaii" looks good on him. But not the one he wears in the poster. It's the worst one.

    My fave is Carson's fashion. He really looks good on white tees, tees with jacket (like the one he used during his mole time), semi- formal suit without tie with 3/4 sleeves folded up (working in ATF).

    Event fashions are okay .... except the one in Genting is really really like a clown. I love to see him in that blue cardigan that makes him looks muscular.

    1. haha, Ruco looks anything but a clown. I think he looks good without the long black jacket over the stripped outfit. The style is young and fun especially with the rolled up sleeves, silver shoes and minus the specs.

  5. "A-ha, no socks" make me smile :) He's only wearing those while playing some sports.

    I totally agree with you that he's not suitable with patterns. But actually square / checked patterns is still quite okay for him.

    oh yes, I found this clip where he's wearing ur fave combo vest. Check it out! He looks really handsome here....hairdo is good in my eyes.

  6. Hey, for more photos you can always add me on facebook. Just search Jess Lau and you will be able to identify me.


  7. Hahaha....finally, there's a talk on his fashion choice.

    I can't help smiling to see his silver shiny shoes. He looks mature (don't want to say he's old anymore) in his glasses and neat suit, but.....look at his shoes. :D It's really catchy. Smart Ruco !!

    About the brand, I dunno know much. But once I see in his weibo that he thanks to Rockport for shoes, and also to Dorian for suits (not so sure --correct me if I'm wrong)

    I notice a bit about his branded fashion in series... Carson's green jacket ( see saving his bro scene) - it's DKNY. Luk Kungzi's sleeveless tee (many scenes -1 of them is when he's 1-day outing with Aimee character - take pic with balloons) - it's D&G. I dunno it's his own stuff or TVB's.

  8. The light grey jacket he wore in ROE is also by D&G.

    1. The one he's wearing during ATF office days? I din notice it.

      My fave one is his black jacket (see the official poster)... seems it's his own property.

    2. yes, in ep 9, when he's walking to Jessica's dad's car, the wind blew open his jacket and you can clearly see the label inside.
      Which black jacket?

    3. I replay Epi 9 and tada...I din notice it if u don't tell me. ^ ^ Another D&G is in Outbond Love Epi 5 ~ airport scene ~ saying good bye with the tourists. When one lady's thanking Luk, you can see the label on the tee (from behind).

      About black jacket, it's in Epi 2 ~ the scene of parking Jessica's mini blue car. In fact, the jacket has some white accessories in the neck, shouder, opening, and hand. I luv to see Carson in it. He looks so sharp and manly. So happy to find that he's wearing it in the official ROE poster.

    4. haha, yes i noticed the D&G tee in Outbound Love. I think some of the clothes he wears in the dramas belong to him. Also the accessories like watches. One of my faves is the IWC watch in The Other Truth. He has expensive taste doesn't he?

    5. Funn, actually previous time ago, I sent u emails but seems they don't reach you.... perhaps, they are in ur Spam folder?

      Oh yes, I'm re-watching TOT right now. Still in Epi 9. Hahaha seems that I've missed some enjoyable scenes of Keith. Years back, I only paid attention to his buddy. Now, it's different..! I'll open my eyes to see IWC watch then. Thanks for info.

    6. Yes I received the one on D&G pictures! Thanks.

    7. There was a rather close up shot of the watch in one scene but i can't remember which episode or else i could do a screen cap. When i re-watch TOT, I shld be able to do it.

  9. "I think some of the clothes he wears in the dramas belong to him. Also the accessories like watches"

    Yes, I think so. Just like his black jacket with white applique in ROE. I saw in his weibo piccies during filming of ROE that he's still wearing this jacket in his free time (having meals) with other cast.

    I once also saw his photos shopping with mom (I guess, correct me if I'm wrong). He's wearing his Reality Check purple N sneakers.

    How about shoes choice, ladies? I think this guy is really daring to wear bright or even eccentric shoes. He likes extra-ordinary shoes for fashion. The latest that Funn is crazy for are those silver shining ones. ^ ^ Today, I saw his charming De Lux endorsement photos...and tada...what lady-like red shoes! ^ ^

    About silver shoes...I saw him wearing those same pairs in BK's promo event. He was playing games with Edwin, and tada....I can see his silver shoes.

    I dunno know that he's got a wardrobe assistant to prepare his clothes. Perhaps, if he wears something that makes him look like a clown, we can just blame the person. Hahahaha...

  10. Hi, Funn....^ ^
    I luv to see his photos in Drug Prevention Event ~ 30.05.14. Thanks a bunch for those avid fans who captured them all. So nice to see the superduper close-ups.

    Luv his style here...he looks charms in that "love it or live it" white shirt and suit. Even his white glasses also looks good on him. Yes, he 'secretly' loves blue...hahaha guess it must be his very GOOD bad hair day...!!

  11. "Ruco does not wear prints well."

    ....well, to be fair, most if not all men do not wear prints well. Even if a man looks good wearing some kind of prints, I've yet to see a man who looks good in all types of prints all of the time. I also prefer Ruco to keep his clothes fuss free, simplicity works best for most people, men especially.

  12. I think Ruco looks fine gorgeous and very masculine in this series of photos. He exudes a different flavour with and without glasses. With glasses he looks more matured and very "si mun" gentlemanly. The 2 pics without glasses exude a kind of old world glamour especially with the formal 3 pc suit and slicked back hair and the deep--in-thought poses. They give a slight bad boy vibe but he's undeniably very charming and sort of old world movie-star glamorous. In comparison i think the other 2 pics with glasses look quite ordinary and too "every-day" if you get what i.mean. The pics don't look overly photoshopped to me and of cos there's no mistaking Ruco in them. My fave is actually pic 2. I think he looks fine with or without glasses. I used to like him wearing glasses but find myself pteferring him without glasses these days. They hide his beautiful expressive eyes.

  13. Funn, wanna share mine.
    I love his look, hairdo, and suit in those photos. I love seeing his small eyes. Hahaha see... everyone has his own taste. But it's a pity that his face is too bright due to the lighting (perhaps??) His face is so shining like a bulb inside. Yeah, I can say that they're too photoshopped.

    My fave is no 2.

  14. Watch the video of the photo shoot here:

    Warning: major nose bleed moments, get yr tissue boxes ready