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[O] The Journey Of Flower / Hua Qiangu / 花千骨 [2015][TV][China]

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花千骨 aka Hua Qiangu aka the name of the heroine aka errr... Flowers Of A Thousand Bones? Blossoming Thousand Bones? Like very morbid title?

54 episodes/ OMG.

See here. But seriously, this is a super tragic story of teaching us when to not fall in love. For example, never fall for the girl who is destined to destroy you or rather be your "broomstick". As the girl, never fall for a man in a position of being righteous and will destroy you being the demon incarnate. In short,  this is a tragedy but the writer wrote too many alternate endings. Sometimes, I suppose the author must learn to let go. Look at JK Rowling and how she lets her love go.


Wallace Huo (霍建华) as Bai Zihua (白子画) and Mo Bingxian (墨冰仙) 
Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) as Hua Qiangu (花千骨) 
Jiang Xin (蒋欣) as Xia Zixun (夏紫熏) 
Zhang Danfeng (张丹峰) as Dongfang Yuqing(东方彧卿) 
Ma Ke (马可) as Sha Qianmo (杀阡陌) 
Li Chun (李纯) as Ni Mantian (霓漫天) 
An Yuexi (安悦溪) as Tang Bao (糖宝) 
Dong Chunhui (董春辉) as Luo Shiyi (落十一) 
Bao Tianqi (鲍天琦) as Qingshui (轻水) 
Xu Haiqiao (徐海乔) as Meng Xuanlang (孟玄朗) 
 Jiang Yiming (蒋一铭) as Mo Yan (摩严) 
Miao Chi (苗驰) as Sheng Xiaomo (笙箫默) 
Jiang Yang(江洋) as Shuo Feng (朔风) 
Zhang Zhengyan (张正言) as Huoxi (火夕) 
Kang Lei (康磊) as Meng Xuancong (孟玄聪) 
Lu Jiyi (陆纪依) as Wu Qingluo (舞青萝) 
Gong Zhengnan (宫正楠) as Zhu Ran (竹染) 
Lu Ziyi (陆子艺) as You Ruo (幽若) 
Wang Xiuze (王修泽) as Kuangye Tian (旷野天) 
Ruan Weijing (阮伟旌) as Dan Chunqiu (单春秋) 
Li Xing (李星) asYun Duan (云端) 
Zhang Yunchen (张云晨) as Liu Yun (流云) 
Gao Hai (高海) as Yun Yin (云隐) 
Gao Jiang (高江) as Yun Yi (云翳) 
Zheng Yecheng (郑业成) as Na Moyue (南无月) 
Li Shanyu (李善玉) as Bo Ruohua (波若花)
Du Zheyu (杜哲宇) as Yin Shangpiao (尹上飘) 
Li Cheng (李珵) as Lu Qiao (绿鞘) 
Sun Gelu (孙歌璐) as Yun Ya (云牙) 
Li Qian (李茜) as Liu Xia (琉夏) 
Qian Yongchen (钱泳辰) as Donghua Shangxian (东华上仙) 
Yang Shuo (杨烁) as Tanfan Shangxian (檀梵上仙) 
Ceng Hongchang (曾虹畅) as Wugou Shangxian (无垢上仙)

In English? Join the Wallace Huo Fan Forum and check out the threads on this series. Also at SPCNET. Based on a Chinese book. Ongoing English translation of the book here

Showing 2 episodes per week, if you're in China, switch on the TV. But we are not in China, and so where do you watch this highly anticipated series? Not TVB! TVB is busy with bosoms. 

Plenty. Just google the name and voila!

Video quality is ok. This is a fan community subbing effort and from what I can see, decent effort, not bad for being so fast, usually accorded to K and J-dramas. But weird is ep 4 looks like ep 3 contents so frankly I am confused. (I got confused because in Youtube somehow ep 5 became ep 4!!). Watch here, Click Play Now, click the episode no. Another at youtube with same Eng sub. Better follow this because every week 2 episodes and so this one is consistent. 

Mandarin, dubbed for most actors with dubbing voice and NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES (not official subtitles) but has Chinese subtitles.

Airing every Sunday and Monday
As at : Ep 20 (Uncut) Ep 20 (cut - half hour difference)
Available for download : Eps 1 - 9,11, 10*, 12-19

* Subtitles not 100% completed and I will upload complete subtitle file as separate download. Why I post it first so that you won't miss too many episodes, and the subtitles are usually about 93% or more complete.


The most beautiful... fan art. I can't even begin to describe them so I will just repost and you will immediately recognise who is who. I got this from Facebook so I have no idea who is the artiste but these are just jaw droppingly beautiful.

And now the most heartbreaking.

You know I have been following the uncut version which is internet version and although Episode 20 is aired, that episode has yet to be uploaded to Youtube for reasons unknown. Viki's translation is based on uncut version and so it has stopped at ep 19 too. I may have to follow the Hunan TV version which is also at episode 20 BUT about half hour faster. I checked. Events in Hunan Episode 18 halfway is where the uncut version stopped at Episode 18. I haven't seen episode 19 uncut yet so I am still wondering should I or shouldn't I, after all only half hour difference but it could add up to a lot. I feel the uncut version's pace is just great so I am afraid the Hunan TV version may be a bit too fast.

I am waiting, hoping uncut version will continue. Feeling is China is clamping down but it doesn't seem to be the case because the whole page would be closed down but it isn't. So maybe there is some technical difficulties. I am on breaking point; so miss this series but have got to exercise restrain and patience like our favourite Shifu!

Let's wait a day or two. Good news is viki's subtitle translation is catching up.

Maybe not so heart breaking news. Ep 20 uncut version is NOT released yet so it means delay is at the errrr broadcast side. Let's wait until the end of this week. Great news; Viki has caught up to Ep 19 even if the earlier episodes, some are still 95% completed.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to re-time the subs and uploading the videos. It's really great to see Wallace's fans doing all we can to spread awareness about the drama!!!

    I'll discuss the story here at your site for convenience's sake so you don't have switch back and forth to jayne's.

    In the novel, originally there were 6 realms. The realm of the gods was the most powerful, but the gods were the fewest in number. They existed mainly to help and sacrifice for the world. Info here:

    The last time the Demon God was resurrected, he pretty much destroyed the world. The immortals and gods battled and managed to successfully seal the Demon God, but this effort took a lot of effort and a lot of lives. Ultimately, there was only 1 god left. She uses her flesh and blood to repair a world ravaged and destroyed by the Demon God. After that, she disappears so everyone assumes she is gone forever and the gods are extinct.

    Except for Dong Fang Yu Qing, no one else realizes that the last god didn't die but just reincarnated as HQG. This is why her blood kills plants and flowers because her blood is too powerful and these simple living things can't stand its power. It's not a bad thing or anything, it's just that the blood has special power because it's the blood of a god. This is also why the blood has a particular fragrance that's attractive to demons and evil spirits. This is similar to The Journey of the West, why Tang Sanzang smells good to demons, it's because he's the reincarnation of Buddha's disciple. Her blood can also render ancient weapons ineffective. However, BZH will realize HQG's true self in chapter 57 when she saves him:

    You wonder if HQG is BZH's fated calamity, why he doesn't kill himself? This is because BZH is more valuable than HQG so if anyone should die, it should be her. BZH is the most powerful immortal. He has to protect Chang Liu, protect the world, preserve the balance between the good and bad sides, etc. In essence, he's the most important person right now and is responsible for the security of the world. Compared to him, HQG is a nobody, not to mention she was born under a bad constellation not seen in hundreds of years and will bring misfortune to everyone around her. So between the two of them, HQG's importance is nothing compared to BZH's worth to the world.

    1. Thanks for the rundown. But I still don't get why she leads a harsh life when she sacrificed herself for greater good and if she ever knew why she never just kill herself? Because she strives to live?

      Anywhere I can just read a full summary of the entire story or maybe,... can you write one?

      Anyway he can't be the most powerful if she is his kryptonite which he falls in love and keeps. I guess ultimately love destroys them both?

      So morbid!

  2. This is a summary of the novel with full spoilers.

    Her life is harsh because of her blood, which attracts demons and kills plants/flowers. Naturally, people will shun her because people will fear what they don't understand. And as if that's not bad enough, she's born to be BZH's fated calamity. This is just fate.

    Love forces them to take actions that they know are wrong and will destroy them but they still do it anyway, hoping to save the other person. The ending song by Wallace and Zhao LiYing is quite good because it pretty much summarizes the story.

    1. Thanks. What a depressing love story which is torture. Love = sacrifice=torture=true love?

      I disagree with its philosophy as if it is all fated and can't escape it and for a lot more reason but let's watch and see how this series deal with those issues but I love the actors.

    2. In the novel, BZH has 2 swords. The one he uses often is the Heng Shuang sword because it belongs to Chang Liu's Sect Leader. He also has a personal sword called Duan Nian, which is given to him by his teacher. It's Duan Nian that BZH passes onto HQG.

      In the novel, it's quite significant for BZH to give HQG the Duan Nian sword. First, he can sense if she's in trouble through the sword so he can go save her and send help to her. Secondly, everyone knows the famous sword belongs to him so when other people see HQG carrying the sword, it represents BZH's tacit support for her. Since he's the leader of the immortal realm and currently the most powerful fighter, people will likely not give HQG a hard time out of respect for him. Thirdly, the sword is a weapon from ancient times so it's spiritual. Once it establishes a connection with the owner, in this case HQG, it'll automatically protect its owner if it senses its owner is in trouble.

  3. thanks for the uptobox links

  4. Hey Funn! Isn't BZH supposed to be a few centuries old in the novel whilst HQG was 12?

    1. I don't know. In the series it started when she was 12. Writer probably wrote a Chinese version of twilight. But the series is far more entertaining and less creepy. Is everybody at Chang Liu also immortals??

    2. Hi Funn. I think the 3 Chang Liu Dudes are level 9 immortals. Not sure about their teacher but something apparently happens at level 10. The younger generations at CL don't age but not at the immortality stage yet.

      Gosh I hate the twilight books. BTW, Bai Bai is very cute, Any chance they have a Hua Hua? Or a Dong Dong Fang? Or a Mo Mo?

      If you have time, come over to the TJOF thread at SPCnet! I am bored and not many people seem to be talking about the series!

    3. Hi Funn. I asked a similar question and Du Zhuang answered it on pg 6 of the SPCnet thread.

      There are 2 types of immortals. Xian and Shen Xian. Shen Xian is the highest rank where they have been totally enlightened. These don't die or don't die easily.

      Xian get promoted to Shen Xian when they have managed to totally rid themselves of human emotions as well as do good for the people.

      According to the series, BZH has failed this 10th stage in the beginning and his teacher said he has to pass his Fatal Curse (aka cute girl calling him shifu) before he can progress any further. If immortals fail to pass this stage, they can get stuck or die. Xians who get caught up in their human emotions will get demoted to demons (e.g. Zi Xun, and nearly BZH at the end) Not sure where HQG fits in to this, was she demoted or did she evolve into a totally different species?

      I guess monks have a similar process but different religion to Taoism.

      BTW, I got a hold of the chinese novel. I am really confused. The plot is so schizophrenic. The alternate endings don't make it any easier to understand.

    4. Thanks! Changed the mistake.

      I don;t think Durian City is related. I see BZH as asexual and no family. Where got children and relatives?

      Who you hate? Qing Shui? Not another HQG hater??

      You reading the book right? What's the significance of BZH and Mo errr Bing issit being 2 characters in the novel?

      ZLY is ok but in all honesty she seems a bit zoned out at times.

    5. Yeah, ZLY is a bit zoned out (the poor girl has probably been dazzled silly by Wallace's good looks). But ZLY is still young and the script doesn't help by making HQG act super childish and clumsy. But I was impressed with her in the trailer in later scenes. ZLY doesn't come from an acting school, she's not great but I still like her very much. No reason, just personal preference. Can't explain it. I think she is cute.

      *** SPOILERS ***

      Yes. I hate Qing Shui. I dislike the actress and the constant foot stamping and pouting. I even more dislike her sudden backstabbing 16 years later. And it was over a stupid guy.

      *** HEAVY SPOILERS***

      BZH and MBX (Mo Bing in the series, Mo Bing Xian in the novel) have totally different attitudes to life and love. MBX's existence allows BZH to unintentionally reveal his own feelings that he had been hiding for so long.

      But by having MB as BZH in the series, it gives us more development on BZH's side of the story.

      Some novel fans think MBX is awesome as he will willing to act on his love/pity towards HQG in comparison to the repressed BZH who holds back everything.

      But I see their characters in a different way. BZH does what he does because that is who he is. He has his own burdens to shoulder, and just because romantic love is not his first priority, doesn't make his love any less pure. So I don't really see a need for HQG to get yet another admirer/sympathizer near the end of the novel but MBX does add some interesting scenes.

      I am cool with either version.

      BTW, have you read the epilogues/alternate endings? I have mixed feelings.

    6. 16 years later? What a grudge to hold.

      Anyway I believe it is smart to combine those 2 character. Already HQG has wayyyyy too many guys supporting her that makes you wonder when she was in deep trouble, did all of them step out to help her? I know heroine needs to have her heroes surrounding her but if this is how the series is written, it does make the author a bit like fangirling thing. Having them as one character explains HQG's obsession and her shifu's love for her.

      As for the alternate endings, yeah read them. I'd rather she sticks to one ending however infuriating it is because multiple endings is a writer's worst trait; the inability to let go. Stick with the original which I believe is BZh going crazy and then looking after a child like HQG right? Now with this ending it can open up the sequel; when she remembers. So one of those alternate endings where they marry is possible.

      Frankly I like the series but I don't like the story itself. Why should love be so tragic? Why fall for your calamity? Because it is fated. Which means however he or she avoids one another, in the end they're meant to meet and fall in love and cancel one another out. I find such love too punishing.

      If not for Wallace and Zhao Liying whom I like, I frankly won't be watching this series because deep down I do feel the story is kinda stupid.

  5. Wait? Are you reading the novel as well?

    MXL is called Xuan Yuan Lang. I think SARFT made them change the royal surname so it would fit into an actual historical dynasty (like how Ruby was forced to change the surnames in QSHF). But he is so cute in the novel. He is not a CL disciple and meets HQG very early on. He is a sweet but cocky and foul-mouthed boy but grows up to be regal looking and smart man. I really don't know why he likes HQG so much in the novel. They don't spend that much time together.

    Surprisingly, DFYQ is pretty much the same as in the novel, minus the revenge plot. I am perturbed by his trouble-making, but he is smart, direct and witty. But MBX, is mmmm, more seductive and sexy? He is supposed to look like BZH but not as pure and righteous.

    NMT is a b**** from page 1. There is no depth. I don't feel sorry for her. She deserves to lose an arm. I think it is better that she fell in love with Shuo Feng rather than Luo 11 in this series. It makes it more understandable why she does what she does to HQG before HQG exiled. Don't like backstabbers like QS. She is not as bad as NMT but considering her friendship with HQG, it was a horrible thing to do.

    One thing I dislike and like about is the transformation of TB from a worm to a girl so early on in the story. I dislike it as it will make scenes with BZH and HQG travelling awkward as you can't ignore a large girl as opposed to a small worm. I like it as it makes more sense for L11 to fall in love with a worm in a girl's body than a worm in a worm's body.

    In fact, I have a huge problem reading the novel as HQG looks pre-pubescent for most of the novel though she is actually older. I know this allows her final transformation to be more defined both physically and emotionally, but it is very difficult for me to picture grown adult men kissing/hugging a kid and find it romantic, even when it is not a lustful kiss. Why do they have to kiss? I just can't accept it. Same thing with L11 and TB in worm form.

    I know the story preaches that love is more skin deep, trust with your heart, not your eyes. But it is not for me. I am glad that they changed HQG to an older girl in the series. Imagine Wallace having to vampire kiss a 12 year old (shudders).

    1. 'I think SARFT made them change the royal surname so it would fit into an actual historical dynasty”

      So strange. Usually they want to fictionalise a historical aspect but here they want a real name to a fictatious character?

      I wouldn't call it vampire kiss. It is just drinking blood like eating food! Anyway did he start drinking when she was 12? I thought much later? And in the book there is interspecies kiss?? The books sounds pretty messed up.

      No I am not reading since I can't read chinese. Thanks for the tidbit. Need to add those in. I feel Xuanlang was not expanded enough as a character, hardly know him.

    2. There was a nearly an interspecies kiss but one part stopped just in time. The other part was sleeping.

      BZH started drinking when HQG was either 17 or 18 but still in the body of a 12 year old. It's pretty vicious to read. I actually don't like reading about kissing in novels with ancient settings. What is wrong with hugging, which is pretty intense considering values back in those days?

      I think MXL's purpose in this series is to give HQG the jade and move the plot along. He is just another silly admirer to me ATM, but he may have a chance to shine if his brother tries to rebel.

    3. There is the drinking blood from the lips halfway through, then actual real kissing much later on (not sure what the series would be like).

      I think the last thing BZH is going to punish her for is the intervene in a mortal rebellion. She is in way worse trouble already for stealing the 16 Sacred Instruments and releasing the Evil God.

      I think it is all about loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove!


    The way I see it is that Fresh Guo Guo was only 16 when she wrote the novel, which was an amazing feat. But 16 is still 16. The understanding of the world and "love" can be limited. Don't get me wrong, I actually like the tragic tone of the story and effort put into illustrating the colourful minor characters. But I disagree that there has to be a massive love polygon or a harem of admirers chasing after the main lead (Mary Sue). And I don't get the love stories where they have replacement lovers or torment the hell out of the other half (SWAK).

    I think now that Fresh Guo Guo is older, her views have changes and with her penning the script for the series, she along with other writers have managed to create a more mature version that is more realistic. I think there are fans of the original novel who feel very strongly about the changes to the series but I don't think they are all bad.

    I don't have a problem with fated tragic love. People are unable to control their fates despite thinking that they can. It is a fate for them to cause each other's downfall but it is also a type of fate for them to meet and develop mutual feelings for one another. Which brings us to the question, is it better to have loved and lost, rather than not loved at all because you never tried in the first place? Would you really miss something that you never really had before?

    For humans who have only a temporary lifespan, they can afford to love as they will eventually lose what they have in due time. But for immortals like BZH, he has more to lose than just himself if he proceeds to let his love consume him and his suffering would be eternal. I like analysing people and their choices in difficult situations.

    Anyway, though the author has not specified it, I believe that BZH's doomed fate with HQG only lasts for one reincarnation. According to traditional legend, one is fated to meet the same person for three lives. So BZH is patiently waiting for HQG to grow up so they can be together (as family/friend/lovers) which I believe will eventually happen. But crap, does she need to be mentally retarded and disabled as well? I seriously hope HQG will not be retarded in the series.

    I feel that lot of stuff happens in the alternate ending is like adding legs to a snake drawing. It ruins the overall feel of the original main text. (See what happened to BBJQ!) I think Fresh Guo Guo write it to please her legions of fangurling readers who wanted an ultimate happy ending. I think it is cute that she did that for her fans but I mentally keep it as a separate story to the main text.

    I am so going to be killed by fans by posting this. o=(oO_Oo)=0

    1. "I think it is cute that she did that for her fans but I mentally keep it as a separate story to the main text. "

      I agree with you. It seems like as she grows older her mind gets younger because if that ending was when she was 16, it shows maturity even if so darn tragic. How's the writing style for a 16 year old?

      "Which brings us to the question, is it better to have loved and lost, rather than not loved at all because you never tried in the first place? Would you really miss something that you never really had before? "

      Of course better to have loved and lost but if loving means it hurts others, like the very notion of humanity is at stake, better not to love. Not this way anyway where poor girl suffers, man suffers, other kepochi suffers. If bringing these 2 together means true love but also by their actions or inactions is also bringing about the destruction of life, humanity, order, then better sacrifice the true love of those 2 who can't control their fate because fate has it their love destroys them two and the rest of human civilisation.

      Woahhhhh what a love man! What kind of story is this??!?!?

      "So BZH is patiently waiting for HQG to grow up so they can be together (as family/friend/lovers) which I believe will eventually happen. But crap, does she need to be mentally retarded and disabled as well?'

      So wrong. I doubt the writer meant it that way as in sexual way. It is meant to be pure, nothing physical, just emotional. If not, kinda creepy.

      The retardation I thought is because of her callous action which means as punishment her soul will be broken into millions of pieces? It is fitting. The price to pay for a serious crime.

      What I dont get is what has all these got to do with her being a goddess in her life before? What advantage is that? If there is a trial in the afterlife, HQG will have a say in her trial I tell ya!

    2. "According to traditional legend, one is fated to meet the same person for three lives."

      Errr if she is fated as his calamity for life 1 and they meet because of this fate, if they meet for life 2 and life 3, she is still the calamity of his life. The only way to break this cycle is never to meet again.

    3. "Of course better to have loved and lost but if loving means it hurts others, like the very notion of humanity is at stake, better not to love. Not this way anyway where poor girl suffers, man suffers, other kepochi suffers. If bringing these 2 together means true love but also by their actions or inactions is also bringing about the destruction of life, humanity, order, then better sacrifice the true love of those 2 who can't control their fate because fate has it their love destroys them two and the rest of human civilisation."

      That is the exact difference in how the two leads feel. HQG wants to love even it may end horribly but BZH prefers not open Pandora's box, knowing the consequences.

      "The retardation I thought is because of her callous action which means as punishment her soul will be broken into millions of pieces? It is fitting. The price to pay for a serious crime. What I don't get is what has all these got to do with her being a goddess in her life before? What advantage is that?"

      Her retardation is because her god-like body was ruined by one of the 16 Sacred Instruments, plus she was exhausted doing something else before so she died. I think its more of BZH's punishment than hers. BZH says in the alternate ending that as HQG is a god, her missing soul fragments will eventually return to her body. All he has to do is wait.

      Her previous incarnation as a Goddess is a prerequisite to what happens when the 16 sacred instruments are gathered together. I won;t spoil it for you. =D

      "Errr if she is fated as his calamity for life 1 and they meet because of this fate, if they meet for life 2 and life 3, she is still the calamity of his life. The only way to break this cycle is never to meet again."

      Legend also says that there is a set amount of fate set aside for all couples. Couples who are unable to use up the fate in one live can use in the next reincarnation. So my interpretation is that the curse has finished when HQG died, but their fate together has not been used up yet. BZH is trying to train HQG into immortality again so she won't have to reincarnate and they can be together forever.

      "So wrong. I doubt the writer meant it that way as in sexual way. It is meant to be pure, nothing physical, just emotional. If not, kinda creepy."

      That is pure torture. HQG has naughty hands and lips in the alternate ending. But he can't respond because she is still a kid. That's horrible! And creepy!

  7. Hooked Jade has a hidden power. The bell is a reminder of BZH and HQG's close bond as well as the happy times together alone in Jue Qing Hall. Both are very important to the later parts of the novel. And I feel that the Peach Blossom Stew and the CGI bun will also be important pieces in the story later on.

  8. My Tan Fan did not go and join a cult! =( He's gone to do good deeds in the mortal realm and see if he can upgrade his cultivation. He's doing that to show Zixun how to let go.

    BZH's grumpy senior is Mo Yan. (Gosh I hate this guy!) He's too busy to take students because he is looking after Chang Liu whilst its leader, BZH is handling other affairs.

    1. Joking lar. Point is he is having a great time or pretend to be.

      I hate that Mo Yan too but I like his head piece and his fashion. If he is looking after Chang Liu, BZH is handling other affairs, like what? They r all at the same place. What about the other easy going one:? What does he do?

    2. Hey! My comment disappeared!

      Mo Yan is a hypocritical jerk in the novel! He has my vote as the most hateful character in the whole novel!

      BZH does CEO stuff, like: attend birthday parties, attend xianxia board meetings, have video conferences, and gain lots of frequent flyer points. But seriously, I think BZH does everything telepathically, liaising with other sects on how to protect the 16 Sacred Instruments and flying to break up fights between the immortals and demons.

      Sheng Xiao Mo has students but his main role is to break up the tension between Grumpy and BZH. I like him.

      By the way, keep an eye out for Team Get A Life in ep 18. Watch the teaser and you will understand. =)

    3. "By the way, keep an eye out for Team Get A Life in ep 18. Watch the teaser and you will understand. =)"

      Just saw the trailer. Maybe, just maybe if our immortal and his calamity are left alone, really left alone, everything else won't happen. In a way everybody else is their calamity. Everybody is somebody's broom star. Grrrrrr what's wrong with zixun? so jealous. and mantian, so angry. I am quite bored with the so angry and so jealous all the time.

    4. I feel cos sorry for Jiang Xin that she got a crazy role like this though I think she is doing great. All she does is stalk BZH and glare at HQG. I hope she does more when she turn to the dark side. It is sad because ZX was a pretty mild character in the novel - very lost but not evil and she got along with HQG. I guess her screentime is expanded in the series.

      Actually if we look at the trailer, HQG looks like she is everyone's fated calamities. BZH, SQM, ZX, NMT and DFYQ all fell from due to her existence. Dong Hua may have fallen due to his guilt towards DFYQ.

      And to answer your question in your blog entry, HQG was more than immortal at the end of the novel. There were assassins but none of them could get near her. But because BZH jabbed her with the Xuan Yuan Sword (the series better not change it to Duan Nian to make it more tragic because it won't make sense why her soul is splintered), she died.

      I actually don't mind Wallace whatever his build. And I don't think he is skinny now. Look at his biceps. Why is he slimming down for? Is it for that "Eyes wide shut (?)" series or is it because people say that he is fat after watching TJOF YTubers are mean to say Wallace is fat.

  9. Hi. MXL (or XYL in the novel) was actually quite powerful in novel due to his own ability, but also because the sword he carried was one of the 16 Sacred Instruments, the Xuan Yuan Sword (yeah, the Hu Ge one). And he did beat his opponent in the novel.

    This version sucks because he is nothing more than a lovesick puppy. And he doesn't even get to pull out the sword of his scabbard and then BZH shows up and steals the thunder.

    Anyway, XYL's character was supposed to show up at Mt. Tai Bai because that was supposed to be his grand introduction into the story as an adult. He only appeared as a foul-mouthed kid in the beginning and that was it. Then he recognised HQG from their early friendship and gifts her the Xuan Yuan sword, which allows her to collect all 16 instruments more easily later in the story.

    By introducing MXL as an admirer earlier on the story and making him useless, it has ruined how the pieces of the novel fit together so many original plot devices cannot be used. The whole Mt Tai Bai Seige (30 clumsy masked peeps attacking = seige?, there were more people at Mt Shu Seige) was horribly disappointing! I had rather they added CGI orcs all around the area to make them look more formidable. Bad move, scriptwriters.

    BZH comes to save the day (and HQG) while Grumpy and Happy stay at base camp to protect Chang Liu in case they get attacked.

    I like how the series handles the emotional side of the story but the fights are really boring.

    1. The way things are going I was so happy BZh appeared. Xuanlang's character is boring. Novel sounds more fleshed out. Thanks for explaining. Was thinking why send a guy who can't fight or do magic to a fight unless he has auto magic because he is emperor, like chosen to be the special one and so heaven will protect him. In the end he just appear and then... nothing. Shouldn't SQM be grabbing his sword? Will seem easy. Also all of a sudden Duan Nian also became useless, didn't even cut off the lizard's tongue.

    2. SQM doesn't want his sword. He doesn't care about the 16 Sacred Instruments or reviving the Demon God. According tot he series, he only wants the Liu Guang Harp because it probably was what his sister died for.

      Duan Nian is not that powerful in HQG's hands if it could be knocked aside by NMT. But Duan Nian is great when BZH is controlling it. But let's see what happens later when HZG and the sword build up chemistry and fight NMT.

      Looking forward to travelling scenes between master and disciple. Lots of bonding time. Enjoy the sweetness while it lasts.

      I also want to see BZH walk in on HQG hugging MXL. (Actually, I would rather SQM walk in on HQG hugging MXL and then things can get violent, but whatever.)

    3. Was SQM ever in love with HQG?

    4. Not romantically according to the novel. SQM initially saw HQG as a replacement for his dead martial sister (not biological as in the series) who he is very close to. But gradually, he got won over by HQG's genuine personality (she's cute as a button!) and treated her as family for real.

      Basically, HQG and SQM's martial sister both ended up on the Immortal Vanquishing Pole and got the Nail punishment (plus she got obsessed with a guy from CL (won't say who) but he did nothing to protect her as she and her BB died). He failed to protect and save his martial sister in time so that is why he reacted so strongly when CL wanted to kill HQG and why he would risk everything to bring her back from the other realm.

    5. Did you say BB????

      The series version sister is too haughty, like killed herself because she felt ignore. Not sure she was meant to be blood sister or just sect sister. Didn't catch that.

    6. I am not sure why the series decided to tone down the sister's death but i thought it was great comparison between past and present in how the lover dealt with the Pole and Nail situation and shown us what could have happened to HQG if BZH did not intervene. LIu Xia's story was quite tragic. D**** you, MY!

      I think in the series, the sister is just devastated because all her brother and lover seem to care about is the Liu Guang Qin (I'm not even sure what a western harp is doing in an ancient chinese series, qin is supposed to be what BZH plays, but whatever...) so she kills herself,

    7. Upon completion of the Pole and Nail punishment, HQG would have been initially mortally wounded with the maximum pain, then the Nails will drill away at her immortality and then her life. Then they will splinter her soul so she can never be reincarnated. So no, BZH would have been devastated, calamity fixed or not.

      BZH's choice to spare HQG on the Immortal Vanquishing Pole may not have been the best decision considering what happened afterwards, but at the time, it was the best compromise that he could find between his sense of duty and his personal emotions. He knew that what HQG did was wrong, regardless of the reason, but he stays true to his principles, right is right, wrong is wrong. But on the other side is his human emotions where BZH will fight to protect HQG (who is the closest living being he has). BZH sees the same people everyday for centuries, but he doesn't have any personal emotional connection to them, but he has it with HQG. He priorities the 6 realms first, but he does not view them as "his" six realms. But he does see HQG as his HQG.

      In the novel, there is no fated calamity. I am reading it for the 2nd time now and am pretty sure of it. So HQG doesn't know her fate and neither does BZH. So it doesn't make sense her to kill herself for no reason. She accepts her punishment because in one way or another, she is trying to protect her beloved teacher's reputation and wants to earn his forgiveness. And at the time, she was worried about Nan Wu Yue who she took on as her own kid, so she would not have killed herself unless she was sure he was safe.

    8. I think in hindsight, we would all do things different if we all knew the exact consequences of our actions. But life is the unpredictability of cause and action and seeing where the chain reaction takes us to. There is no going back; only regret remains.

      I actually got a side story of "Hua Qian Gu" which takes place when BZH and HQG go on their travels after the battle at Mt Tai Bai. So it is roughly at a similar point to where the series is now, at ep 17.

      I haven't got around to reading it yet. But people have told me that this is where the fated calamity theme is introduced, but not as "Sheng Si Jie", and rather "Po Suo Jie". It actually explores the "what if" of this tragic love affair.

      So I guess Fresh Guo Guo thought of this plot device after completing the original novel and added it into the current series where BZH knows HQG is his fated calamity yet does what he does. But I'm not sure if something went wrong with the copyright, because I'm seeing Wallace saying "Po Suo Jie" but he's been dubbed over as saying "Sheng Si Jie". And Jiang Xin says the same thing in the trailer as well.

    9. What is po suo jie?

      So in the book there is no calamity, it is straight up unfortunate love story? I think the series made more sense then. Makes whatever he does reasonable, including ignoring her, helping her, punishing her. In the novel he just took pity on her?

  10. "Po Suo Jie (婆娑刧)" is the name of the calamity that HQG is to BZH. You either go crazy or die after meaning him.her. It has some Buddhist meaning that I am unfamiliar with. Maybe you should ask lidge. I will tell you more about it once I feel like reading it. I'm writing my fanfic at the moment and I don't like to get influenced by other works. I'll get back to you by next week.

    Yes, in the original text, BZH does what he does purely due to his own feelings and judgment but that is not very explored. BZH is more pitiful in the series because of the influence of fate.

    BTW, are you going watch Hua Xu Yin? I have been torn about watching it since people say the story is good, but the costumes look hmmmm.

  11. The Kevin Cheng one? Probably no. Let me finish with HQG first. Usually I start watching Mainland series when finished broadcasting but HQG is different.

    I don't find BZH pitiful. He has a choice. He made his choice. I find HQG pitiful because she hardly has any choice.

    Anyway Captain Of Destiny (think that's the title) may start soon so that will definitely take up my time.

    1. I find HQG more pitiful but I still find BZH pitiful because he keeps on being misunderstood as heartless and cruel.

      He looks to be in control of everything but in fact, he is a prisoner to his duty and obligation. He cannot step away because firstly, the demons vs immortal struggle is at the height and secondly, there is no one else to fall back on. There is no one qualified or willing to take the reins from him even if he wanted to leave. His choice is actually not what he wants but what the world wants. He has no real freedom until the world no longer needs him but by then, he has nothing left and lost the only thing dear to him.

      And then we get the master and disciple barrier. It may seem OK now as they are not biologically related. But according to ancient values, master is like a father. To love or express romantic love towards HQG is like an unforgivable crime to him. He views it as incest. It is not right and should be eradicated. But that is not the reason why he stabs her with swords and nails. (That's another complicated story.)

      In fact, he hates himself more for having those thoughts than what HQG has done, even at the end. He was willing to stay with her in captivity for the rest of their lives and give HQG every other kind of love except romantically. But in the novel, that is what she continuous pesters him for when he is captured. That is the only thing she wants from him and pushed him to "his choice". He even wanted to die with her but she wouldn't let him. That was HQG's choice.

      In the modern perspective, it can be easy to criticize BZH's actions and choices. But they seemed valid using ancient values. I think it takes two hands to clap. Both BZH and HQG contributed to the eventual ending and both of them had to deal with the consequences 30 years later.

    2. "But according to ancient values, master is like a father."

      To modern values it still is. Like teacher-student except now is the concept of trust as in being given a duty and in a position of trust. In any culture, in any time, it is forbidden.

      But he does love her romantically however much he suppresses it?

    3. In modern times, teacher/student romance is still frowned upon if it happened while one party was underaged. But no one really causes if an adult student wants to marry an adult teacher, unless they got some academic privilege out of the relationship. Jin Yong's third wife was one of his students and no one cares apart from his second wife whom he divorced. (That's how we got ROCH!)

      Let's find another example that relates more to BZH and HQG. Woody Allen married his adult adopted daughter who he raised from young (ewww) and had two kids with her. It is perfectly legal though freaky.

      This is basically what BZH feels it is like since he raised HQG since 14 and she actually stayed that appearance for years until she transformed. It is much more acceptable in the series since she was 17 when they started living together.

      And yes, BZH does eventually realise that he loves HQG romantically after he imprisons her under CL Sea. He initially thought he just cared strongly for HQG as a disciple or as a family member. Even when Grumpy splashed him with the water from the Emotional Pool, he didn't react until later when the scar got worse and worse and he finally understands that the type of love he has for HQG has changed.

      By this point, he had already caught a glimpse of HQG in her beautiful adult goddess form so it is more OK than if he fell in love with someone who he had only seen as a kid. (Woody Allen is going to love this book!)

      The way I see it, a person cannot control what emotions and feelings ones had. It is part of them and a most genuine response. But you can control how you act on it.

      BZH knew he loved HQG as a man loved a woman, but he was unwilling to acknowledge it to others or act upon it because it was wrong in his mind. And he was sure not going to tell HQG cos she was crazy enough about him at the time and didn't want her to fall any further because of him. If he couldn't control her, then he had to control himself.

      HQG was not her cute self anymore at the end. She knew BZH was drugged with aphrodisiacs (but she wasn't the one who drugged him) and then sent a beautiful female into the room. That was such a crazy chapter. Ew...

      So yeah, I pity BZH. (but judging from the trailer, the series will replace it with other emotional scenes so I'll let you know if I still pity Wallace's BZH by the end..)

    4. Now you got my attention.

      What happened when beautiful female entered room and how come wasn't her who entered? Tell me all!!

    5. Now I read further what you wrote, maybe at 16 years old the author sees the restrain and the passion as true love etc, but from an adult perspective, at that point of time maybe the relationship however passionate or restrain has turned toxic where one refuses to break his principle and the other seemingly wants him to and thus does thing to one another that is both supportive and harmful. Kinda like a relationship gone wrong and should in real life stay away from one another because love isn't everything.

    6. I don't know what Fresh Guo Guo was going through at the time she wrote the first edition but her view of love are very strange for a 16 year old. I'm not sure if Fresh GG had it mind when she wrote the novel but I find that HQG has this complicated inferiority complex when it comes to BZH and her stubborn obsessive attitude is very unhealthy for the relationship.

      BZH and HQG are both good and bad for each other. Their predestined fate played a part in destructiveness of their relationship, but so does a breakdown of communication.

      BZH did a lot of things for HQG but never let her know. BZH was also forced to do something to HQG which was out of his control. HQG believed that he was a willing participant and that BZH had given up on her. BZH never explained his side of the story to her and I believe she still did not know the whole story at the very end, which brings upon the curse.

      I think the series may approach it differently.

    7. I hope it does. I hope the curse is out of love and not out of hate because then this is not a love story to remember but a relationship turned toxic and I suppose maturity brings a level of recognition of what sort of relationship is being written here; in the end an indirectly abusive one and I might end up rooting for them never to be together. In fact I can't see how all the things happening and how fans would wish for the happy ending that the author wrote because sometimes so much hurt, even when forgotten, still lingers and neither has any right to any happiness between them. One who did much but explains nothing is really as bad as one who directly cursed him.

      I want a positive ending; I want two people who enrich one another's life, not one which in the end goes down the road of such hate and anger and disappointment. I hope with age and new perspective, the author will present an ending that is different from the book just so the adaptation is different and complete. Sometimes reading it may not be like watching it. Women reading the stupid 50 Shades might think it is romantic but in cinema, if shown fully, I am sure women will cringe.

      Come on! Give us a good reasonable enriching ending!

    8. P/s teenagers view of love is Twilight; controlling boyfriend disguised as concerned boyfriend, cold emotionless boyfriend who does a lot but explain little disguised as cool guy. Punishing you for right and wrong is taking on a father figure as in teaching us. Women wants love and affection, men with duty has to ignore them. Love is more than money, it is about sacrifice, punishment, pain, how much pain can either bear whether physically or emotionally. All these are creepy and in some ways idealistic. When we were much younger we think of white knights and princes, when we become teenagers our ideal love turns into what Fresh Guo Guo would have imagined at 16 except it is a wrong perception. When we are adult, we changed. Sometimes we redefine romanticism, sometimes we become jaded but all for the better. Then as we grow older love becomes mundane but never out of reach for anyone. Mundane doesn't mean boring, but rather less exciting as imagined. Because passion isn't always how much suffering one can take in the name of love. Love isn't really about pain and hurt. At my age looking at this story of BZH and HQG which happens in real life but less dramatic and no wuxia and fantasy but between 2 people so in love but inadvertantly punishes one another even unwillingly so, my age tells me wisdom dictates this sort of love is hopeless love and sometimes you never marry the one you love the most. THat sort of intense passionate requited but destined never to be together. Not many can have that privilege and survive the ordeal. In the end we will always end up with the right person whom we grow old together, and though some may wonder what ifs and think about that guy or girl you so passionately love that you willingly cut yourself so to speak, those with reason will in the end work out life works out in mysterious way. Yes one must have passion but life's too short for such rollercoaster.

      In the end my personal view is life should be about the simplest of all happiness; be with the person who makes your eye twinkle and makes you smile and makes you bear with the pain but also take your hand to the end of the road whatever the obstacle. You may say HQG and BZH has that sort of the relationship but she failed the hardship and trust test and he fails the emotion and acceptance of his emotion test and they become toxic from the look if it and this is where the relationship was never meant to be.

      Which was why I suppose in FResh Guo Guo's mind the best ending is when she retains her childlike manners and he could take care of her, which was how it was at the beginnng of the story. The problem is that is a false ideal. This is to say she is forever stuck in the past and he is forever never moving forward; and I feel the alternate ending should be when she remembers, she should move one, find a life of her own and be independant and then come back like 100 years later and try again with him.

      After all being immortals they have time.

    9. Judging from the trailer, there will be much less "physical torture" in the final parts and more talking/arguing and "what if" illusions before the curse comes about. And plus, making BZH = MB actually cancels out a large part of the torture scenes (thank heavens) so I think we will get a different interpretation of HQG's thoughts and actions. But the eventual ending should still be the same. I think that is somewhat positive after the tragic ending.

      When we are young, we view love as one passionate affair that lasts a lifetime, where you have to give all or nothing. But in reality, love sometimes fails. Romantic love is only one little aspect of our lives. People have commitments and obligations that they they just can't dump on someone else and elope. I find people tend to confuse passion with love.

      It is like two sharp jagged rocks that come together but end up scratching each other. But upon trying and changing to make things work, the sharp edges are gradually eroded away leaving two smooth round pebbles that won't hurt each other again.

      I think reignited is more healthier as previous problems have been addressed and considered and both parties mature emotionally. You know what is around the corner and you are prepared for it. But sometimes it doesn't work so in that case, it is best to leave each other alone and let it go.

      In this story, we know that at least one party has changed for the better. So I think it is a positive ending whether the other party eventually reciprocates or not.

      BTW, I hate 50 Shades. I hate Twilight. And I think SWAK is weird. TJOF is actually much more healthier by comparison.

    10. Just before the curse, both characters were at breaking point. BZH was fuming at HQG because of all the stuff he had done for her (yeah, man, cos you didn't tell her) and HQG was yakking on about why doesn't he want her (because you are abusing and humiliating him). I think they both have strong personalities and egos which are destructive to both themselves and who they love. Someone needs to give way in a tug of war in love or the rope will break and both will become losers. I think the thirty years of madness and separation did good for both of them. They need time apart (and lots of therapy) to reflect and chill.

      HQG actually does leave BZH in the alternate ending and bump into a member of her old harem. Then she recovers her memories and makes her choice again.

      I actually do not have a problem with BZH looking after HQG in the ending, since he is also trying to heal her and find the rest of her soul fragments so she can get better. Xiao Long Nu raised Yang Guo since 12 and they turned out OK.

      What I have a problem with in the alternate ending is that she is totally emotionally, and physically dependent on him (food, clothing, bathing, sleeping) and he does not let she get in contact with ANYONE for years. She is emotionally, physically and geographically isolated from others, except for him. It is like he is raising her and conditioning her to be his when she grows up! That is a control freak!

      I prefer the open ending but without the retardation and young age. I seriously hope Fresh Guo Guo drops this in the series. And I get this feeling from Wallace's interview about BZH that it shouldn't be too crazy an ending.

    11. And I am not watching Hua Xu Yin. I have been told that the "love stories" are even more illogical and torture-based and there is no silver lining.

      I am going to wait for Hu Ge's "Nirvana On Fire" in September and Ruby's "Chang Ge Xing".

    12. That is seriously screwed up BZH becoming so possessive. That can't be my wallace!! No! I am doing 3 things;

      1. I shall IGNORE the book BZH. I don;t like him at all.
      2. I pray for a better written ending and way to the ending.

      That is beyond control freak man! Beyond! That is not my super cool laid back shifu. No way. How can anyone like this BZH or so screwed up to see possessive being romantic?

      Urghhhh... poor HQG. Wrong wrong wrong!

      Anyway let;s go back to the writer. Do you think she writes well?I mean let's not talk about the story whatever but her writing?

      I can tell you Twilight is the worst book ever, 50 shades not a lot better, Hunger Games a close third.

      And all these by first time writers. Now maybe people will appreciate jeffrey Archer.

      I only ever read a book by chinese author because it is translated and it was a gu long story. The one who translated captured gu long;s style and gu long's style was amazing. In a few short words he managed to basically describe everything, mark of a great writer.

    13. One party changed for the better? As in BZH? Did he changed for the better? From your description on what's the come, I think being emotionless suits him just fine.

    14. Hi Funn! There is the official open ending which I sort of accept and think the series will be ending with. I think he has changed for the better in this version.

      There we get the unofficial alternate "happy ending" which I cannot tolerate. Maybe they can justify that because HQG cannot take care of herself, it is OK for BZH to bathe her. He did let her have a try, then stepped in when she fell. Food, clothing OK. Sleeping. OK. He wanted to sleep apart but she kept crawling back into his bed and kissing him. But he when isolates her and repels all those who come to visit? That has just gone over the creepy line for me!

    15. Maybe to protect her from prying eyes? That she is not prepared to see anyone else who knows her, to see her in such condition? I condemned Sister Fa story for the same reasons but if there is no romance or wifely duties, I guess this is like a husband taking care of a wife with dementia and alzheimer.

      And she knows to kiss him huh?

    16. I think the writer had a great way with words if she wrote it when she was only 16. This was written in Chinese, and the language flows well. She is very descriptive and shows a lot of imagination in the creating the different worlds and the characters are very vivid and colourful. The plot is suspenseful and engaging, especially towards the middle where most of the tragedies happen one after the other, where there are burst of emotions from a lot of the characters.

      However, maybe due to her age, there are some bits where modern lingo is used which is out of place. Sex is known as XOOX. Glass is also mentioned. I do have a special interest in ancient chinese history and culture so I am picky when I detect inconsistencies. But they are things I am willing to overlook.

      Plotwise, I think it is a success. She creates a long saga of an underdog story where the main character is very cute and likeable and you will root for her amongst the school bullying. It accurately describes how a young girl develops a crush on an older supervising figure and then gets closer to him step by step until it becomes an obsession.

      The story runs at a good pace for two-thirds, until the past 20 chapters whether the story turns very dark and bitter. This is the point where I find the pace gets draggy and the author gets lost in what she wants to express from the tumultuous relationship.

      I don't hate the book. I quite like it but just not all of it. There are things I don't agree on, but I finds the book enjoying to read.

      And I won't describe BZH as emotionless. He is a very compassionate and kind person inside, but because he is 300 years old, he is more zen and less reactive to changes because he has seen it all (good & evil, life & death). His life is all routine. He doesn't even need to eat or sleep. (I'm not sure why he still needs to bathe).

      Things looks mundane to him. But he is still able to feel emotions, though he is not good at expressing it because he has been living alone and aloof for centuries. He probably feels emotions without knowing he feels them, until it builds up. He was very very sad in the later half of the series,

      Back to the official ending, BZH was much less uptight by then. As I said, 30 years was good for him.

      I think we need to separate the official novel from the unofficial alternate ending, then separate both of them from the TJOF series airing now. Even if the end point is the same, the process will be different. I think Ma Ke words it perfectly, try to see it with the same characters but with a different set of circumstances.

    17. My feeling is this will be the ending except tweaked a bit. Meaning a cliffhanger with her remembering her past and then we will forever be left wondering will they be together or not, that sort and I will HATE the writer for that ending.

    18. Better that ending than having Wallace look lovingly at a drooling 7 year old before the credits roll in.

  12. Does anybody know how close the series will be to the novel? There are some heart-wrenching scenes, and I don't know if I could take it. Man...the 15-min trailer got me all hyped up. It seems like an inevitable fate for HQG.

    But I don't understand. The last God reincarnated as HQX. So, she's the good God right? I read she's gonna be the Demon God later on. Why?

    1. Elizabeth has been explaining some plot from the novel and it seems apart from some character changes which isn't really a huge departure but rather emphasis is changed, the plot has some minor changes to may give more reason or angst to certain characters, more reason but from the looks of it looks like heading for the same tragic events and ending. But since the author is revising her own story and with multiple endings to choose from, I am hoping for a happier ending rather than a tragic or ambigous one.

      Yes she's a good god. That part also I can't understand but why she became demon I suppose was due to her inability to let BZH and her love for him go so she changed into demon, with all that hatred festering inside her. Much like Zixun in the series.

    2. HQG got the powers of the demon god within her through a series of very unfortunate circumstances, but she was never evil. HQG didn't even want the powers, but had to use it to save someone. And BZH also placed a blood seal on her so the powers could not be manifested.

      I think HQG eventually became the Demon God out of disappointment. She remained hopeful, kind and optimistic throughout all the hurdles in her miserable life, but then when she (thinks she) lost everything/everyone all in one go, she just stopped caring because it hurt too much to lose someone/something she cared for. She put too much into the world yet the world let her down time and time again.

      Then someone died and it was the last straw and she broke the seal and transformed. She was more cold and indifferent than actually evil. She turned a blind eye to whatever her demonic followers were doing but she never indulged it or took part herself. Her hate was more directed to NMT who really deserved it. But her erratic behaviour and massive mood swings, I interpret as the doing of the demonic powers within her.

    3. Understandable. How much shit can one take eh before one just burst? The one who died... let me guess.. DF?

    4. I think this series should be OK. It is not a word-to-word adaptation which is both good and bad for various reasons. It is a horrible adaptation of the novel if you just look at the plot and a lot of minor characters or their development are cut out. But China's SARFT has very strict rules for broadcasting and I am not surprised at the changes made to the script. SARFT is not going to tolerate the series to have anything that hints at homosexuality, pedophilia, blood and gore, SM scenes or even sexually suggestive scenes. Not to mention the restrictions on religion.

      I view the series as a more mature version of the novel, where characters are more fleshed out emotionally and themes are explored to a deeper level. There are parts where I think the series has handled it better and parts where I just wish they copied from the novel. There are scenes from the novel that are straight out weird and I am glad that they have been cut.

      But the overall plot, themes, relationships and conclusion should be similar to the novel. I don't think Fresh Guo Guo is going to butcher her own work for no good reason. If you enjoy the series, then continue watching it. But if you hate the changes, then go and read the novel.

    5. No, Funn. Not DF but she and DF got really really close by that times.

      Also, nearly all the characters have some tragic sob love/lust story in the novel so that sort of changes HQG's views on the world by the time she meets up with BZH after escaping from some place and everything falls to pieces.

    6. Ah, I see. Thanks Funn and Elizabeth. :)

      It doesn't make sense to me why a good God has to suffer so much. It seems like all her effort will be in vain. HQG deserves better than that.

    7. I think the story shows that it doesn't matter whether you are a human, immortal, demon or even a god, you cannot fight your predestination.

    8. Poor god. even god is subject to fate. Why be god then? If immortal is still within fate, waste of years of cultivation. Nahhhh that is the author's intrepretation. I prefer JTTW. Yes it is fated but you know what, the journey for the sutras isn't about the sutras but the experience gained from the journey that makes someone more positive. Love is not in the equation; compassion is.

      I wonder is this story started as a fan fiction and if yes who was the author thinking for certain characters?


  13. Effective 5th July changed to sun and Mon because new episodes comin in yesterday. Not sure why change.

  14. From Li Chun's behaviour in Happy Camp, it does seem that she has been fangurling Wallace.

    In the "Who is the Spy?"segment, she had the last vote in the round and yet would rather get herself voted off to protect Wallace who was obviously the spy due to excessive blinking and tongue movements when under stress. Clever Jiang Xin caught onto that in Round 1 and kept on voting Wallace off. So I guess that LC and WH are probably close or friendly off screen as well. Good for them. Hope the paparazzi doesn't scare her away.

    Anyway, I agree that BZH is not in love with HQG, but he does feel threatened by DF's presence. He has long sensed something wrong with the guy for many eps but has been unable to prove it.

    At this stage, BZH feels a connection to HQG and with her avoiding him, he has for once, felt the emptiness and loneliness in his large room that he had not felt before. But I did believe that he thought HQG has a crush on him by the way he approached the topic awkwardly and avoided looking at her. And he was shocked when she told him it was DFYQ and it wasn't that answer that he expected. He's not jealous of DFYQ.

    In the series, MB and HQG start off on an equal status as friends so i guess that they have a platonic connection that already exists before they become master and disciple. This will change the creepy dynamics of their relationship in the novel.

    1. "Hope the paparazzi doesn't scare her away."

      She's rather pretty and from Mango interview, probably his fan from long before. But nahhhhhh no electricity between them, if any one sided. He did give a big hint in past interviews; go for him! Run after him! Pursue him!

      Still can't believe fans hoping for a Joe Chen reunion.People it is over!

      Ya lor you caught his bad habit. I don't think he is a good liar!! Too much blinkng but it could be because he is nervous.

    2. No you DO NOT want him to be with Viann. She will make his life a living hell. He needs someone like.. ordinary and not into expressing all her love and pain and hurt in weibo. Which rules me out though mine is my blog.

    3. I think with Wallace's face and personality, he can suit a girl who can be young or older. As long as he is happy.

      BTW, I'm shipping ZLY with Chen Xiao! =D I think they are great friends despite the numerous rumours. I hope the rumours don't drive their friendship apart.

    4. I didn't want to say this in the SPCnet forum but I think ZLY gets more nervous when she is next to Wallace. I don't think they are involved or anything but she may be slightly starstruck. It could also be that she is not very close to him so she is more wary of what she says or does.

    5. I don't think she is bitchy or rude. But she does seem slightly off.

    6. By her standard maybe. Not concentrating and giving non answers to me is rude. As I sid she allowed,to hve an off day. Same as glaring when,asked a question,you don't like. It is rude. Doesn't mean you are wrong but she is not 100% cute as a button. She was probably just tired.

  15. Mango ver is uncut ver? Where is it? Strange they have 19 but 20 is missing. Viki stopped at 19 Ithink. Maybe their copy is not good. I haven't seen 19 as well. There must be other uoloaders. I just never checked. If they r caught the youtube page would be blocked.

  16. So basically stuck? Noooooooo.