Saturday, March 21, 2015

The K-Drama with the most English titles : My most favourite scene

Just to post my favourite scene from super hit -drama My Love From Another Star aka Man From The Stars ala Love From The Star aka I really don't know how many variation they can come up with the word Star in the title.

Even if in the end the series dragged, and I fast forwarded and it was a cheerier version of the silly Time Traveler's Wife, it wasn't so cheery in a sense our hero will never grow old (well if after 400 years he has still yet to age a day, imagine how long he can go on), he can't even kiss without falling violently sick (was hoping he returns immune to whatever that sickens him about the kisses), no sex at all and no children.

A very asexual sort of relationship which is so depressing. All the sa-rangs but none the fun. Anyway my most favourite kick-ass and bad-ass scene of all threatening someone sort of scene except the villain didn't even feel threatened. He is a sociopath but anyway...

They really really dangled the actor over the ledge!! And he really really fell, albeit with wire but still.. dangerous! Anyway amazing scene and a must watch. The rest you can fast forward. Way too much words for one simple word to end all words; love aka sa-rang. Koreans will die without their sa-rangs. 

By the way this sociopath who is probably TV's worst most evil villain (Asian TV) did get his just desert except I don't think he even felt punished. Should have actually died.

This series balances comedy and drama very well. Had me laughing hard, and some scene a bit teary. A bit because it was milking the sentiments too hard. BUT it is at least a consistent drama and for a K-drama it is rather good without going too emo on me. It has an ending at least even if the more I think about it, the more depressing it is. Whatever will happen to Do Min Joon when our Cheon Songyi dies of old age? And don't bother with the science. Never explain. And our hero is more than just a villain; he is an unfeeling villain who learns to love so much, in the end he is just like us except no sex. What a pity!\

Anyway some fun facts here. Surprising stuff!!


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